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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Khan SalmanHameed 995, New Nana Peth, Padamjee Park, Rosion Building, Pune-411002,India Mob no - +91 9860585876/+91 9370274979 Email Id - Career Objective: Self-motivated and determined pharmacy graduate with community pharmacy experience and a passion for customer service seeks a full-time position where I can apply my medication dispensing and medical counselling skills to provide exceptional health services to customers and to obtain a deep rooted career in Pharmacy Industry and to explore new horizons of pharmaceutical field and thus to maintain a continuous process of learning and achieving the goal of the organization aiming at mutual growth. Summary Skills:  Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.  Capable to workindependently and as a part of a dynamic team.  Flexible, organized and team oriented.  Fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi language.  Good assessment and problem solving skills.  Ability to dispense and compound pharmaceuticals.  Ability to workin a detail oriented manner.  Great attention to detail and carefulness.  Exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills.  Outstanding customer service orientation.
  2. 2.  Have working experience in Pharmacy Department like Inpatient Department, Outpatient Department ,Central Pharmacy and Operation Theatre Pharmacy.  Having deep knowledge of surgical items and operation related materials, injection, etc.  Mostly involvedin Gynaec and major operation related surgical items and surgical implants.  Workexperience in Operation Theatre pharmacy, involvedin filling Operation kits such as CABG kits,Major ortho,Minor Ortho, Laparotomy, Craniotomy,Minor general,Major general,G.A kits,spinal Kits,Etc.  Having knowledge of IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization ) products.  Communication withDoctors,Anesthetic regarding any injections,surgical items or availabilty of new drug or any new surgical products.  Communication withthe Billing Department regarding billing amount of the patients.  Communication withthe Mediclaim Department if the patient haveMediclaim Facility, Etc. Technical Skills:  Capable to workin PC environments.  Familiar with Hospital Pharmacy software.( Palash Software)  Capable of doing Store Indents,maintainingstock,G.R.N,Expiry of Drugs.  Managing one's owntime and the time of others.  Selecting and using training/instructional methods and procedures appropriate forthe situation when learning or teaching new things.  Talking to others to convey information effectively  MicrosoftWord – Advanced  MicrosoftExcel– Intermediate  MicrosoftPowerPoint– Intermediate Educational Summary : .  Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from Maharashtra Board, Pune, 2003  Higher Secondry Certificate (HSC) from,Maharashtra Board, Pune, 2005  Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharmacy) fromAllana Institute of Pharmacy,Pune in the year 2007  Bachelor degree in Pharmacy (B.Pharmacy) fromAllana College of Pharmacy,Pune in the year 2011  D.Pharmacy and B.Pharmacy License from Mumbai, License No. 107630 valid till 2040.
  3. 3. Work Experience: 1. PRIME DRUG STORES, PUNE, INDIA. From : 25th June 2008 To : 30th October 2011 2. INAMDAR MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTRE,PUNE,INDIA. From : 21st November 2011 To : 9th October 2014 3. SURYA SAHYADRI HOSPITAL,PUNE,INDIA From: November 2014 To : 31st May 2015 4. CURRENTLY WORKING AT MMF-RATNA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL,PUNE,INDIA From: June 2015 - Till Date 5. TOTAL YEARS OF EXPERIENCE : 7.6 YEARS Respoinsibilities :  Responsible forreviewingprescriptionstoensure prescriptionof correctdoses.  Generate informationandsuggestionsonthe use aswell aseffectsof medications.  Issue prescribedmedicinesandpackagesinaccordance withstrictcontrol procedures.  Provide advice tomedical practioneronincompatibility of drugandcontra-indications  Accurately dispensing drugs to patients according to a doctors prescription.  Checking prescriptions for errors & making sure they are appropriate for patients.  Measuring, packaging, labeling and recording medications issued to patients.  Instructing patients on how to use medications, possible side effectsand storage.  Contacting and working closely with other healthcare professionals.  Answering questions from patients and staff about medicines.  Ensuring the accuracy of all prescriptions, products and services supplied.  Managing and resolving complaints.  Talking to regular patients to see how their treatment is going.  Able to trains and supervise Pharmacy Assistants.  Currently working in Operation Theatre ( O.T ) Pharmacy Department.
  4. 4.  Main duties are filling Operation kits such as CABG kits, Major ortho,Minor Ortho, Laparotomy, Craniotomy,Minor general,Major general,G.A kits, spinal Kits, Catratct,Urology,Hernia,Gynac kits ,etc.  Charging the consumption sheets received after the completion of operations.  Communication withDoctors,Anesthetic regarding any injections,surgical items or availabilty of new drug or any new surgical products.  Communication withthe Billing Department regarding billing amount of the patients.  Communication withthe Mediclaim Department if the patient having Mediclaim facility. Pharmacy Registration No: 107630 P.P Card No : O/039376 Personal Details:  Name -Salman Hameed Khan  Father’s Name - Hameed Sultan Khan  Date of Birth 17th January 1987  Permanent Address - 995,New Nana Peth,Padamjee Park, RosionBuilding.Pune - 411002 ,India.  Hobbies - PlayingCricket and Riding Bikes  Marital Status - Married  Language - English , Hindi and Marathi  Nationality - Indian  Religion - Islam  Email Id -  Mobile No - +919860585876 , +918087682437 I hereby declare that the abovementioned information is true to the best of my knowledge. KhanSalmanHameed

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