SAP FORUM Kuwait: Equate – Project Mobilization – Customer Keynote


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At SAP FORUM Kuwait you can discover how today's open technologies and business networks can help you create a business beyond boundaries.

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SAP FORUM Kuwait: Equate – Project Mobilization – Customer Keynote

  1. 1. Mobility in EQUATE Petrochemical Company
  2. 2. Introduction • EQUATE Petrochemical Company is a Kuwait-based international joint venture, produces high-quality Polyethylene (PE), Ethylene Glycol (EG) and Styrene Monomer (SM). • EQUATE’s state-of-the-art petrochemical complex is located at the Shuaiba Industrial Area in Kuwait, manufacturing quality products for customers throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia and North Africa served via an efficient supply chain network. • EQUATE is also ideally positioned to fulfill mounting intercontinental demand for the highest quality and competitively priced petrochemicals. Its professional customer service organization using integrated IT systems enables customers to experience a smooth, seamless ordering process. • In addition, EQUATE operates Petrochemical Industries Company’s (PIC) owned Polypropylene Plant. Benzene, which is used to manufacture SM, and Paraxylene are also produced at the new world scale Aromatics plant which is operated by EQUATE.
  3. 3. History July, 1995 Nov, 1997 EQUATE Ground Breaking Plant Start Up March, 2005 Feb, 2010 EQUATE II Ground Breaking EQUATE II Inauguration
  4. 4. EQUATE Shareholders Boubyan Petrochemical Company 9% 9% 6% Al Qurain Petrochemical Industries Corporation 6% 42.5% 42.5% The Dow Chemical Company Petrochemical Industries Company 42.5% 42.5%
  5. 5. EQUATE Global Reach
  6. 6. Our Vision Leadership components Profitability Volume Plant Utilization our position our strength Cost Reliability Technology a global leader & Position and status: EQUATE is a global leader in PE and EG. Utilize best practices and adhere to global standards (profitability, quality, reliability) world class producer of Capability and competence: EQUATE manufactures / produces petrochemical products for other entities based on world class standards and specifications petrochemicals Quality Product category and reference point: EQUATE manufactures petrochemicals (Standard – Leadership / world class). Industry specific. our business
  7. 7. Our Mission we provide valued products & services to the world Our business driver: We are manufacturers and marketers of products and services. Our strength: Valued products and services represents all elements of added value and reflect EQUATE’s Corporate values (price, performance, people and business excellence, quality, innovation, reliability, customer centricity, sustainability, growth). Our region: Serving the local and global communities through added valued products and services.
  8. 8. Why Mobility? One workplace for all workflows Approvals from anywhere in the world Accessibility Enable fast decision-making Assuring business continuity
  9. 9. Project Highlights Deployed SUP for developing the mobile applications Developed 17 SAP Workflow Approval Applications Developed 9 non-SAP approval applications Completed in only 3 months Majority of the applications developed using hybrid container approach One application was developed in iOS native approach AirWatch® is used as an MDM tool to secure mobile devices used in EQUATE
  10. 10. Applications in EQUATE APO Finance Procurement Sales Time Management Commercial Application (non SAP)
  11. 11. APO Applications
  12. 12. Finance Applications
  13. 13. Procurement Applications
  14. 14. Sales Application
  15. 15. Time Management Application
  16. 16. Commercial Applications
  17. 17. Customer Visit Application
  18. 18. Future Plans Develop Business Intelligence Dashboards and reports on iPads Develop native applications for complex processes and enabling ESS and MSS tools to all employees Deploy a cloud storage and integrate with SAP
  19. 19. Thank You EQUATE Petrochemical Company /
  20. 20. Kuwait 2013