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Harnessing the Full Value of Your Data


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Data that goes unanalysed is a missed opportunity. Get the technology you need to make business decisions with confidence - An IDC infographic, sponsored by SAP

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Harnessing the Full Value of Your Data

  1. 1. All IDC research is © 2015 by IDC. All rights reserved. All IDC materials are licensed with IDC's permission and in no way does the use or publication of IDC research indicate IDC's endorsement of SAP’s products/or strategies. AN IDC INFOGRAPHIC, SPONSORED BY SAP Harnessing the Full Value of Data Analytics technology:Still early days Challenge: Many organizations are limiting analysis because they can’t make trusted data available. Analytics have become easier to use and more responsive. It’s time to update analytics to better meet user needs. Businesses need to fully utilize data from a variety of sources to provide a holistic view of their markets. Many organizations are still struggling to use analytics effectively to optimize customer retention, financial planning, marketing campaigns and other key functions. Companies often use only a narrow slice of the available information for making decisions because they lack the technology and expertise to fully harness big data. Timely access is achievable: only 53% of organizations meet user requirements for it. Transformation: predictive analytics have evolved Embedded predictive analytics are now self-service, highly accessible, and can be run anytime, anywhere on a mobile device. Data can be sourced from business partners, social media, and the Internet of Things as well as transactional systems. Data types come in a wide variety and includes audio files, documents, videos, maps, and images. How pervasive is the use of business analytics technology and processes in your organization? 31% of organizations indicate widespread reliance on analytics IT challenges hinder organizations from reaching better insight through widely available, granular data. Training about performing and interpreting analysis, and reducing the barriers to using analytics is key. of organizations with widespread use see ROI from analytics initiatives within 6 months Major drivers for investment in analytics: Top business analytics challenges to getting trusted data: Top challenges for business analytics initiatives: Data that goes unanalyzed (%of organizations) Transactional data 14% Social media 45% Product/service improvement 49% Customer acquisition/ retention 41% Finance 35% 67% Data integration 45% satisfied with mobile access 38%satisfied with predictive analytics 49% feel IT can respond to user change requests in a timely manner 45%53% satisfied with ad-hoc query 53% Lack of sufficient staff with appropriate analytics skills 45% Securing budget 39% Agreeing on key performance indicators (KPIs) 36% Managing data quality 40% Managing data security 38% Rich media 45% Web clickstream 42% Sensor data 43% For more, visit However: Data moves at different speeds from real-time to batch and must be analyzed accordingly.