1600-1630 Paul Barker How to build a best practice Big Data platform


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1600-1630 Paul Barker How to build a best practice Big Data platform

  1. 1. 28th May 2014 – Dubai, UAE
  2. 2. How to Build a Best Practice Big Data Platform? Paul Barker 28th May 20114 Public
  3. 3. © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 3Public Big Data – Definition(s) “Big Data refers to the problems of capturing, storing, managing, and analyzing massive amounts of various types of data. Most commonly this refers to terabytes or petabytes of data, stored in multiple formats, from different internal and external sources, with strict demands for speed and complexity of analysis.” 1 A very common definition (one you will see on Wiki) is that Big Data is any combination of the three “Vs”: Volume, Variety, Velocity 1 http://www.aberdeen.com/Aberdeen-Library/8361/RA-big-data-quality-management.aspx Value
  4. 4. H2 – The Power of SAP HANA and Hadoop Big Data Platform Big Data Science Real Time Real Value Real Results Big Data Analytics & Apps SAP: Real-time, with real results 4
  5. 5. SAP makes Big Data Actionable Big Data Platform Big Data Science Big Data Analytics & Apps 5 Real Time Real ResultsReal Value
  6. 6. SAP HANA Data Platform for Big Data to unleash real-time business value Consume Store & Process Ingest 6
  7. 7. Big Data Applications Make Big Data insights actionable via industry specific, business focused applications from SAP and companies in the SAP Startup Focus program. 7 Customer Value Intelligence (CEI) :-) Audience Discovery (CEI) Account Intelligence (CEI) Fraud Management Demand Signal Management Social Contact Intelligence (CEI) Sentiment Intelligence (RDS) Manufacturing (Operational Intelligence) Manufacturing (Responsive Manufacturing)
  8. 8. SAP HANA: Big Data Real Time Any Apps Any App Server SAP Business Suite and BW ABAP App Server JSONR Open ConnectivityMDXSQL SAP HANA Platform SAP HANA platform converges Database, Data Processing and Application Platform capabilities & provides Libraries for predictive, planning, text, spatial, and business analytics so businesses can operate in real-time. Administration Extended Application Services Integration Services Deployment: Database Services Development OLTP | OLAP | Search | Text Analysis |Predictive | Events | Spatial | Rules | Planning | Calculators Processing Engine Application Function Libraries & Data Models Predictive Analysis Libraries | Business Function Libraries | Data Models & Stored Procedures Data Virtualization | Replication | ETL/ELT | Mobile Synch | Streaming App Server| UI Integration Services | Web Server On-Premise | Hybrid | On-Demand Supports any Device 8
  9. 9. SAP HANA: Predictive & Machine Learning SAP HANA platform converges Database, Data Processing and Application Platform capabilities & provides Libraries for predictive, planning, text, spatial, and business analytics so businesses can operate in real-time. Provide Business Analysts with sophisticated algorithms to take the next step in understanding their business and modeling outcomes. Perform statistical analysis on your data to understand trends and detect outliers in your business. Build models and apply to scenarios to forecast potential future outcomes Combine, manipulate and enrich data to apply it to your business scenarios. Self- service visualizations and analytics to tell your story 9
  10. 10. SAP HANA: Text Analysis for Big Data File Filtering  Unlock text from binary documents  Ability to extract and process unstructured text data from various file formats (txt, html, xml, pdf, doc, ppt, xls, rtf, msg)  Load binary, flat, and other documents directly into HANA for native text search and analysis Native Text Analysis  Give structure to unstructured textual content  Expose linguistic markup for text mining uses  Classify entities (people, companies, things, etc.)  Identify domain facts (sentiments, topics, requests, etc.)  Supports up to 31 languages for linguistic mark-up and extraction dictionary and 11 languages for predefined core extractions SAP HANA Text & Sentiment Analysis Search Analyze Predict 10
  11. 11. Big Data and Fast Analytics 11 Query FederationTwo-Speed Analytics
  12. 12. SAP ESP: Streaming Big Data 12 Analyse and act on events as they happen – by relying on real-time event- driven analytics. With our award-winning complex event processing (CEP) platform, you can develop and deploy business-critical applications that give you the agility you need to make quick, profitable decisions. Process and analyse multiple streams of high- speed, high-volume complex event data in real time Get actionable information from event streams and generate alerts for events needing quick action Initiate automatic responses to changing conditions based on one or a combination of events Develop applications quickly for fast ROI with the high-performance CEP engine
  13. 13. SAP OPI: Operational Process Intelligence 13 Achieve visibility into end-to-end processes and steer operational decision making across Big Data (structured and unstructured data, SAP and Non-SAP, cloud and on-premise) Get the “big picture” real-time Manage ever-increasing volume of process data Observe and control your critical business processes Receive timely and actionable information Managing operational risk Powered by SAP HANA 13
  14. 14. SAP Business Objects: Analysing Big Data 14 BI Platform Dashboards & Visualization Reporting Interactive Reporting Analysis Search & Exploration Semantic Layer
  15. 15. SAP Lumira: Visualizing Big Data unleash analyst creativity Provides the freedom to understand your data, personalize it, and create beautiful content Download and install on your desktop in less than 5 minutes Insight from many data sources Combine, manipulate and enrich data to apply it to your business scenarios Self-service visualizations and analytics to tell your story Optimized for SAP HANA for real-time on detailed data Self Service for Analysts 15
  16. 16. SAP InfiniteInsight: Using Big Data end user predictive analytics Revolutionizing the way companies use predictive analytics to make better decisions on petabytes of data. Predictive analytics’ first-ever semantic layer Automates the building of sophisticated predictive models for every data mining function. With clicks, not code, InfiniteInsight Scorer can deploy optimized scoring equations End-to-end social network analysis capabilities Powerful visualization capabilities and graph exploration 16
  17. 17. Big Data provisioning with SAP SAP IQ Trigger Based, Real Time ETL, Batch Log Based ODBC DB Connection ODBC Event Streams ECH ODBCData Synchronization ODBC/ JDBC/ OData SAP HANA smart data access Data Virtualization Non SAP Data Sources Trading & Order Mgt Systems Network Devices- Wired/Wireless SAP BW SAP Sybase IQ /ASE SAP Business Suite SAP Data Services SAP LT Replication Server SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere Your Own Applications SAP HANASAP Sybase Replication Server Data Sources 17
  18. 18. SAP Mobile Platform: Mobile Big Data 18 Rapidly design cost-effective, innovative apps with the most open and standards-based mobile application development platform Simplify IT with integrated device connectivity and management, data analysis, and business processes Inspire loyalty and reduce support costs by offering intuitive, user-centric apps – faster Engage users in a direct, two-way conversation with apps that work on any mobile device Improve operations by giving employees and partners anytime, anywhere access to mission-critical applications
  19. 19. SAP Data Scientists Top (PhD) level global team. Science teams in Scottsdale, Walldorf and Bucharest. Credibility attained by working with >100 customers and creating some of the most sophisticated use cases Pioneers in demand science, with significant reusable IP and deep analytic competencies Insights and Compliance Mathematical Modeling, Forecasting, Simulation, and Optimization Experts in relevant SAP Technology: HANA, SAP Business Objects, SAP Predictive Analysis, Visualization Flexible delivery PAL and R integration SAP HANA Platform and beyond Data Science SAP Business Objects DashboardsSAP Predictive Analysis + +   2 )2/( )( 2)( 2   x e xf 19
  20. 20. © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 20Public A journey to success … which customers can enter through various point depending on where they are today Meeting the customer where they are in their journey BIGDATA Customer Journey In the Cloud:Big Data Proof Points 2-5 days per week ongoing
  21. 21. © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 21Public Big Data Architecture Story Line …a Step by Step approach towards a customer architecture Use Case Specifics Data Characteristics Component Pattern Detailed Architecture Deployment Model Solution Build Velocity Data Source Char Business Priorities → Real-Time → High Availability → Maintenance Processes … → BW, ECC, … → Data Transformation → Structured / Unstructured … → Criteria tbd. Variety → Criteria tbd. Volume → Criteria tbd. SAP IQ SAP HANA Acquire Store & Process Analyze & Act Stream Processing Data Replication Data Movement Manage & Govern Data Management Data Modeling Data Governance On Premise In the Cloud Hybrid 1 2 3 4 5 6
  22. 22. © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 22Public BIGDATA Integration architecture simplified Applications BI Suite SAP Lumira SAP Predictive Analysis Hadoop Apps and Analytic Modeling Data Management Data Governance
  23. 23. © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 23Public SAP HANA Platform for BIGDATA SAP HANA Platform ApplicationsAnalytics Landscapemanagement&orchestration HANA In Memory Modeling&lifecyclemanagement Hadoop / SAP IQ Roles,security,governance,compliance,audits Analyze & Apply Accelerate Acquire Transactional Planning & Simulation Graph Analytical SAP Industry & LoB Apps Partner & Custom Apps Spatial Consume Process ESP Extended Storage (IQ) Tiered Storage (Hot-warm-cold) Smart Data Access Text, Social Media Processing BI & Visualization Predictive Mobile Replication Framework Data Services IM / MDW
  24. 24. © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 24Public Generic Pattern: Omnichannel Data Insight Insight from high volume and high variety data for real-time analytics & actionable intelligence Data Sources Transactional Planning & Simulation GraphAnalytical Predictive Analysis SpatialExtended Storage (IQ) TieredStorage(Hot-warm-cold) Dashboard / Reporting in Real- Time Large Low Cost Data Platform (Hadoop / IQ) Historical Data, Offline Batch Processes, Model Training etc. SAP HANA Data Platform Process high volume, high variety and high velocity data, offline and real-time. Enable real-time analytics and actionable insight Use Cases → Customer segmentation → Customized offers → Customer Churn → Online Consume Habits → Social Network analysis → Fraud, Risk, Abuse and waste detection Terabytes of data/month Millions of events/day correlated with Enterprise Data Enable actionable insight got targeted applications Stream Processing Real-Time Replication Data Movement SAP Enterprise Data Click-Stream data Historical data Multimedia data Analytics & Applications HANA In Memory SmartDataAccess Mobile data Social data Real-Time Offers
  25. 25. © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 25Public SAP makes Big Data Real Real-time. Real Results. SAP HANA PLATFORM FOR BIG DATA BIG DATA APPS & ANALYTICS BIG DATA SCIENCE + +
  26. 26. http://www.sapbigdata.com/ For More Information Big Data Salesplay Site : https://jam4.sapjam.com/groups/about_page/558185 Big Data JAM site : https://jam4.sapjam.com/groups/about_page/556892 Visit the Big Data Community: https://community.wdf.sap.corp/groups/big-data Big Data Training: https://community.wdf.sap.corp/docs/DOC-217240
  27. 27. © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. Thank you Contact information: Paul Barker EMEA Enterprise Architect paul.barker@sap.com +44 7787 154709