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Mid west region cc 4.30

  1. 1. Mid West RegionArts Education Managers Conference Call April 30, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Welcome and Introductions State Updates Professional Development Institute, D.C, Oct. 2,3,4 Action Items from Little Rock:  Sketch Book  Social Media Discussion  Arts MidWest Discussion Anything else?
  3. 3. Welcome and Introductions New Managers  Chiquita Mullins Lee Arts Learning Programs Coordinator Grant Programs and Services Ohio Arts Council  Connie Skildum Program Officer Minnesota State Arts Board  Alison Loveday Programs Manager Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs
  4. 4. Connie Skildum  Constance Skildum is an artist/educator with comprehensive experience in photography and multi- media. She has taught and administered art and gifted programs in public schools, museum settings and worked with talent and creativity development throughout the United States and internationally for over 25 years. She is currently a Program Officer at the Minnesota State Arts Board http://www.arts.state.mn.us/
  5. 5. CHIQUITA MULLINS LEE  Chiquita Mullins Lee is program coordinator for Arts Learning at the Ohio Arts Council (OAC). Recently, she served as project coordinator for Ohio’s Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Contest and as a teaching artist for Ohio Arts Council’s (OAC) Artist-in-Residence program, teaching creative writing throughout Ohio, at the Thurber House and Wexner Center. Formerly of Atlanta, she has over twenty years experience in broadcast production and programming and worked as a public television producer/director in Nashville, Tennessee. Her critically-acclaimed play, Pierce to the Soul, about internationally- renowned folk artist Elijah Pierce, received its world premier at CATCO, Columbus’ professional equity theater. Chiquita won individual artist/excellence awards from the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) and OAC, and was the 2007 OAC summer writer-in-residence at the Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, Massachusetts. Chiquita earned her B.A. from Vassar College, her M.A. from Ohio University, and a second master’s from Ohio State. A member of New Covenant Believers Church, Chiquita contributes to the church magazine and drama ministry.
  6. 6. Alison Loveday Alison LovedayPrograms ManagerMichigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs300 N. Washington SquareLansing, MI 48913(517) 241-3968LovedayA@michigan.org
  7. 7. Your Peers Susan Britsch Community Development Manager & Arts Education Coordinator Indiana Arts Commission
  8. 8. Rebecca Engleman, aka Becky fromBismark
  9. 9. Anne Pryor, Wisconsin
  10. 10. Rebecca DallaGrana, South Dakotaaka Goldfish Racing Champion ofLittle Rock
  11. 11. Tatiana Gant, Illinois
  12. 12. Your fearless and confused leader,Dawn Martinez Oropeza
  13. 13. State Updates Becky from Bismarck
  14. 14. Poetry Out Loud North Dakota
  15. 15. Peer Coaching Training, ND
  16. 16. Teaching Artist, ND
  17. 17. Anne Pryor Wisconsin These images are from an article recently published in a book by University of Utah Press on folk arts education, “Through the Schoolhouse Door: Folklore, Community, Curriculum.” I and partners have an article in there on the Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture professional development cultural tours we offer each summer for K-12 teachers. These photos are from the first two tours in 2006 & 07 (those are the years featured in the article ) showing teachers some of the various places we visited and investigated. The trip I’m on now is researching this summer’s tour – up in NW Wisconsin, along the MN border by Duluth and over to the UP by
  18. 18. Through the Schoolhouse Door
  19. 19. South Dakota: Educator Grants Educator Grants assist South Dakota teachers in presenting an activity or project in any arts discipline(s) that serves to educate their students in the arts. The funding category is designed to:  Enable teachers to reach students more effectively through special arts activities.  Assist in the development of quality arts education programs in the applicant’s school.  Encourage arts activities that are especially creative or innovative.  Assist teachers in obtaining professional development in arts education. Educators may request up to $1,000 in non-matching funds. South Dakota educators who are seeking funds for arts-related projects and activities in their schools and who are employed by public, private, or tribal K-12 nonprofit educational institutions may apply for the grants. Homeschool educators may apply if they are members of a homeschool association which is designated as a federally tax-exempt nonprofit corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, and must demonstrate that multiple students throughout the association will benefit. Teachers need not be arts specialists to apply.
  20. 20. Congressional Art Competition Sponsored by US Rep. Kristi Noem, the South Dakota Arts Council and South Dakotans for the ArtsFirst Place – Lakota Woman Charcoal on Wood Second Place – Catching Dreams Acrylic
  21. 21. Arts Education InstituteEach summer, the South Dakota Arts Council partners with South Dakotans for theArts to offer the AEI professional development workshops.We have discovered an urgent need to redesign theinstitute to better fit the needs of our teachers.Attendance is waning and these funds should be usedmore efficiently.Are teachers finding it too expensive?Is it difficult for people to devote an entire week to the institute?Is it too far to travel for most teachers?Are we not offering the kind of development teachers want or need?
  22. 22. The AEI is the third week in July and can fulfill two graduate, undergraduate, orrecertification credits. Registrants are required to take one morning and oneafternoon class. TIME SESSION 9 am – noon Interactive Classrooms: Teaching the arts (Mon - Fri) through technology 9 am – noon Inspiring Creativity in the Classroom (Mon - Fri) 1 pm – 5 pm Fire Up with Raku (Mon – Thurs) 1 pm – 5 pm World Grooves! Exploring Rhythms (Mon – Thurs) 1 pm – 5 pm Black Hills Storytellers (Mon – Thurs) AEI costs $350 for graduate or undergrad credits and $270 for recertification credits. There is no registration fee. Hotel rates are $52/night, double occupancy.
  23. 23. Artists in Schools and Communities - 209 weeks of residencies; $153,000; moved grant application deadline up to March 1 President’s Council on the Arts and Humanities - served on Youth Program Awards panel; finalists to be announced in May Arts in Economic Prosperity - surveyed statewide last year and will receive results/analysis in May; we’ll be using that information for economic development, tourism and advocacy initiatives Legislature- didn’t have any major battles this year, lots of conversations; gearing up for two big issues next year ELI - building our team, spreading our message; presented at a lot of meetings and conferences; held one public event of our own Arts in Healthcare - working on a new roster which will require professional development and set some different guidelines that will be more appropriate for a healthcare settingOTHER STUFF
  24. 24. Illinois Arts CouncilILLINOIS UPDATE Leadership:• General Terry Scrogum resigned in April 2012 Rhoda A. Pierce is Acting Executive Director• Arts Assessment• Arts and Foreign Language Grants: Program GrantAlumni Project 700+ applicants in 13 program areas• Education Leaders Institute Review panels between May and JulyAlumni Convening Master Apprentice Program 38 applicants Review panels in late May Arts-in-Education Residency Program Deadline of May 1 FY13 Budget: GRF: $8m, pendingNASAA Midwest Regional MeetingApril 30, 2012 Down from $8.9m in FY12Tatiana GantDirector, Arts-in-Education Programs
  25. 25. Illinois Arts CouncilILLINOIS UPDATE Arts Assessment Toolkit:• General www.artsassessment.org• Arts Assessment Developed by CAPE,• Arts and Foreign Language implemented in ChicagoAlumni Project• Education IAC supported two regional Leaders Institute pilots in Champaign andAlumni Convening Peoria in FY12 Developed 9 case studies posted at website In the process to select additional sites for summer implementationNASAA Midwest Regional MeetingApril 30, 2012Tatiana GantDirector, Arts-in-Education Programs
  26. 26. Illinois Arts CouncilILLINOIS UPDATE AFL Grant Program is a legislated partnership between• General the Illinois Arts council and the• Arts Assessment Illinois State Board of• Arts and Foreign Language EducationAlumni Project Awards are for districts to• Education Leaders Institute initiate or expand arts orAlumni Convening foreign language learning 1 year planning grants followed by 3 years of implementation Using the Education Leaders Institute inquiry model, implementing a similarNASAA Midwest Regional Meeting experience for one alumniApril 30, 2012Tatiana GantDirector, Arts-in-Education Programs districts in July 2012
  27. 27. Illinois Arts CouncilILLINOIS UPDATE Recently notified that NEA is renewing the cooperative• General agreement for the IAC to• Arts Assessment convene alumni of the six• Arts and Foreign Language Education Leaders Institutes.Alumni Project• Education Leaders Institute Participants will be chosenAlumni Convening through an RFP process. Small teams will come to Chicago in the fall to other to share lessons learned, describe current statewide challenges, and provide updates on activities.NASAA Midwest Regional MeetingApril 30, 2012Tatiana GantDirector, Arts-in-Education Programs
  28. 28. Iowa National Poetry Foundation, Justine came for the finals and was impressed. Partnering with Dept of Ed and AE Alliance for Art Educators’ Leadership Institute On Dept. of Ed 21 Century Afterschool Grants Panel Last week was our Major Grant Panels. Today judging National History Day And I am glad to work with great people like yourself!
  29. 29. Other States: Indiana Ohio Minnesota
  30. 30. Professional Development Institute,D.C, Oct. 3 & 4 Committee: Jamie Dunlap, Jenice Gharib, Julie Hale, Carlyn Madden, Alex Nelson. Kim Whitt, Kim Willey, and Nancy Daugherty, Diane Daily, Dawn Martinez Oropeza, Joy Pennington New NEA Arts Education Director One Meeting in DC NEA Staff Representatives
  31. 31. FY 2013 Cooperative Agreement The cooperative agreement between the NEA and NASAA in support of professional development activities for state arts agency arts education managers has been decreased from $118,000 to $100,000 for FY 2013, which begins October 1, 2012-September 30, 2013
  32. 32. Wednesday Oct. 3Models of Influence Jonathan Katz, NASAA Key Note Sandra Ruppert, LIVE
  33. 33. Thursday, Oct. 4 New Strategies for Reflection Advocacy
  34. 34. Other Days Tuesday New Managers Meeting General Schedule is Posted in Website; Looking how to maximize multi hats Saturday Networking Breakfast.
  35. 35. PD Dough There is a balance of $4,000.00 remaining in the PD Dough fund. AEAG members should encourage their regional managers to apply for funds.
  36. 36. Loose Ends Action Items from Little Rock:  Sketch Book  Social Media Discussion  Arts MidWest Discussion Anything else?