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About the SA Motor Body Repair Association (SAMBRA)


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Published in: Automotive
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About the SA Motor Body Repair Association (SAMBRA)

  1. 1. motor vehicle body repair can be costly
  2. 2. and repairs are seldom budgeted for
  3. 3. consumers deserve value for money
  4. 4. and the assurance of a job well done
  5. 5. SAMBRA’s members provide that
  6. 6. a recognized authority in the motor body repair industry
  7. 7. SAMBRA members repair a large percentage of all insured repaired claims in South Africa
  8. 8. CORE VALUES stringent standards code of ethics skills development
  9. 9. a growing national membership in the motor body repair sector APPROX 800 MEMBERS & GROWING DAILY
  10. 10. A MEMBERS CONSUMERSINSURERS creating value for all stakeholders
  11. 11. A MEMBERSCONSUMERS bridging the gap between consumer & member
  12. 12. A MEMBERSCONSUMERS facilitating settlement of disputes through mediation and arbitration
  13. 13. THE SAMBRA GUARANTEE qualified technical staff
  14. 14. THE SAMBRA GUARANTEE member quality inspection
  15. 15. THE SAMBRA GUARANTEE highest technical & ethical standards
  16. 16. THE SAMBRA GUARANTEE comprehensive guarantee on repairs
  17. 17. THE SAMBRA GUARANTEE market related prices
  18. 18. THE SAMBRA GUARANTEE dispute resolution
  19. 19. regular free info sessions managed by industry professionals annual grading upholds highest standards MEMBER BENEFITS
  20. 20. business management tools, assistance & workshops insurer evaluation survey for improved service delivery “School to Work” training programme to boost artisan development MEMBER BENEFITS
  21. 21. promotion of standardised insurer SLAs access to World Skills Competition interactive website & ability to create business page MEMBER BENEFITS