Rainer Hettinger / Hussein Keilani SAP HANA and private SAP cloud Forum SUGMENA KSA


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Rainer Hettinger / Hussein Keilani SAP HANA and private SAP cloud Forum SUGMENA KSA

  1. 1. 0 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU SAP Forum / SUGMENA Conference Saudi Arabia Riyadh - May 26th 2014 Rainer Hettinger / Hussein Keilani Global Fujitsu SAP Competence Center / Fujitsu Middle East Fujitsu Innovations for SAP HANA and private SAP Cloud
  2. 2. 1 Agenda  Fujitsu and SAP  Innovations for SAP HANA  Private SAP Cloud solution based on FlexFrame  Optimize your SAP operation and manage the transformation to SAP HANA with Fujitsu  Q&A Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  3. 3. 2 Fujitsu - Global IT Player with strong SAP Focus  Company overview  170.000+ employees worldwide, 47 billion $ revenue (2013), 2,8 billion $ R & D  4th largest IT service provider worldwide; Link: http://www.fujitsu.com/global/  Achievements  40+ years of trustful cooperation and strategic partnership with SAP  Global SAP Technology, Service, Hosting and HANA Enterprise Cloud Partner  End-to-end SAP infrastructure, solution & service portfolio  Fujitsu is driver of SAP innovations, e.g. - SAP Application Virtualization with FlexFrame - Tier 1 partner for In-memory Technology and SAP HANA  3,000+ experienced SAP application and IT consultants worldwide  “SAP runs Fujitsu”: 5.000+ Fujitsu servers, Backup virtualization with ETERNUS High End, 300+ HANA systems, 20PB+ NetApp storage installed/maintained by Fujitsu… Copyright 2013 FUJITSUCopyright 2014 FUJITSU Technology Innovator of the Year
  4. 4. 3 Fujitsu SAP Focus in the Middle East  Fujitsu SAP Portfolio in the Middle East  Innovative, flexible and TCO optimized offering for SAP Datacenter Solutions  SAP SystemInspection Service  FlexFrame Orchestrator - the first private SAP Cloud solution - SAP operation platform for traditional platform and SAP HANA  Leading-edge SAP HANA infrastructure and services based on latest Ivy bridge Intel technology  SAP Consulting, Implementation and AMS Services - from Fujitsu or in close project collaboration with SAP and local SAP partners  Tight integration into Global Fujitsu SAP expertise and delivery network Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  5. 5. 4 Key Drivers in the SAP MarketSAPTrends Evolution Simplification & Orchestration From ERP to New Workload (LoB, Analytics) From Batch to Real-time (HANA) From On-Premise to Cloud or Hybrid From Be-spoke to Standard From Heterogeneous to Simplified From Thousands to Billions of Users Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  6. 6. 5 How Fujitsu Can Support Your Business GrowthBusiness&IT Driving Innovation Driving Agility Driving Compliance and Security Driving Risk Mitigation Driving Cost Saving Short Time to Value Technology to Enable Value Deliver Predictable Results Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  7. 7. 6FUJITSU INTERNAL …access relevant data in real-time and gain the benefits of the SAP HANA platform How to… Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  8. 8. 7 What Fujitsu Stands forCurrentUseCasesIndepthHANAexpertise • Pioneering SAP HANA partner • SAP HANA experience right from the start • Portfolio evolves with changing market conditions • Long term roadmap for inclusion of new technologies • Management of for “traditional” SAP landscape and SAP HANA in one unified SAP operation solution => FlexFrame 2011 2012 2013 2014 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  9. 9. 8 Fujitsu SAP HANA Achievements  Innovation partner of the HPI (Hasso Plattner Institute) for development of SAP in-memory solutions  400+ HANA customer installations world-wide  16 TB multi node delivered to SAP customers in Japan  Exclusive B1 HANA ramp-up partner  Global SAP HANA Demo Center and Proof of Concepts  Certified Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for BW migration to HANA  Fast track delivery to customers with R&D, production and staging in Fujitsu factory in Augsburg / Germany  Winner of the SAP Pinnacle Awards 2012  Certification as SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Provider  Business Suite on HANA platform certified up to 6 TB single node on innovative Ivy Bridge systems Technology Innovator of the Year Copyright 2013 FUJITSUCopyright 2014 FUJITSU
  10. 10. 9 Comprehensive Fujitsu Portfolio for SAP HANA Copyright 2014 FUJITSU  Fujitsu Power Appliance for SAP HANA  SAP-validated and pre-installed infrastructure  Configurations based on best practices  Datacenter integration and secure operation  Ready for “Tailored Data Center Integration” (TDI)  Services for fast and professional use  Attractive financing options
  11. 11. 10 Fujitsu SAP HANA Power Appliance - Overview Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Single Node / Scale Up Multi Node / Scale Out SAP HANA Server PRIMERGY / PRIMEQUEST SAP HANA Database Internal Storage  Single servers from 128 GB to 6 TB RAM incl. internal storage  Flexible portfolio for Proof of Concept, development, tests, productive side car scenarios etc.  Highest scalability offer for SAP Business Suite on HANA SAP HANA Server 1 PRIMERGY / RPRIMEQUEST SAP HANA Server 2 PRIMERGY / PRIMEQUEST SAP HANA Server N PRIMERGY / PRIMEQUEST SAP HANA Database External Storage  Multiple servers in one SAP HANA system  Scale out by addition of compute nodes and storage (certified up to 16 TB => more to come)  High availability capabilities included  SAP-certified disaster tolerant solution Shared NetApp FAS Storage Latest Innovation PRIMEQUEST 2800 (Intel Ivy Bridge) certified for SOH on HANA up to 6 TB RAM
  12. 12. 11 SAP HANA Certification on Intel E7 V2 (Ivy Bridge) with Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST  The only 8 socket Ivy Bridge server available in the market!  The only certified for SAP HANA Scale-up 8-way system with 6 TB RAM!  HANA scalability within (!) the server from 128 GB to 6 TB  Additional mainframe like features based on PRIMEQUEST E model  SAP HANA Scale-out in preparation / on project basis Highlights: Link to HANA certification webpage: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-52522
  13. 13. 12 Customers with SAP HANA on Fujitsu platform Royal Swaziland Sugar Cooperation  The largest company in Swaziland producing two-thirds of the country’s sugar and a significant quantity of ethanol.  First Business Suite on HANA project in the South Africa region EMKE / UAE  EMKE LuLu international is the leading retail chain and trading company in the Middle East / Gulf region  SAP BW on HANA scale-out installation Generali / Italy  Generali is one of the most significant players in the global insurance and financial sector markets.  BW on HANA on Fujitsu / NetApp Scale-out installation with 3 TB in 2 data centers Copyright 2013 FUJITSUCopyright 2014 FUJITSU
  14. 14. 13 SAP HANA @ SAP AG – powered by Fujitsu Achievements  BW on HANA productive since May 2012 with +4TB Solution  SAP runs SAP HANA  SAP runs Fujitsu  300+ Fujitsu HANA single and multi-node systems at SAP AG for various purposes / applications (prod., dev., test, training, projects), and HANA Enterprise Cloud Customer Profile  SAP is the market and technology leader in business management software Copyright 2013 FUJITSUCopyright 2014 FUJITSU
  15. 15. 14  Customer profile:  Al Nasser Group is one of the largest supplier for indoor-outdoor lightning and advanced control systems  From its home market in Saudi Arabia Al Nasser serves the whole Gulf region and the Middle East  Project highlights:  First Business Suite on HANA implementation in Saudi Arabia  12 Showrooms all over Saudi Arabia run their business processes for offer, sales, delivery, invoicing etc. now on SAP HANA  Inventory and logistics at central warehouse and small warehouses now real-time available  Financial processes e.g. international and local purchasing  Integration of other processes, e.g. HCM, on the HANA platform step by step Ready for further business growth powered by innovative Fujitsu SAP HANA infrastructure SAP HANA @ Al Nasser Group / Saudi Arabia Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  16. 16. 15  Customer profile:  Modern Bakery is one of the most innovative bakeries in the Middle East with 1,000+ products and ultra-modern production lines  Mid-size company with strong ambition be one-step ahead in the fast growing food industry  Project highlights:  One of the first Business Suite on HANA customers in the Middle East  Gain real-time insight into relevant business data with the SAP HANA platform based on latest technology and innovative IT approach  Integrated platform to help provide streamlined sales, financial and other business processes  Check inventory and outstanding invoices in real time  More details see press release: PR Feb 2014 Modern Bakery Support of dynamic expansion plans powered by innovative Fujitsu SAP HANA infrastructure SAP HANA @ Modern Bakery - Dubai / UAE Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  17. 17. 16 …modernize and operate cost-efficient and flexible my complete SAP landscape - including SAP HANA How to… Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  18. 18. 17 SolutionDemands Matching IT Supply with Business Requirements Copyright 2013 FUJITSU SAP Supply Challenges CIO Challenge Do it: Business ManagementIT Reduce Costs Increase agility Improve Quality of Service Reduce complexity/ Harmonize Challenge     FasterEasier CheaperBetter  Better SLA  Low TCO Innovation of business processes  SAP HANA  Flexibility  Scalability  Automation  Cloud Ready Our 40+ years of expertise in SAP infrastructure and datacenter solutions help you to run your SAP environments cheaper – faster – better and easier!
  19. 19. 18 SAP HANA and the Existing SAP Landscape Databases Server Virtualization Server Storage Network OS ERP CRM SRM … ExistingDataCenter … SAP HANA OS Server Storage Network SAP HANA Appliance How to integrate the SAP HANA Appliance into the existing data center process and management? Server Virtualization
  20. 20. 19 FlexFrame Orchestrator Solution Stack Software Virtualization Layer SAP LVM Oracle / DB2 SAP MaxDB / Sybase ASE / Sybase IQ SAP HANA OS VM PRIMERGY Server Storage Network VM Non- SAP Non- SAP FasterEasier CheaperBetter Management FlexFrame Orchestrator Software Innovative SAP Infrastructure Management with FlexFrame Orchestrator – incl. SAP HANA Control Node Control Node Copyright 2014 FUJITSU powered by
  21. 21. 20 FlexFrame Orchestrator Overview and Benefits FlexFrame Orchestrator is an integrated solution with central SAP operation for the complete SAP software landscape – traditional and SAP HANA Customer benefits • Automation on datacenter tasks • Reduced costs (CAPEX & OPEX) • Increased agility and flexibility • Improved quality of service • Reduced complexity • Supports all IT provisioning models: on-premise, managed and for a (private) SAP Cloud Software Virtualization Layer SAP LVM Oracle / DB2 SAP MaxDB / Sybase ASE / Sybase IQ SAP HANA OS Server Storage Network Non- SAP Non- SAPFlexFrame Orchestrator runs your SAP operations - Easier - Faster - Better - at Lower Cost Traditional landscape SAP HANA VM VM
  22. 22. 21  Customer profile:  Lufthansa Systems AG is an IT service provider for the aviation industry with approx. 3,000 employees in Germany  IT services include consulting, development and implementation as well as operation of applications in their 2 data centers  Project highlights:  Consolidation of all SAP systems over the last years on FlexFrame and Linux  Very large installation: +1 Mio SAPS, +55 TB NetApp storage, +100 SAP Systems, DR, ..  Shared SAP multi-tenancy hosting platform for 15 customers in isolated pools  Migration of large and important systems on this platform, e.g. one of the most mission critical systems for Lufthansa (=> spare parts for all airplanes) from IBM AIX to FlexFrame / Linux  Comprehensive cost-reduction and performance increase achieved Lufthansa Systems provides best-in-class business critical services for aviation customers FlexFrame @ Lufthansa System Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  23. 23. 22  Customer profile:  EMKE / LuLu International Group is the leading retail and supermarket brand with 109 stores in the Middle East, the Gulf region and in India  Project highlights:  Consolidation of SAP landscape on FlexFrame for SAP  Smooth migration from Solaris to SUSE Linux in 2013 => ready for SAP HANA  First BW on HANA customer in the UAE - Migration of BW Accelerator  Innovative 2 datacenter solution (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) incl. NetApp storage features e.g. Cloning and SnapMirrow  Comprehensive cost-reduction and performance increase achieved  Technology as enabler for business values and strong company growth LuLu provides best-in-class customer services powered on innovative Fujitsu SAP solutions FlexFrame @ Lulu International Group Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  24. 24. 23  FlexFrame provided many “design principles” for a Cloud even long before it was “invented“ => first and leading private SAP Cloud solution  standard building blocks (x86 / Intel technology)  shared resources (server, storage, network, OS)  easy and seamless scalability  fast SAP provisioning and efficient usage  multi-tenant solution => several customers on one platform  usage related accounting  CAPEX and OPEX optimization => very cost-efficient and flexible operation of the complete landscape  SAP out of the Cloud will become even more attractive in the future as a delivery model => FlexFrame Orchestrator is the ideal solution for it FlexFrame Orchestrator and Cloud Computing Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  25. 25. 24 Unified Data Center Platform for SAP Global Fujitsu SAP Solution Portfolio Your partner to support decision making and value management Your partner to drive innovation without disruption and lowest TCO Your partner to integrate on Premise, In-the-Cloud and hybrid end-to-end scenarios Co-Innovation Partners FlexFrame Orchestrator HANA Copyright 2014 FUJITSU
  26. 26. 25  Drive innovation to reduce complexity in SAP environments  Empower customers to achieve business objectives and lead over their competition  Optimize investments in SAP applications and the SAP HANA platform The Fujitsu approach >> Fujitsu solutions and services support efficient processes, exceptional ROI and better business outcome Shaping tomorrow with you Copyright 2014 FUJITSU How Fujitsu Can Support Your Business Growth
  27. 27. 26 Information and Contacts  Links: Fujitsu SAP Infrastructure, Solutions and Services  www.ts.fujitsu.com/sap  www.ts.fujitsu.com/flexframe  www.ts.fujitsu.com/hana  www.fujitsu.com/in/services  Fujitsu SAP Business Contacts:  Hussein Keilani - Fujitsu Middle East – SAP Infrastructure Solutions Mobile: +971 (50) 6789 169 - Mail: hussein.keilani@ts.fujitsu.com  Rohan D´Souza - Fujitsu Middle East – SAP Solution Architect Mobile: +971 (50) 1804771 - Mail: Rohan.DSouza@ts.fujitsu.com  Rainer Hettinger - Global Fujitsu SAP CC - Principal SAP Business Developer Middle East Mobile: +49 (172)-522 1433 - Email: rainer.hettinger@ts.fujitsu.com Copyright 2013 FUJITSUCopyright 2014 FUJITSU
  28. 28. 27