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Andy Reid (2011)


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Andy Reid (2011)

  1. 1. The Isle of Man Queen Scallop Fisheries- partnership and success May 2011
  2. 2. BackgroundIsle of Man lies at the heart of the British Isles, with a Territorial Sea of1,500 miles2Isle of Man has sole jurisdiction only within 3 miles- between 3-12 miles wemust negotiate with other nationsScallop fleet is around 30 vessels- down from 70 in the 1980s, with up to70 visiting vessels from United Kingdom Relative scallop dredging effort 2007-8
  3. 3. QueeniesQuick growing, fecund. Reach maturity 2+ years, live to up to 5.Live on mobile sediment/high current areas. Active swimmers- escaperesponse to avoid predation- key to a sustainable fishery. Traditionally lessimportant and valuable than king scallopsTwo distinct fisheries: dredge fishery (roe off), net fishery (roe on)Isle of Man dredge fishery dominant initially, phased out in 1990s, mainly dueto fuel costs Isle of Man Queenie Landings 1982-2009
  4. 4. 1980 s70 local vessels, predominantly using tooth dredgesMarkets for soaked and roe off meat, much product machineprocessedNo science on discards or survival, but environmental impacthugeLandings figures mask the fact that many beds took years torecover
  5. 5. 2003Industry demoralised and angry, unable to diversifyBottom end of industry entirely reliant on subsidyUp to 90% of inshore scallop landings were a single year classFirst ASP and DSP closuresPrice taker for both king and queen scallops, both poor quality,processing unprofitablePoor quality, soaked, small meat stockpiled and unloaded atcommodity prices.Skippers unable to recruit crewIsle of Man relationship with industry and other AdministrationsdysfunctionalScientists demotivated and remote
  6. 6. Early moves Isle of Man Fish Producers Organisation formed in 2003-Departmental representation on the Board UK Administrations agree to devolved quota managementrights in 2004 Regular PO Board meetings News letter Fish Skeet to keep industry informed andinvolved New University contracted for provision of scientific advice We looked elsewhere for examples of successfulmanagement
  7. 7. Scallop Closed Areas 10%? Douglas Bay Exclusion zone20%?
  8. 8. Scallop Closed Areas
  9. 9. Stock Abundance
  10. 10. Minimum Landing SizeOnly the largest Queenies are retained on boardfrequency Size
  11. 11. Bycatch Observers Comprehensive observer coverage- all areas, across theentire season Cod bycatch rate 0.15%- EU opt out for Cod Recovery Planis 1.5% No significant bycatch of other species Electrofishing
  12. 12. Seabed impactQueenie trawl has no measurable impact on seabed habitats Sorting bycatch on board Manx queenie trawler, and subsequent benthos taken on rv Prince Madog
  13. 13. Carbon Footprint/ Food MilesRelative fishing vessel Carbon footprint, from published data, : Canada, King Scallop (dredge) 339 litres/tonne Iceland, King Scallop (dredge ) 293 litres/tonne British Isles, King Scallop (dredge) 541 litres/tonne Lowest shrimp values (trawl) 377 litres/tonne Electrofishing Isle of Man Queenie (trawl) 105 litres/tonne
  14. 14. Protected Designation of OriginAn Isle of Man queenie must be: Caught in Isle of Man waters Caught by a trawl Caught by a day boat- no long trips Be roe on Be hand processed within 24 hours of landing Be processed within 20 miles of landing Designation by December 2011
  15. 15. Manx Queenie Conservation RegimeTooth dredges totally bannedComplete fishery closure 1st April-1st JuneTrawl only fishery 1st June -1st SeptemberNo new entrants > 221kWMLS increased to 50mmCurfewMandatory satellite monitoringElectronic logbooks from July 1st 2011 Gaffed sea troutMinister has power to set a TAC
  16. 16. PoliticsIsle of Man must deal with other jurisdictionsIndustrial dredgers take over 50% of the catch Isle of Man Queenie Landings 1982-2009
  17. 17. Fish Don t Need Passports
  18. 18. Queenie Landings 2010-11
  19. 19. Minutes available at: Currently advisory capacity- plans for statutorypowers Fishermen, processors and independentscientist Voluntary fisheries closure Jan 1st 2011 First step towards pan-Irish Sea working group?
  20. 20. Isle of Man- future measuresFull, peer reviewed stock assessmentDetailed research on dredge fisheryICES working Group?Extend remit of Management Board across the Irish Sea
  21. 21.
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