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How do Australian organisations feel about cloud computing?


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There are a lot of conversations going on globally about cloud computing. But what do Australians think? We asked a group of customers & partners to find out. Tap into the rapid innovation that the cloud enables. Visit

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How do Australian organisations feel about cloud computing?

  1. 1. How Australian organisations really feel about cloud Data from from SAP Australia 2014 micro-survey To learn more, visit Greater flexibility & agility Faster business innovation Cost savings 81% 70% 61% Does cloud really impact business? What does the future hold? Tap into the rapid innovation that the cloud enables and adapt your processes quickly to ever changing market dynamics and customer needs. Right now, you can manage your entire business with SAP – HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and Procurement – in the cloud with the most comprehensive cloud computing portfolio on the market. 35 million business users already use SAP Cloud, seamlessly integrating with their on-premise solutions and maximising business agility. Why don’t you join them? WELCOME TO THE CLOUD BUILT FOR BUSINESS 95% Where is the value in cloud? Think YES 87% Will cloud enable the delivery of more value to stakeholders? ¾ of Australians we surveyed envision their IT environment in 3 years time will be a hybrid of cloud & on-premise solutions 75% ALMOSTALL AUSTRALIANS BELIEVE CLOUD C O M P U T I N G WILLHAVEA MAJOR IMPACT ON THEIR ORGANISATIONS Is cloud for everyone? What about Big Data? Think yes, cloud solutions can benefit organisations of all sizes 86% Of survey respondents felt cloud can help make sense of Big Data 90% Almost all Australians we surveyed believe cloud computing will have a major impact on their organisation in the next 5 years Mix it up RESULTS FROM SAP AUSTRALIA 2014 MICRO-SURVEY