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PeopleOne : SAP Business All-in-One Solution For Midsize Companies


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PeopleOne is a qualified SAP Business All-in-One solution preconfigured to deliver the comprehensive human resource management tools fast-growing companies need. Automate core HR processes, efficiently manage workforce deployment, and tightly align productivity and business strategy.

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PeopleOne : SAP Business All-in-One Solution For Midsize Companies

  1. 1. YASH Technologies PeopleOne SAP® Business All-in-One Solution for Midsize Companies Comprehensive, Integrated Human Capital Management Solution, All in One Package!Human capital management challenges PeopleOne—Reducing the Time, Cost, and Complexity ofof small and medium enterprises (SMEs) Managing Human Capitalinclude: PeopleOne is a qualified SAP Business All-in-One solution preconfigured to ▪▪ Complex country-specific standards deliver the comprehensive human resource management tools fast-growing ▪▪ Multiple third-party interfaces companies need. Automate core HR processes, efficiently manage workforce deployment, and tightly align productivity and business strategy. ▪▪ Increased accountability of programs while operating under budgetary By providing out-of-the-box functionality, YASH and SAP have teamed to deliver constraints a rapidly deployable solution for managing all facets of your HR operations in a way that maximizes flexibility and minimizes the total cost of ownership (TCO).PeopleOne, an SAP Business All-in-One Developed for those organizations that require best-of-breed SAP Humansolution from YASH Technologies, gives you Capital Management (HCM) solutions at a fraction of the cost, PeopleOne helpspowerful tools to align Human Resources HR decision makers optimize HR operations through more efficient technology,(HR) with the strategic direction of your supporting key HR business processes such as workforce management, payrollorganization: administration, benefits, and time management. ▪▪ Seamlessly integrate HR data with other business processes A Ready-to-Operate ERP Solution ▪▪ Adapt to gain better insight Based on the world-class SAP ERP HCM application, PeopleOne contains preconfigured templates that cover about 80% of typical HR settings, while ▪▪ Boost efficiency while managing costs ensuring Integration with other business process areas such as finance. ▪▪ Ensure local and global regulatory Regardless of industry verticals, PeopleOne can be fully functional in weeks compliance instead of months. Having a single platform supporting all HR processes and roles involved facilitates reporting, user accessibility and data management. PeopleOne maximizes HR’s visibility and puts it on the agenda of the entire workforce, through integrated processes for every role in the enterprise.
  2. 2. Powerful SAP ERP HCM Features and FunctionalityWith powerful SAP ERP HCM features and functionality, PeopleOne enables you to organize, staff, reward and develop your workforceto support key business processes most critical to your success. Using PeopleOne as a foundation, SMEs can take a modular approach,deploying core SAP ERP HCM in the first phase, and adding additional functions and capabilities as needed. Business Features Benefits Workforce Management ▪▪ Central employee database help to manage up-to-date information ▪▪ Maintain Organizational Structure ▪▪ Data storage for historic evaluation and reporting enhances decision making process ▪▪ New Hire/ Re-Hire Administration ▪▪ Organizational Change Administration ▪▪ Easily track employee movements ▪▪ Leave of Absence Administration ▪▪ Integration with other business process areas such as finance, procurement and project management ensures high visibility & transparency ▪▪ Employee Separation Administration ▪▪ Maintain Employee Information Time Management ▪▪ Fully automated Leave/ Absence management process & overtime calculation ▪▪ Time Entry by CATS ▪▪ Integrated time sheet functionality with online views of employee timeclock ▪▪ Time Administration ▪▪ Prebuilt integration w/SAP PY delivers flexible interfaces to third party payroll systems ▪▪ Time Evaluation Processing ▪▪ Integration to time processing systems such as Kronos/Time Link reduce data duplication and streamline payroll processing Benefits ▪▪ Complete process automation reduces administrative costs ▪▪ Benefits Enrollment and Termination ▪▪ Online monitoring ensures plan accessibility, based on employee eligibility criteria ▪▪ Benefits Administration ▪▪ Enhanced reporting features w/multi-dimensional views enhance decision making process ▪▪ Easily collaborate and transfer data electronically w/third party plan providers ▪▪ Employees can print enrollment & confirmation forms, allowing internal HR resources to focus on mission-critical activities rather than routine tasks Payroll Administration ▪▪ Fully integrated payroll processing ensures no Master Data duplication ▪▪ Payroll and Post payroll Processing ▪▪ Ability to verify online eligibility against paychecks ▪▪ Garnishment Administration ▪▪ Simulation payroll enhances flexibility and reduces errors ▪▪ Retroactive Payroll Processing ▪▪ Integration w/finance processes within SAP ensures smooth FI/CO postings ▪▪ Off-cycle Payroll Processing ▪▪ BSI interface provides online tax compliance and reporting ▪▪ FMLA Processing ▪▪ Fast and flexible integration to payroll service providers such as ADP, Hewitt, and Ceridian ▪▪ Posting to FICO Workforce Reporting ▪▪ Flexible and multi-dimensional reporting features with custom design functionality ▪▪ SAP ERP Reporting for HCM ▪▪ Period-end closing for HCM ▪▪ Easily transfer data to Microsoft Office applications ▪▪ Generate reports w/user privilege to help transactional data tracking w/time stamp Enterprise Portal ▪▪ Fully automated business workflows increase productivity ▪▪ Employee Self Service ▪▪ Increases data accuracy for better planning & optimization ▪▪ Manager Self Service ▪▪ Highly secure and user profile-based information access ▪▪ Increased ROI due to time spent on each transaction by global users, approvers, and administration
  3. 3. Our Streamlined Approach to Rapid ImplementationA traditional implementation approach with extensive “as-is” and “to-be”discovery sessions and heavy customizations can add up to a substantialtimeline for projects. Most organizations can’t spare the resources or investin long project durations with the possibility that the solution will not exactlymatch to what they envisionedFor all of YASH’s SAP Business All-In-One solutions, we incorporate analternative approach, S-Imple, that is based on Scrum principles, and deliversa comprehensive set of commonly utilized business functionality “off theshelf,” with little or no customization required. Rather than spending valuabletime and money defining and configuring standard business processes, ourimplementations focus on data cleansing, conversion, design by exceptionrule, knowledge transfer and end-user learning. We deliver a fully operationalsystem that minimizes the need for large business and technical implementationteams. Customers are seeing a substantial amount in project savings – closeto 60%.Built on the Power of SAP Best PracticesOrganizations can rely on predictability in costs, risks, and project durationswith the security of knowing that PeopleOne is built on the best practices ofa world-class software leader, SAP. SAP Best Practices, based on more than92,000 customer implementations over 35 years, enable you to quickly addressyour most immediate operational challenges while laying the foundationfor growth.PeopleOne can automate and streamline business processes globally, as well aseasily integrate merged or acquired organizations into core operations. At thesame time, businesses can leverage the SAP NetWeaver™ platform to quickly rollout new SAP applications, integrate other applications, and develop compositeapplications. The benefits of implementing PeopleOne are numerous. It’s timeto take advantage of this robust solution and speed the realization of benefitsto your organization.Additional Benefits▪▪ Cost-effective and rapid ▪▪ Build a strong HCM foundation to end-to-end implementation add on other HCM functionality such using a fixed scope approach as ESS/MSS and Adobe Forms▪▪ Complete system training and ▪▪ Enable workflow processing support from YASH▪▪ Eliminate legacy HCM systems PeopleOne Provides a Boost in Productivity Right Out-of-the-Box.To Find Out How Your Organization Can Benefit, Contact Us Today!
  4. 4. About YASH Technologies YASH Technologies focuses on customer success. As a leading technology services and outsourcing partner for medium and large global customers, we leverage technology and our flexible delivery models to drive performance and business value throughout a customer’s enterprise. YASH’s comprehensive service approach incorporates a holistic view of our customers that extends beyond delivery. This approach integrates enterprise solutions and services, proprietary best practice offerings, strategic application and maintenance outsourcing, as well as consulting and integration services. YASH is a SEI CMMI (Level 3) and an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with U.S. and India headquarters and regional sales and development offices spread across three continents. For more information, please visit us or email at YASH Technologies PeopleOne-BR-0412 Global Presence - USA | EU | APAC • California | Iowa | Massachusetts | Missouri | New York Texas | London | Germany | Hongkong | Singapore • Hyderabad | Pune | Mumbai | Bangalore | Indore SAP Software Sales Division: 150 Presidential Way Suite 230 Woburn, MA 01801, USA Tel: 781-503-9200 EU: The  Mille-II Floor 1000-Great West Road Brentford London TW89HH UK | Tel: 44-20-8261-4408 | Fax: 44-20-8261-4418 India: 201-205 Bansi Trade Center 581/5 MG Road Indore MP 452001 India | Tel: 91-731-426-1100 | Fax: 91-731-426-1234© 2012 YASH Technologies. All rights reserved. Referred products/ a services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies.