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Unlock new value for your business with SAP Cloud. Visit for more information.

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Your Cloud Your Way

  1. 1. Your cloud. Your way. How SAP® Cloud unlocks new value for your business
  2. 2. Achieve velocity Run in the right direction, at the right speed, to win Overview of Fortune 500 companies have dropped off the list in the last 12 years of the companies on the FTSE 100 when it was created in 1984 are no longer there The road to success is littered with the remnants of companies that couldn’t keep pace and adapt to market changes. Corporate Darwinism is a real threat, and simply understanding the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, Big Data analytics, and business networks is not enough. You need to predict market changes and act quickly to capitalize on them – or risk extinction. 50% 79%
  3. 3. Overview Merely detecting trends or risks in the market is not enough – you need to develop a plan to engage and execute on them in advance of the competition.This is only possible when you combine the: • Convenience and agility of the cloud – to quickly innovate, adjust and adapt key business processes to capitalize on everchanging market dynamics millennial mindset mobile everything connected Big Data and insights consumerization of IT • Connectivity and insight of social collaboration and business networks – harnessing the“knowledge of crowds” and insights from a network of partners and peers • Analytical power and speed of in-memory database and analytics – to aggregate, correlate, and assess countless bits of information and scenarios • Accessibility of mobile – to detect changes, access and share intelligence, and execute the best actions whenever and wherever you are Real time is not enough
  4. 4. Flexibility, choice, control Plug-and-play into your existing environment Only SAP delivers the right mix of cloud, hosted, and on-premise technology based on your needs. We empower companies to out-maneuver market changes and out-execute competitors by engaging their customers, partners, and employees in new ways to innovate and create deeper relationships, and then execute at scale. Our cloud portfolio delivers flexibility, choice, and control. Our plug-and-play cloud solutions enable you to leverage your existing environment while unlocking new levels of agility and performance for the business. Line-of-business leaders have the flexibility to innovate and adapt processes quickly and easily to generate new value or save costs, with minimum disruption. Most comprehensive cloud portfolio 29 million users in the cloud Largest cloud implementations in the world Over 1 million businesses on the Ariba® Network Overview Learn more Explore cloud solutions from SAP View video ›
  5. 5. Dynamic adoption SAP Cloud applications for your line-of- business needs A move to the cloud must be a thoughtful evolution that takes every company’s unique situation in context: • If you are building a high-performance sales organization, you can take sales and recruiting solutions, and add learning and travel to fully equip your sales team • Or to enhance customer experience, you can take our service solutions, drive better supply and spend control with our procurement offerings, and manage worker performance and knowledge with SuccessFactors™ Employee Central • You can also drive new levels of innovation and agility into the front end of your business with our finance and sales applications – all in the cloud For CIOs this means they are truly advocates of the business, helping to tap into the rapid innovation of the cloud and to adapt processes quickly to everchanging market dynamics and customer needs. Our approach helps bring the CIO and business leaders together in a mutual dialog that has business and customer success as the ultimate goal. Let’s explore how SAP delivers your cloud, your way. Overview
  6. 6. line-of-business cloud applications people SOCIAL COLLABORATION Drive effective people collaboration by natively integrating social capabilities into business processes BUSINESS COLLABORATION Improve the way you buy, sell, and manage cash by connecting, collaborating, and transacting with all your global trading partners CUSTOMER MONEY SUPPLIER • Drive workforce strategies and insights with confidence • Empower employees to take charge of their performance and career • Optimize HR operations across geographies, organizations, and employee types • Drive real-time, intuitive financial insights to everyone across the business • Ensure compliant accounting and financial reporting for global enterprises • Optimize finance operations to improve efficiency, working capital, and mitigate risk • Engage your customers in a whole new way, from prospect to promoter • Guide your customers in the right direction with predictive and industry insights, while delivering a seamless experience • Grow business with your existing customers and find new customers • Realize sustainable savings and reduced supply chain risk driving sourcing optimization • Increase visibility and compliance across your procurement processes • Inform your business with spend analytics and supplier performance insights
  7. 7. line-of-business cloud applications people SOCIAL COLLABORATION WITH SAP JAM BUSINESS COLLABORATION WITH THE ARIBA NETWORK CUSTOMER MONEY SUPPLIER Core HR Cloud • Employee Central • Employee Central Payroll Performance Cloud • Performance & Goals • Compensation • Succession & Development Learning Cloud Recruiting Cloud HR Analytics Cloud • Workforce Analytics • Workforce Planning Financial Cloud • Cloud for Financials • Cloud for Travel • Invoice Pro (Ariba) • SAP Business ByDesign • SAP Business One Cloud • Sales and Operations Planning Customer for Cloud • Cloud for Customer • Cloud for Sales • Cloud for Service • Cloud for Social Engagement • Social Media Analytics by Netbase Sourcing Cloud • Sourcing Pro • Discovery • Contract Pro • Supplier Information Management Procurement Cloud • Procure-to-Pay Pro • Services Procurement • Procurement Content Spend Analytics Cloud • Spend Visibility
  8. 8. Link your people and business strategies Hire, develop, reward, and engage the right people with the right skills to grow your business As business models evolve and working practices change, you need to create an adaptable and flexible workforce. That means identifying and hiring the right people, getting them up to speed quickly, and making sure they develop the right skills for your business today and tomorrow. SuccessFactors provides the industry’s only true end-to-end human capital management (HCM) platform delivering talent management, core HR, and workforce analytics in the cloud. PEOPLE One global HR suite: Establish a solid foundation for end-to-end global processes that extends across the entire HCM solution spectrum Start anywhere: Gain the flexibility to start your evolution to the cloud anytime, anywhere thanks to our modular solutions Engaging everyone: Deploy beautiful solutions that engage the workforce and accelerate innovation Business content: Leverage predelivered best practices and metrics across 25 industries Your cloud, your way: Connect your cloud solutions with existing on-premise investments or move all your HCM solutions to the cloud Global ecosystem: Benefit from a world-class partner ecosystem of System Integrators and market-leading HR software vendors
  9. 9. +5.4% average increase in productivity IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Integrated Talent Management 2012 Vendor Analysis Read › Top 10 Reasons customers use human capital management solutions to help their employees run better Read › The Forrester Wave: Talent Management, Q1, 2013 Read › Gartner 2013 Magic Quadrant for Talent Management Suites Read › PEOPLE +17% increase in people getting the right training 65% improvement in employee engagement Driving business execution A comprehensive HR strategy that focuses on people can help companies create a hard-to- replicate business flexibility that improves speed of execution and outperforms the competition. Fast business execution requires real-time people insights to continuously align the people and talent to business goals and empower them to execute.
  10. 10. Engage your customers like never before Take them from prospect to promoter Empowered customers are changing the rules of engagement. Digitally connected and socially networked, they are better informed and have higher expectations – and their opinions and behavior can change in seconds. Customer engagement with real-time insight is the new business imperative to drive profitability and growth. Your marketing, sales, and customer service teams are the front line to the customer. They need to harness your end-to-end enterprise, along with deep customer insight and personalized engagement, in order to stand out from the competition and deliver a relevant experience at every step of the customer journey. Cloud solutions from SAP equip your marketing, sales, and customer service teams to win with today’s empowered customers – so you can engage with them sooner and accompany them on their journey from prospect to promoter. customer SAP Cloud for Customer › SAP Cloud for Social Engagement › SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase › SAP Cloud for Sales › SAP Cloud for Service ›
  11. 11. SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase Solution Brief: Social Media Analytics for an Accurate and Real-Time Understanding of Brand Performance Read › Video: SAP Cloud for Social Engagement – Seeing the Market Through Your Customers’ Eyes View video › SAP Cloud for Social Engagement Solution Brief: Transform Your Customer Service by Delighting Customers Through Social Media Read › customer SAP E-Book: 5 Selling Strategies for 2013 Read › Rich insights Gain true customer and business insight with rich data from the back office, social media, and other sources alongside powerful predictive analytics. Seamless experience Deliver great experiences across teams with a next generation interface and native social collaboration that empowers employees to delight customers. Worry-free integration Make business processes seamless and get one view of the customer with worry-free integration to your on-premise ERP and CRM systems. For your industry Embrace change without worry by leveraging SAP Best Practices for your industries. Social collaboration. Fast opportunity tracking. Deep customer insight. Real-time pricing and quotes…
  12. 12. Deliver real-time business insight Unlock the power of your financial information to everyone in the organization Financial information isn’t just for finance people. To run more effectively and efficiently, managers and executives across the organization need real-time business insights from financial data to inform their decisions. Cloud solutions from SAP give finance departments the agility and flexibility they need to improve their efficiency, strengthen financial controls, and easily comply with financial reporting standards that address local and global requirements – while transforming financial data into strategic insight for all lines of business. • Streamline accounting and reduce cycle times • Gain transparency and insight into financial performance • Obtain visibility into your cash flow and liquidity • Make better decisions based on timely, accurate insights • Use your mobile devices to deliver business insights for all users money SAP Cloud for Financials › SAP Cloud for Travel ›
  13. 13. money SAP Cloud for Financials – The Evolving Role of Global Finance SAP Cloud for Financials Solution Brief: Modernizing Financial Management for Faster and More Effective Decision Making SAP Cloud for Financials Solution Brochure: Transforming Your Business with True Real-Time Financials CFO Research Report: Financial Executives on Optimizing Travel-Expense Management View video › Read › Read › Read ›
  14. 14. Empower your whole business Run your entire business on a single, cloud-based software solution Now you can manage your entire business in the cloud – financials, human resources, sales, procurement, customer service, and supply chain – on a complete integrated suite. Cloud solutions from SAP integrate seamlessly with on-premise solutions to maximize agility and eliminate the need for major IT investments – making them ideally suited for SMEs and subsidiaries of large corporations. MONEY SAP Business ByDesign › SAP Business One Cloud › Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight: SaaS and the Multi- Tiered ERP Strategy Read › SAP Business ByDesign Solution Brief: The Best of SAP Software Tailored for Subsidiaries Read › SAP Business ByDesign – Getting the Most From a 2-Tier ERP Strategy View video › • Increase efficiency across your organization by enabling end-to-end processes • Gain timely insights through integrated analytics and reporting • Access business functionality and analytics anytime, anywhere with a broad range of mobile devices • Trust highly secure data centers that are managed, monitored, and maintained by SAP experts
  15. 15. Collaborate instantly Bring together people, information, applications, and process to deliver results Getting work done can sometimes seem like herding cats. Pulling together everything needed to drive the best decisions is challenging, especially when it’s disconnected from where and how you work. SAP Jam brings together customers, partners, and colleagues with information, applications, and processes to solve business-critical problems and to drive results. Whether it’s to collaborate on a sales strategy and engage customers, drive communications and feedback on a new HR policy, social collaboration can help you decrease training costs, shorten sales cycles, and reduce risk. collaboration US$1.3 trillion Annual value that can be unlocked by social technologies McKinsey Global Institute 2012
  16. 16. collaboration In keeping with our unified strategy for a common cloud architecture, social collaboration will be integrated across all SAP solutions, including those powered by SAP HANA®. SAP Jam eliminates social silos in your organization because it is delivered as a single, secure, cloud-based foundation across your entire business, applications, and processes. By bringing together social collaboration under one roof, but across the business, you get a unified work experience that pulls together everything you need in order to collaborate with customers, partners, and colleagues. Collaborate where you work Turbocharge your work with social collaboration in your applications and processes. Drive results with social engagement Strategize, collect feedback, solve problems, and drive rapid decisions with customers, partners, and colleagues. Eliminate social silos Unify your work with a single, secure foundation across the entire business. SAP Jam Product Brochure: Drive results with social collaboration Read › IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Social Technology in Integrated Talent Management 2012 Vendor Analysis Read › Enterprise Strategy Group Market Landscape Report: Social Collaboration Solutions SAP Edition Read › “The average interaction worker spends an estimated 28% of the workweek managing e-mail and nearly 20% looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.” McKinsey Global Institute report – “The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies”
  17. 17. Collaborative business commerce solutions Control spending, and contribute to the bottom line Buying smarter isn’t just buying at the lowest price. It’s knowing everything about your company’s spending habits, and using that knowledge to be a stronger negotiator. It’s being connected to a diverse network of high-quality suppliers, so you can quickly discover collaborative partners who can lower your costs for goods and services while minimizing your risks. And it’s contracting and procuring in ways that ensure compliance. You can achieve all of that with Ariba spend management solutions and expertise. Spend analysis Gather your spend data from wherever it lives, classify it according to company and industry standards, then enrich it with D&B market intelligence.You’ll get a comprehensive, insightful analysis of company-wide buying practices, on demand. supplier Aberdeen Group Study: Supplier Network Report – A Look At Commerce In the Cloud Read › IDC Group: The Networked Economy – Mike Fauscette View video › Supply & Demand Chain Executive Special Edition: Is Social the Future of Business Commerce View video ›
  18. 18. Sourcing With market-leading tools, expertise, and network connections, you’ll create the right kind of sourcing environment. One that drives competition for your business, delivers best-value sourcing agreements, and provides sustainable savings. Contract management Automate, standardize, and speed up the entire contract lifecycle. Manage any type of agreement for greater productivity and compliance. Procurement Provide your users with consumer-like tools that help them find the goods and services they need, from your preferred suppliers, at the best price. Supplier management Keep supplier information updated and accurate, managing all of your data on a single, Web-based platform.You’ll find it far easier to monitor supplier performance, assess compliance, and manage supply risk. supplier
  19. 19. Join the networked economy Buy smarter, sell faster, and manage cash better with Ariba In a networked global economy, businesses increasingly rely on external partners. As inventories become leaner, costly infrastructures reduced, processes outsourced, and supply chains stretched around the globe, it’s critical they share information and processes to align and coordinate their business decisions. The Ariba Network connects you to all of your business partners so you streamline commerce, save on everything you buy, and discover new business. With Ariba – the world’s business commerce network – and our industry-leading, cloud-based applications, you can extend your processes beyond the four walls of your organization. Then, without installing any new software or hardware, you can connect and collaborate with digital communities of partners, peers, and prospects from around the world. BUSINESS NETWORK
  20. 20. The Power of Ariba for SAP Customers View e-Book › Top 10 Reasons to Join the Ariba Network View e-Book › An Introduction to Ariba Network View video › BUSINESS NETWORK 1 million+ connected companies US$460 billion annual transaction value 65 million invoices processed annually • Buyers can quickly discover new sources of supply • Sellers can easily find new, purchase-ready customers • Finance managers can make better working capital decisions • Everyone can share best practices, expert advice, and community intelligence With the Ariba Network:
  21. 21. SAP HANA Cloud Platform Enabling developers to build, extend, and run applications in the cloud SAP HANA Cloud Platform is SAP’s in-memory cloud platform, our platform-as-a-service offering enabling developers to build, extend, and run applications in the cloud. Creating a timesheet entry and approval module in SuccessFactors™ Employee Central for contingency workers, or adding a recommended like products list and extend SAP Cloud for Sales so that a sales-person can proactively manage their opportunities…think modular, easy customization. SAP has already built many applications on this platform, including SAP Precision Retailing and SAP Fan Experience, and as part of SAP’s unified cloud strategy, all line-of-business cloud applications will ultimately move to SAP HANA Cloud Platform. CIO SAP HANA Cloud Platform › SAP NetWeaver® Landscape Virtualization Management › Services and support ›
  22. 22. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud A new managed cloud for all your mission-critical SAP applications Get the best of both worlds – the power of real-time + the simplicity of the cloud – with our cloud-based deployment option for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. Customers want more and more options in how they take advantage of the value SAP HANA brings. With the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, we now deliver HANA at scale with instant value and no compromise. SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud is a new cloud-based managed service offering for SAP customers and partners to deploy their HANA applications to a private cloud on a modern petascale cloud. Now you can deploy existing, mission-critical SAP ERP, SAP CRM and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse applications to a managed cloud service model and realize faster time-to-value coupled with lower total cost of ownership. SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud also supports custom SAP HANA applications, including non-SAP centric ones. The powerful SAP Hana platform just got more accessible – the cloud is now at your fingertips. Learn more above. CIO Virtualization, Cloud, or Both? Embracing the Right Model View Webcast › Discover Integration of Cloud Solutions from SAP View video › SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Read the solution brief ›
  24. 24. Get in touch Find out how SAP Cloud can help you run at the right speed in the right direction to win Please visit us at or
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