Alex Adrian (2011)


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Alex Adrian (2011)

  1. 1. Shellfish Association of Great Britain Conference 2011
  2. 2. The Crown Estate Act 1961 ---/ / --- It shall be the general duty of the Commissioners, whilemaintaining the Crown Estate toenhance its value and the return obtained from it,but with due regard to the requirements ofgood management ---/ / ---Since 1760 all revenue surplus raised by The Crown Estate hasbeen paid to the Treasury for the benefit of the taxpayer
  3. 3. The Marine EstateApprox. 18,000km of coastline(equates to roughly 55%)Territorial seabed to 12nmThe Energy Act 2004 provides: Rights to issue leases forrenewable energy beyond theterritorial limit within RenewableEnergy Zones (REZ) out to 200 nm Rights to lease areas for CCS/gasstorageExcludes hydrocarbons
  4. 4. Historical InvolvementCultivation under Fishery Orders( enhanced fisheries ):Previously under the Sea Fisheries(Shellfish) Act 1967 our consent wasrequired for the enactment of bothRegulating and Several Orders.Consent never refused Post Menai and subsequent to theamendments to this Act contained inthe Marine Acts north and south ofthe border, we are now statutoryconsultees to Fishery Orderproposals, new and renewals. Photo courtesy Denis EganWe welcome the change to ourstatus and await the firstmanifestation of the new regulatoryregime
  5. 5. Historical InvolvementCultivation utilising deployedequipment ( farms = marine works):Outside Harbour Authority Areas,seabed leases also a non-statutory consent to develop prior tostatutory marine planninglegislation.Consequently consideration andapproval of applications developedto include formal public consultationand inclusion of local terrestrialplanning authorities. Eg. InterimScheme in S cotlandWith marine planning authorities, © Copyright Anne Burgess and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licenceless consultation envisaged, withleases awarded subsequent tostatutory marine planning consent
  6. 6. Present Scope of Shellfish Farming AgreementsMain areas include:Equipment-based shellfish farm leases inScotland west coast, western andnorthern islesLeases seabed cultivation of re-laid spatchiefly in Northern Ireland loughs.A variety of leases and licenses forshellfisheries and cultivation in the east andsouth-east of EnglandEquipment-based shellfish farm leases insouth-west England
  7. 7. Regional Differences Legislation & PlanningEngland & Wales:Marine & Coastal Access Act 2009 - Marine Management Org. & Welsh Assembly Gov - Marine Licences Courtesy Fowey Sea Farms Ltd
  8. 8. Regional Differences Legislation & PlanningScotland:Town & Country Planning (Scotland) Act - Local AuthoritiesMarine (Scotland) Act 2010 Marine Licences Pictures courtesy Shetland Seafood
  9. 9. Regional Differences Legislation & PlanningNorthern Ireland:NI Marine Bill proposals Department of Environment Marine Licences (?)Fisheries Act (Northern Ireland) 1966 (as amended) Fish Culture licencesLoughs Agency involved with cross-border management of Foyle & Carlingford
  10. 10. The FuturePlanning for Development1. Technology and markets can develop relatively rapidly avoid over- prescription and retain scope for opportunity/resource to be explored within planning policy eg. SSMEI Plans2. Lines on maps / spatial planning - the sea is not the land so leave scope for benign or even positive interaction, whether in terms of business activity, employment or infrastructure (eg fishing , co-location)3. Address shellfish cultivation industry positives of diversification of coastal economies, strengthened infrastructure, home grown provenance and food security, carbon sequestration, MCZ/ MPA compatibility (bio-remediation ?)4. Regulatory & industry co-operation is vital for profitable and sustainable future development , in order that: (a) planning can address business as well as activity requirements (b) the wrong questions don t get asked (c) vital pre-application discussion is available5. EIA
  11. 11. Courtesy Fowey Sea Farms Ltd
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