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Your Cloud. Your Way. A hybrid approach unlocks new value for your business. Learn how with SAP, moving to the cloud is easier than you think. www.sap.com/cloud

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Hybrid Cloud Infographic

  1. 1. Your Cloud. Your Way. A hybrid approach unlocks new value for your business Innovation and agility are the greatest benefits the cloud brings to your business, and a smart hybrid strategy gets you there quicker by extending your existing on-premise systems into the cloud. Learn how with SAP, moving to the cloud is easier than you think. Hybrid: Powering Innovation Without Disruption Like most organizations, yours will have invested a great deal of time and money on maintaining and customizing your software solutions to your unique business and industry. Rather than, “rip and replace,” a hybrid approach enables you to build on your existing software and systems and supercharge it with flexible, leading-edge cloud applications to deliver the rapid innovation and agility you need to compete. 50% Of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by 20171 67% 75% Of hybrid users feel their company’s IT processes are less complex after migration2 Start Now Of CIOs have already adopted a hybrid approach – integrating on-premise and cloud-based applications2 What Does Hybrid Mean to You? Whether you are in HR, marketing, finance or sales, hybrid means you can easily add cloud solutions while still integrating into your core systems of record – with no compromise. What you get: Flexible business operations and reduced costs – scalable cloud solutions free up resources and accelerate time to value; enhanced security – only the data you want goes into the cloud; improved business performance – adopt new cloud solutions based on your needs. SAP is the cloud built for business. Your business. With SAP, you can both protect your investments and innovate and rapidly adapt to changing market needs. We offer open APIs and hundreds of predefined integration adapters to support a host of scenarios – on-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud, and cloud to third party – to extend your systems and drive innovation for your business. Join the thousands of companies that are using these integrations to drive a hybrid strategy and achieve competitive advantage. 94% 80% 500+ 100% Electronic invoice processing at Deutsche Bank, from 100% paper by connecting SAP Supplier Relationship Management 7.0 to Ariba Procure to Pay3 Customers have successfully integrated SuccessFactors software with HR solutions from SAP4 Integration of SAP Cloud for Sales with 3M’s core on-premise systems5 Resolution rate on customer requests versus 11%-12% at T-Mobile, by extending their CRM with SAP’s Cloud-based social listening and analytics solutions6 Learn more Visit www.sap.com/cloud 1 Gartner, Oct 1 2013: “Private Cloud Matures, Hybrid Cloud Is Next.” Thomas Bittman 2 Wakefiied Research Survey, 2013: http:/ /www.successfactors.com/en_us/company/pressreleases/2013/sap-and-wakefield-research-survey.html) 3 Deutsche Bank case study – “E-Invoicing to Eliminate Paper, Achieve Global Compliance” 4 Understanding Integration: SAP’s HCM Integration Strategy with SuccessFactors 5 Taken from the video at http:/ /sales.ondemand.com/the-buzz/ 6 T-Mobile US, Inc. case study Q3 2013. ©2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.