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Clare Scott

  1. 1. SALT Mentors – Advice for Library resources Clare Scott Faculty Librarian for Arts & Humanities
  2. 2. Aims• Students will listen to other students – which is great – but we need the right message• List of links• Key messages – Login to MUSE – Some things are Print Only – Arts students need to use the Research Library (WBL) – You can contact me by email directly for help Particular issues that affect dual students?
  3. 3. Why use a Subject Guide?• Good place to start for an essay/independent research project – use all that are appropriate for your studies (Key resources by Subject)•• Databases – – what are they ? – why are they useful? General and cross-searching – when? – Saving searches – download/email Reference and Data sources – Scholarly approaches Google Scholar and setting preferences
  4. 4. More Library help• Information Skills Resource – Referencing tutorials by subject (use all that apply) – Including advice for specialist materials e.g. Maps and Manuscripts/Primary sources – Database and searching advice – Plagiarism tutorial – Literature Review advice (Researchers Tab)
  5. 5. StarPlus – the new Library Catalogue• Link from Library webpage• Login to ensure full functionality – if you are not already logged into MUSE you will be prompted to do so• Still a Beta service – but will be the Catalogue from the next academic session• University Collections – a search of what we own at UoS Library (print and electronic)• Articles & more - a search of what we own plus other resources – databases (BBIH, Historical Abstracts, WoK, Scopus and other free resources including full text ebooks from Hathi Trust)
  6. 6. StarPlus University Collections Tab• Books and journals – p + e• Search using Keywords, titles or author names (Advanced Search is available)• Filters or Facets on the left allow you to refine your searching
  7. 7. StarPlus Articles & More Tab• You must be logged in for full text access• Use this for journal articles on a particular subject or a specific article• Default search is Primo Central• Alternatively use the Subject Quickset from the drop down menu
  8. 8. StarPlus Articles & more for History Primo Central History databases that can History Quick Set: British be searched individually Humanities Index, Arts & and directly: Historical Humanities citation index Abstracts , America, via WoK, Historical History & Life, Bibliography Abstracts of British and Irish History
  9. 9. StarPlus Articles & more for Biblical Studies Primo Central Religion and theology Biblical Studies databases that can be Quick Set: ATLA searched individually Religion database, and directly: ATLA British Humanities Religion database Index
  10. 10. StarPlus Articles & more for Archaeology Primo Central Archaeology databases that can be searched Archaeology Quick Set: individually and directly: Anthropological Index BIAB, International Online, SCOPUS, Medieval Bibliography, British Humanities Anthropological Index Index Online
  11. 11. StarPlus Articles & more for English Literature Primo Central English Literature English Quick Set: Arts & databases that can be searched individually and Humanities citation index directly: MLA via WoK, JSTOR, MLA International International Bibliography, Bibliography, LION LION
  12. 12. StarPlus Articles & more for English Language and Linguistics Primo Central English Language and Linguistic Databases that can English Quick Sets: Arts & be searched individually and Humanities citation index directly: Linguistic Abstracts via WoK, JSTOR, MLA Online, MLA International International Bibliography Bibliography, LION
  13. 13. StarPlus Articles & more for Modern Languages Primo Central Modern Languages databases Modern Languages Quick that can be searched Sets: MLA International individually and directly: MLA Bibliography, Linguistics and International Bibliography, Language Behaviour Oxford Language Dictionaries abstracts, WoK Online
  14. 14. StarPlus Articles & more for Philosophy Primo CentralPhilosophy databases that can Philosophy Quick be searched individually and directly: Oxford Scholarship Sets: Philosopher’sOnline Philosophy Collection, Philosopher’s Index, Arts & Index, BritishHumanities Citation Index via Humanities Index, WoK WoK
  15. 15. StarPlus Articles & more for Music Primo Central Music databases that can be searched individually and Music Quick Sets: Naxos directly: RILM abstracts of music library, Oxford Music music online, Naxos Music Online (inc. Grove), RILM, Library, Oxford Music Online JSTOR Music inc. Grove
  16. 16. Issues for Dual students• More than one referencing system to learn• Languages – material available on wide variety of topics in different languages• Other issues I have not thought of??
  17. 17. Contact Details• Clare 27284Clare Scott webpage with links to Subject GuidesBLOG /arts/