SAP FORUM Kuwait: Fast Track Implementation - Beshara Partner Kkeynote


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At SAP FORUM Kuwait you can discover how today's open technologies and business networks can help you create a business beyond boundaries.

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SAP FORUM Kuwait: Fast Track Implementation - Beshara Partner Kkeynote

  1. 1. we provide the ultimate solutions to your needs
  2. 2. Our Mission , Vision , Strategy  Imagination. Ingenuity. Skills.  Our on-going mission is to help our client’s design and build systems that transform their operations in harmony with their organizational strategies and goals. We provide the tools and knowledge such that our clients’ can take a proactive stance to their day-to-day business undertakings, as well as achieve their aspirations by harnessing the power of emerging technologies.  Our pursuit is to deliver exceptional and progressive solutions that are right for our clients today and tomorrow.  Provide our clients with ‘architected’ solutions that raise the bar amongst our peers and provide precedence for future projects. Provide our team with the tools, knowledge and coaching to foster creativity and professional growth. 
  3. 3. Some Of Our Technology Alliances
  4. 4. Our Main Activities Managed Service Oracle Support SAP Support HP Support Cisco Support Astaro Support Products CRM Scheduling Helpdesk Law Office Clinics Outsourcing Infrastructure Experts (Java – Oracle) Development Consultancy BPM DSS Solutions Health Care Law – Courts HR Airlines Surveillance Training •Information Technology Training •Sales Trainings
  5. 5. Projects  Ministry of Finance            Ministry of Health Ministry of Justice Ministry of Communications Ministry of Interior Ministry of Planning Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour Civil Services Commission Central Tender Committee Ministry of Electricity & Water Kuwait Fire Service Directorate Ministry of Awqaf
  6. 6. Our Branches  State of Kuwait - Head Office  Egypt - Branch  Jordan - Branch
  7. 7. Products 1. EHR , EMR (HMIS) 2. Human Capital Management (HR) 3. Courts System 4. Procurement and Tendering 5. Project Costing 6. Surveillances 7. Billing OSS, BSS 8. Manpower and Social Affairs
  8. 8. Solution Project Team
  9. 9. Contact Us Beshara Group for General Trading & Contracting Co Office#2, Mezzanine Floor, Fisheries Bldg., Sharq. P.O. Box: 6267 Salmiya Code 22073. Phone: +965 2241 5370/4/5 Fax: +965 2241 6898 Mobile: +965 9985 0275 E-Mail:
  10. 10. SAP Implementation Methodology  SAP Partner means SAP Consultancy firm responsible for implementation of SAP. ( Preparation , Blueprint , realization , final preparation , go live , improvements ).  SAP Customer collaborate to complete the implementation
  11. 11. BUSINESS BLUEPRINT  Module-wise  AS IS: List-out Business  100% Information about Process and output of current system  TO BE: Mapping AS IS in SAP. Any Gap, List.  Rectify Gap through ABAP Consultant  Questions & Answers Database (Checklist) Customer  Preparation of Flow Cycle  Several Workshops to understand Business Process  Gap Analysis: AS IS & TO BE
  12. 12. Project Hierarchy Project Manager Team Leaders Functional Consultants Technical Consultants Support Consultants
  13. 13. PREPARATION  Agreement between SAP Partner and SAP Customer  Scoping – Types & No. of SAP Consultants required to execute the Project  Formation of Steering Committee (Top most authorities of Customer & Partner as Members of Committee) – for smooth functioning of Project execution  Kick-Off Meeting (First Meeting of Project Team)
  14. 14. Project Management  Project Management Key Activities:  Review template plan and highlight key activities associated with client initiatives  Provide risk/impact assessment for the project  Quality Assurance/Validation of project implementation meets established functional and technical requirements  Best Practices discussions around project management of a Solution Archeticture implementation
  15. 15. CONFIGURATION/REALIZATION  As per Business Blueprint Configuration – Baseline Configuration
  16. 16. FINAL PREPARATION  Additional Configuration work which was not highlighted in Business Blueprint  Legal System Migration Work-uploading data from non-SAP to SAP  Testing Configurations  Training End Users  Planning & preparation of Cut-over activities-lock SAP system not to make any changes
  17. 17. GO-LIVE & SUPPORT  Deciding Go-Live  UAT-User Acceptance Test (should be prepared for all modules and sub-modules): Sign-off by End users certifying that no Support Issues/Remarks.
  18. 18. SAP Roll-Out Adaptation in accordance with legal requirements Global template Standardization of global business processes Optimization of business processes between companies Higher information transparency Documentation IMG structures and settings Global customer developments Country versions Master data documents Organizational structure Local requirements Local developments Local processes Global and intergrated processes
  19. 19. Project Phases Project preparation Kick Off Workshop Clarifying of responsibilities within project team Installation of Russian System (SAP Basis preparation works) Fit-Gap Analyzes GAP list formation concerning differences to corporate template incl. Russian legal requirements Customer's Master Data evaluation Customization Info seminars Customization of businessprocesses Training of the project team (Key user) Testing of the system through all modules Adjustment of the organizational structure Preparation of data for the integration test (test scenarios are being prepared by key users) Correction of the mistakes Planning of training (can be organized in a flexible way, depending from project volume) Data preparation for the upload Go – Live preparation Go-Live and support Data transfer Transfer to productive system (Go-Live) Preparation of productive system (done by SAP Basis consultants – mainly in house) Evaluation of the “System Readiness” before Go-Live Organization of After Go-Live support Definition of Reports and Forms which need to be adopted Project Start Testing Open problems solution Closure of the first period Evaluation of work of the productive system System support Project closure The system is adjusted Go-Live
  20. 20. Development Standards and Process Quality Metrics  Quality Assurance  Software Evaluation Reports  Staff Performance Metrics  Task Monitoring Metrics (Estimated/Actual Variance)  Audit and Review Reports  Quality Control  Test and Defects Log  Standards  Compliance to software quality models (ISO, CMMI)
  21. 21. Why take the Fast Track?  Ensure the system architecture of the Solution     implementation is optimized to take full advantage of the power of Solution Archeticture and standard SAP tools Ensure you implement high value improvements to enhance current system performance as well as to allow for future system growth both in size and functional content Ensure smooth integration of future content within Solution Archeticture system and NetWeaver adoption program (ESA / EP / XI) Validate your implementation approach against “bestin-class” implementations. Ensure the proper foundation to support future Solution Archeticture initiatives.
  22. 22. Fast Track across the SAP Portfolio Solution Portfolio Industry & LoB Deployment Innovations Business Solutions On demand Mobility Analytics On premise HANA Technology On device
  23. 23. Fast Track means few weeks to Run 1  Start 2  Deploy 3  Run Expectations Project management  Kick-off workshop participation  Preparing technical infrastructure   Implementation  Testing  Key User Training  User-acceptance testing  Onsite and remote support  Successful rollout and adoption  Configuration documentation  Superior support to ensure smooth functioning Results Mutually-approved scope  document Working SAP system 
  24. 24. Fast Track tools & Pre-defined Services    1 Fixed-price Implementation Services Pre-defined Project Methodology Ready-to-use Accelerators Start Project management  Kick-off workshop participation  Preparing technical infrastructure  Accelerators / Deliverables Consulting Delivery Guide Project schedule WBS Service Delivery Model, roles and responsibilities Request for consultants template Process descriptions Process-flow-documents Kick-off presentation Consumption Guide Pre-delivery requirements and checklist           2 Deploy Solution Realization Master Data Load Refinement Workshop & Refinement Realization Knowledge Transfer to Key Users     Accelerators / Deliverables Installation guide Solution Documentation Solution Manager content Best-Practices content (pre-configuration) Configuration activities Consulting Delivery Guide Implementation Content        3 Run Performance Tests End User Training Sign off of solution Go-Live Preparation Go-Live Post go-live support and activities Improvements and road map workshop        Accelerators / Deliverables Test cases Deliverable acceptance forms Training Materials – Process-flow recordings etc. Go-Live Checklist    
  25. 25. Implementation methodology 1 Start 2 Deploy Configuration Guide 3 Run Kickoff Workshop Project Schedule Scoping Questionnaire Check Lists Support Portal .
  26. 26. Utility Billing System as an example October 27, 2013 27
  27. 27. Utility Billing System October 27, 2013 28
  28. 28. Utility Billing System October 27, 2013 29
  29. 29. SAP ISU DATA MODEL October 27, 2013 30
  30. 30. Billing Process During the upload of the meter reading, plausibility checks are carried according to Estimation can also be performed based of the previous consumption or the periodic October 27, 2013 31
  31. 31. Problems and Challenges Realizing: Maintenance, High Availability and Reliability Requirements Change, and Re-change! Customization, and Recustomization! Continuous Improvement and Quality Need • Non-functional requirements mapping • System security and monitoring • Component Development • Reusable Software Components • Change Management • Configuration Management • Standards, ISO, CMMI…
  32. 32. Thank you..
  33. 33. Kuwait 2013