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Valentine’s Day



money ?


At SAP, we are always intrigued by the data that surrounds us.
This Valentine’s D...
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What are the numbers behind Valentine’s Day?


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For Valentine’s Day, visualize the dynamics of APAC markets in terms of spending patterns and lifestyle habits. Try by yourself on

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What are the numbers behind Valentine’s Day?

  1. 1. Valentine’s Day love For money ? or At SAP, we are always intrigued by the data that surrounds us. This Valentine’s Day, how do various Asia Pacific markets measure up against one another? Chocolate Source: International Trade Centre Annual cocoa imports for chocolate and food preparation (USD) HONG KONG 2.6 12.0 NEW ZEALAND 0.1 AUSTRALIA INDIA 19.1% KOREA JAPAN 4.1 0.04 Property value fluctuations from Q2 2012 to Q2 2013 5.3 11.6 0.01 Property 12.63 1.0 INDONESIA 14.8% 0.002 INDONESIA INDIA Annual import of bouquets or ornaments per capita (USD) 0.02 0.3 0.3 NEW ZEALAND 1.01% INDIA CHINA NEW ZEALAND Travel 2.2% Tourism expenditures per capita (USD) Source: 14.8 KOREA Source: Manulife Investor Sentiment Index 3Q 2013 1.8% 47% 29% MALAYSIA JAPAN 68 % SINGAPORE 2.3% 62% KOREA 58% ONG The World Bank 2009-2013 JAPAN 9.6 People who have started retirement planning Source: United Nations 1.9% Demographic SINGAPORE Yearbook 2012 and Wikipedia Divorce 1.9% Demography NEW ZEALAND AUSTRALIA CHINA 8.0 SINGAPORE NEW ZEALAND JAPAN Source: International Trade Centre 1.6% 5.9 MALAYSIA KOREA Savings MALAYSIA AUSTRALIA INDONESIA 0.6 MALAYSIA 0.8 SINGAPORE 1.6 INDIA 2.6 JAPAN INDONESIA Divorce rates KOREA SINGAPORE Consumption per capita (liters) 4.5% 0.2 1.3 Alcohol INDIA AUSTRALIA JAPAN 6.85 CHINA CHINA 3.5 8.4% -2.2% -1.5% HONG KONG 0.001 Flowers 6.0% 5.9% 5.1% CHINA 10.0 12.1% SINGAPORE MALAYSIA Source: Knight Frank Global House Price Index SIA INDONE H KONG 50% AUSTRALIA Source: WHO Global Status Report On Alcohol and Health 2011 2,690 73% 73% 1523 CHINA AUSTRALIA 398 HONG KONG SINGAPORE 80 59 NEW ZEALAND CHINA 31 JAPAN 11 44 37 KOREA INDIA 4 MALAYSIA INDONESIA CHINA Stress People who found work as the primary trigger of stress 63% SINGAPORE HONG KONG INDONESIA Figures from the Population Reference Bureau are used for per capita calculations 62% Take a look at your world. Visualize your data and discover answers with SAP Lumira for free. Source: Regus Stress 57% Whitepaper MALAYSIA Aug 2012