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Economist Guide to Global Workforce Diversity


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Insights from 228 executives worldwide on the challenges of an increasingly diverse workforce and their strategies for making the most of it.

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Economist Guide to Global Workforce Diversity

  1. 1. The 21st century workforce: a guide to global workforce diversity trends Sponsored by SuccessFactors, The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 228 executives around the globe to learn about the challenges of an increasingly diverse workforce— and their strategies for making the most of it. Get the full report at … and read on for a sneak preview. I. Diversity: good for business Why do leaders value diversity? Diversity can improve their organizations’ performance in three key areas: “ iverse teams can produce D better, more creative ideas because of synergy among contrasting approaches.” “ strategic approach to A managing diversity can provide our organization with an enriched talent pool.” “ diverse workforce A improves our ability to engage a diverse client base and succeed in a wider number of markets.” II. Top challenges vary by region How do diversity challenges differ by region? HR and other business leaders must manage multiple complex challenges related to regional cultures. Asia Pacific North America Middle East Generational issues Cultural and religious issues Africa Asia Pacific Latin America Hello Education and training challenges Hola Language issues III. Leading strategies How are successful HR leaders managing workforce diversity? They’re using a combination of motivational strategies, benefits, and opportunities. What strategies are you using to manage a diverse workforce? Mentoring new and highpotential employees 47% 45% Exposing high-potential employees to diverse business situations 43% Flexible working arrangements 41% Opportunities for international careers 36% Opportunities for diverse teams to address strategic business challenges What technologies are most useful for managing a diverse workforce? Human resource information system E-learning system 35% 31% 25% 21% 20% Videoconferencing Cloud-based collaboration tools Employee polls Find out how you compare to global leaders. Get the full report at: