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High expectations @ SAMS


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What is needed to develop high expectations in order to impact on teaching and learning.

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High expectations @ SAMS

  1. 1. Creating a climate of high expectations for our SAMS Learners
  2. 2. We are all learners:Cul ture changing a school culture ofLear ning
  3. 3. Know yourlearner
  4. 4. G oals and ns c tatioExpe Clear and high expectations = Success and achievement
  5. 5. Quality Teaching and LearningEnable all learners to leadtheir own learning
  6. 6. Lea ding P DL
  7. 7. S Our Learners C A o M mPartnership and S m n Learning uColla boratio S n t i a t f y f Parents/Whanau
  8. 8. Strate gi cResou rcing forlearni ng Strategic resourcing = Living OUR SAMS vision
  9. 9. To sustain improvementSu s tain abi •Principals values must align lity •Sharing leadership – staff/studentsSus tain •Continued learning for all abi lity •Understanding and managing change effectively
  10. 10. e C ultur Know s of your Goal ng and ns L earni learner ctatio Expe Quality High Teaching Sus Expectations tain and abi = Student Learning lity LearningLea ship ding Partner Strate PDL and gi Resou c rcing ration for Collabo learni ng