Michael Golz, Senior VP & CIO SAP Americas, en el CIO Summit de SAP


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  • With SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, SAP provides the ONLY suite of business applications unifying analytics and transactions into a single in-memory platform for smarter business innovations, faster business processes, and simpler business interactions.Smarter business innovationsSAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA will help your organization become an innovation-driven business by allowing you to rethink business processes as and when needed and invent new business models SMARTER.Faster business processesSAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA will help your organization become a data-driven business by allowing you to collect, consolidate, and consume real-time data FASTER.Simpler business interactionsSAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA will help your organization become a people-driven business by providing your people with actionable insights – on any device – to decide and act SIMPLER.Let’s see how in more detail . . .
  • The future is in the clouds (private / public) The cloud is the preferred application consumption option for customers for non-differentiating processes (common practice, best practice)Differentiating core processes will be deployed on-premise or in private clouds at least short term Increasing customer demand for E2E cloud delivery (seamless integration of private/public clouds) You’ve seen the case studies, you’ve heard the viewpoint from the largest consultant in this industry. And now we’re going to take you to the next level.We have added more depth and capabilities to our Cloud portfolio, to deliver Business Velocity for you.Buyers are moving from “adhoc” spending on apps to buying one platform; These buyers are leveraging the change in the rules (like millennial mindset, everything connected and mobile, consumerization of IT and big data and insights) to get ahead Cloud is at the core of what we do – the transition from adhoc cloud apps to one platform of cloud apps is at the heart of the cloud value propositionBusiness velocity allows customers to invest in cloud, op or hosted solutions...on one consistent platformHere is the our complete Cloud strategy for youThe HANA Cloud Platform is the foundation of our entire approach. We have just announced virtual private cloud with Managed Cloud services so you can get Suite on HANA and Business Warehouse on HANA as a service. We also have the Cloud Marketplace to extend the value of our applications and discover new apps built by you and by partnersAnd of course we have our purpose-built Cloud applications for lines of business, fully multi-tenant, natively mobile and social, with integrations to your SAP and third-party appsApps for People, Customers, Money and SuppliersWe never stop innovating at Cloud speed for you in each of these business centersPeople: we went 10 for 10 in analyst reports – rated a leader in every single category of Cloud apps for PeopleCustomer: you have got to see our Customer Insights now available for SAP Cloud CustomerMoney: our partner Aasonn is now live on Financials Cloud as their financial backbone. The New South Wales government in Australia is live on Business ByDesign for 8,500 users as their ERP in the CloudSupplier: long-time companies like Westinghouse are leveraging the power of the Ariba Network … [need to complete the reference]We wrap all of this with collaboration everywhere – for all of these application but also for your on premise applicationsWe connect people to people through SAP Jam, the only enterprise social network you need. It is integrated into specific workflows critical to getting business done. It is social in context.We also connect businesses to businesses through the Ariba Business Network
  • Michael Golz, Senior VP & CIO SAP Americas, en el CIO Summit de SAP

    1. 1. Accelerating Business with Innovation How IT can help you drive business innovation and growth. Mike Golz, SVP & CIO Americas November 14, 2013 – SAP Forum Mexico
    2. 2. Connected mega trends reshape the enterprise Data doubling every 18 months An emerging middle class growing to 5B DATA More mobile devices than people CLOUD 1 billion people on Facebook MOBILE 15 billion Web-enabled devices in 2013 THINGS
    3. 3. The world is turning from atoms to bits Businesses must evolve to real-time & innovate the iPhone
    4. 4. Our IT strategy needs to evolve Key drivers Ambitious growth strategy New technology trends Shift in internal client demand, Consumerization of IT Increased focus on cost efficiency Demand for Instant Business Insight Optimize to unleash IT’s potential
    5. 5. Challenges for the CIO Functional IT Operational excellence Transformational IT Strategic IT Business partnership and process transformation Enterprise strategy, Innovation and Differentiation
    6. 6. Innovation in five market categories Powered by SAP HANA Applications & Processes Mobile Cloud Database and Technology Analytics Powered by SAP HANA SAP Global IT Runs Over 100 Projects and 5% of the IT Project Portfolio dedicated to cutting-edge IT Innovation Projects
    7. 7. Mobile lifestyle becomes workstyle Mobile Mindset, Device Agnostic, End-to-End BYOD 14,000 Phones 71,000+ Devices 25,000 iPads 27,000 iPhones 6,000+ Samsung Smartphones / Tablets Pilots with Windows 8 phones Tablets available 5,000+ private (bring your own) devices
    8. 8. Bringing Transactions and Analytics Together SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA Business Innovation Smarter Business Innovations Unlock new growth opportunities before your competitors do Simpler Business Interactions Empower people to decide and act in the business moment Business Interactions Business Processes Faster Business Processes Drive your business at the speed of the market
    9. 9. Internal HANA adoption roadmap Transforming our business into a real-time business Side-by-side • Sales pipeline • Profitability analysis • Asset accounting • Profit center accounting • Receivables Manager • Sentiment Analysis Primary data store for SAP NetWeaver BW New applications SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA • Business Warehouse on HANA • Cash and Liquidity Management • CRM on HANA • Business Planning and Consolidation application integrated BW – integrated planning • Environmental Resource Management • HANA Enterprise Cloud • ERP on HANA
    10. 10. Cloud solutions designed for people Speed & Agility, Easy to use, Standards Customers People Money Suppliers
    11. 11. Innovations drive new investments for the CIO Embrace a "mobile first" mindset Align business transformation with your innovation agenda Consumerization and BYOD are here to stay In-memory and mobile are key enablers for your business strategy Ensure proper security, performance and availability Design new applications and learn from consumer innovation in the enterprise and social media channels
    12. 12. Invitation to Connect Mike Golz Senior Vice President & CIO Americas, SAP michael.golz@sap.com www.sap.com/CIO twitter.com/MikeGolz