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Business Case For IT Asset Management


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Use this presentation to build the business case for IT Asset Management for your company.

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Business Case For IT Asset Management

  1. 1. IT Asset Management @ YOUR-COMPANY Using the Internet to manage IT Assets and Contracts, reduce IT costs and better control your assets. Use this PPT presentation to build the business case for IT Asset Management for your company
  2. 2. Abstract • With maintenance cost rising and software audits becoming more frequent, managing IT assets within an organization has become a high priority. • This presentation will discuss the need for IT Asset Management and help you build the business case and discover the potential cost savings that can be achieved.
  3. 3. Agenda 1. What is IT Asset Management ? 2. Benefits 3. Signs of need 4. Business case 5. Getting Started
  4. 4. What is IT Asset Management? • A framework for managing company’s IT assets. • The collection, processing, and reporting of financial, physical and contractual information of IT assets. • Assist in managing a company’s IT hardware, software and license assets. According to Gartner: Organizations that implement IT Asset Management will enjoy cost savings of around 30% in the first year alone, as a result of renegotiating terms on under-used applications, for example.
  5. 5. Defining IT Assets • PC’s, Servers and Laptops Hardware & Software • Software Applications Inventory • Network Devices Optimize assets licenses & Contracts repository • Printers • IT Contracts • Software Licenses Policies enforced? Business Logic enforced?
  6. 6. Benefits Gain Control •Know what assets you have and their location. •Know who is using them and how. •Know what software is being installed. Reduce Risk •Be prepared for a software compliance audit. •Easily audit your IT assets to meet regulatory requirements. •Know what IT risks exist in your network. Reduce Costs •Eliminate unnecessary software licenses. •Improved vendor management and negotiations. •Track licenses and contracts and their supporting documents. Improve •Ensure users are using the authorized technology stack. Productivity •Detect unproductive software (games, p2p tools, etc).
  7. 7. Signs of Need • Do you know which assets you have? • Where they are and who is using them? • The asset’s current configuration? Last week’s configuration? • What risks exists? • Can you easily track your software licenses? • Are you in compliance with software licenses?
  8. 8. The business case • Investment – An IT Asset Management service • Savings – Asset discovery, recovery and retirement – IT Audit made simple – Reduce IT Support Calls – Software License Compliance – Improve employee productivity
  9. 9. YOUR-COMPANY ROI Investment Formula Annual Investment SAManage Subscription $20 (Annual fee per PC) X number of PCs plug here Return Formula Annual Savings Total Cost of Ownership plug here # of PCs X 4 (Support tickets per PC each year) X $40 Reduced Help Desk costs (Cost per ticket) X 20% (Reduction in average call length plug here as a result of having an inventory tool) # of PCs X 0.25 (Hours it takes to audit each PC) X $33 Manual audit / inventory costs plug here (Hourly pay rate for IT staff) X 2 (# of annual audits) IT Governance plug here # of PCs/employees X 10% (Employees that encounter Improved Employee Productivity productivity loss) X 156 (# of hours per year spent using plug here unauthorized software) X $18 (Average hourly pay rate) License Compliance plug here # of PCs X 15% (Probability of audit) X 5% (PCs with at Potential Fines plug here least 1 unlicensed app) X $30,000 (Fine per incident) Use the online ROI Tool to Total return on investment discover your investment and Total investment plug here savings and plug the numbers Total savings plug here into this page Total return on investment plug here
  10. 10. Steps in implementing ITAM • Implement an ITAM tool • Discover what assets you have • Retire obsolete assets • Eliminate Redundancy • Resolve Risks • Organize licenses and contract and track terms • Manage Manage Manage
  11. 11. Getting Started • Review the supporting white paper • Discover your savings with the online ROI tool • Get started with SAManage, a leading SaaS IT Asset Management service – Easy to get started and gain value – No servers required, no software to manage – Risk free 30-day trial available Check out - we helped thousands of companies manage their IT assets via the internet.