National Anti-Slavery Standard, Year 1860, Nov 17


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National Anti-Slavery Standard, Year 1860, Nov 17

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National Anti-Slavery Standard, Year 1860, Nov 17

  1. 1. "i^i f- fatoal VOL. XXI. NO. 27. faitoit NEW YORK, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER IT, 1860. gtotiomit ^nU-Sliu'rrjj SftimM. -, ON SATURDAY, AMERICAN ANTI-SLAVERY SOfir.TV, PENSSVLVAXIA ANTI-SLAVERY HiiriFTY, ^m )>'"ID!-aid 'i 107 ,V. JVM S!.,al*M Arch, Pl.Utidtlpbta. io.ltb I^Im. ,; WHOLE NO. 1,067. i cifcii ) null jj ffchiteis. - .il shivery b.-dav to (!«• a sin-nth, toiled like n snake. Something like ii * >"" ! t!> Wl,!in«; i Me Sow-arils .wHM.'ic-in-.., ,>t,lv 1 In I, In,!,. I„,., t .,| ,. loan- Mi>' I mriTi than ., :-,..],- ,,,,,1,1 .' „,; -Seward, iiIiit. i.Hir,:, iniin-l in-i-i- ,,,. r .;=!» _.......„. . --'-vinglK. ,rl,:„.,l »-i,il.iv that Mr VMOUITIIJ-, [if TilTnl llii.ll lln II BftT til, of ChriMinn manhood we hnhil 1111,1 111.; 1,-il these L % ^T^i Selections:. rni: riu:siin:rni, r.i.i:- tio,. .!,>, •, Hv , Afl ,- L|, .,',',', |„.[ r Jt i ple.iiillo-lon, refuse n, U ... ol' tlio republic, look round mi. idu in Llie chair, , i.r i-i', mo, vlcetruiily • Hi parti —(l.iij.l bni-diic. nigh and through and nil 'koliud our i bango also. it ilea! quicker in time to good old-fashioned John Grown loa! (Laughter anil pmlric, of an *Ainrn*i IT the cum grow, E( thore. Had yoi I r. .::„,, Ill, liar- ?<£ 1 till Seward that day, yoi loud applause). : grOWS, so gruiv millions ol others, orld moves: "Tlio sword," says Hugo, - is but .'I hideous Itadi in tin; ilnrkuc-s what li,.-i. X -_ I - t boy AVai Bop: „i Waging., ay. ThU .mine routine will go on, Wb.n lunatics , Garrison prints, some future Seward will icvo; and nt the sub- distance of lialf a century, >; county |-,verclt will embalm in mntehh .-.. j c- s (el. ll). wlhl bo. " Liberty i afterwards " |i.pplnu,c ami a solitary hiss). In 1*12, Liu.llcv filial,. ,1 tin- railway at Uat u great lire broke ,irts nnd old pails and on, till one- Milihter l.iiidler. three cheers given lor tlio Governor elect. 1 speak, but nt length, in ruspousu to tbe reponle anil (o gratify what was plainly tlio anient i nil present, Lb came forward and said :] SPEECH OF HON. JOHN A. ANDREW Felloiv-Citizkxs ; Thro., years the autumn party ofLihi-rly —lb Massachusetts* iml Banksassumeddie bumble citizen wbi forced to tbe front i nielli, will not buthi sens. Bcpublicnnsuc n dynasty ol Mtissu will be • . of 1 burn Lincoln, lint John was behind the tor lain, and lb- , annon i,f March lth will only who tin 'o stood lookii Hint tho prolusion he i»m .' Mill rcincmbe her truant son ( W r.:-nt uppln.n,,-). The outgou A.lininislrnlioi, « hi-l, .-ncil.-l ttinl c.llieo on lalen pors 1-etry. Last .ear wo noml lookih- II,, i , ... . ratii port) ngitnting lioreelv to put .I,.,... ii i' liri-al, ii lu^i int'j :i eeneral rpuirrel -r-ll-l'.fc.| |»wl |IJ»S1») Tl'.v remind one ol tbm t-l.-.-py .'n.-r ol a New Unmpshirc loioi. "b.. was I'l'i.r druaining, in bis dog naps, that tlio voice of IiiiIltc or lawyer »m a noisy i.iieritiption, ami always woke i-lionlm^ " ^ik-in-e. ' iludge Liver- ,....,-. said i.ii, -.".Mil Vier, yon am- the noificat man ii, i on ii, „ ill, , .-in —rlnstiug shout of 'Silence! ' " (^htvr). Tii..' Ab"liii'[.i-i' ou-l.t (o be very sorry to lose ilr. Bou'das Ironi lie national nrena (iip- plnuso). Hut tbe BelbKvi.'ielt pnriv hnvo ljten Uie comfort ol* the canvass—(lie ewttt oil— llie safely valve—tbe to- on, oi i.i: liuil.T wliii-h, wlu-n oolliiion threatened, broke llie blow, and the storm exploded in a laiigb (great merriment], ibey [dayed Saneho l'ania to affonl to thank tiiini. Ii lairjiowever. to confess thai they differ from that illu;,iri,.i,!. Spaniard. His chief ansiely was about Ills dinner—their distress our glorious l.'niou! (],;lii.:i-.) The pnssiona of men were .ill on lire.— the "volenti,, in full activity. They confessed they did not know what to do; but they delernimed not to do they knew not what. TheirV miis the Muud-still poliiy —(be cautious 5/a(', i/iio of the old law. Now, Whalelv says tl„'i,' are (wo ways of being burntd. The rash u'.oih linrri.s into I ha llama nnd * gone. Tbe canliuus. conservative horse, when h nljible is on tire, sinmls (-(otk olill, and in burnt up nil the same. Tha Everett parly chose the horse policy when ibclr slabli' took lire (applause). Don't yon liinr llie l.on-.-V address? " In ibis stall niyfntbtr stood in ITSy. Methinks I benr bis farewell neigh. How agitated tbo crowds seem outside there! I'll have no pint fori) t lhal my father had in '8D "— nnd so be dies. 1'et (he noble animal risked only his own harm His drag none else to ruio. Four, millions of human beings beheld their fate hanging on this ili-notl.iii;. k.-,-|>-5i!i-iit, let-cvil-alono parly. Then their aj. peals to us to keep silent, to and burnings id men lor IV, e speicli ; ibeir kindly assurances thai if ire would only be still, no barm would come—the whole (rouble was olir noise; they implored us not to cherish (his dislike lo these con- stitutional and nu. •-nrv a sums! Like the vipcr- iicdiJIer in Ppain »'l ^hibitetl Ins atock to tbe inn , U all (I.,- orcning, dcscanlinK on [heir life nnd Dili IlepiildieaiiiMii in- triumphed (loud applause). 'flii' I' iit.'iI may, ( bis quarrels and prepnrc lo die willi deivii.-i .' I .'i the ii- ll-Flvorclt parly, one ,-., lias given a thicken. Mr Applcton is elccled. AiTn street nnd linn.on .-Iroit have litied jmerrimenl). As his eonstiluenlt could not be admitted to Mr. jVpplclon'a liou-e —there no! being police cnougb to watch theiu fcreat lueniuienl)— the spcce.bcH were made oulf'ide.aod we get all the secrets. Mr. Steven- sou thinks the election of Mr. Applcton the mail " important has (nken plaeo since the ndo]itinu of llio Conslilution." I observed, last summer, in the accomplished"' How much is such success worth ? I suppose you ill not claim that Mr. Lincoln is any better titan Washington. As only Abolition telescopes have dared to discover nnv snois on that sun, certainly, e Mr. Everrelt lives and Tim ledger is printed, ue will presume lo say there can bo ft betler idunl than Wnshinglon. Indeed, Mr. Seward asks with supreme eontL-mpt of any ninn who under- takes to improve the Constitution. Are vou more just (ban Wnshingli-in. wiMrrihan Hamilton, more buiiinne than Jefferson • " Well, Iben. tVashmgtou pursuing the very polio}' ivlikb Mr [jni oln proposes to follow, launched lit rfap of Statu on suns ftdnlo with the fer- " liberty, and made m» worse than and its •'Sum nobler Tbe whole nrgumenl of tlio can vines baa been tlint the experiment of nlf-gov. rin.n-ut under this I'onsti- tntiou, begun by llie best of men. has been a failure. " The country is wrecked ; take us lor pilots or vou nru lost"—bus been the erv of llie llepublicnna. ^Ir. SnmtUT has drawn the sa'.l pielurc so i>.-ll ami so often that 1 need not atlcmiit il- Our l'msiilenls loots oflbeanverower-mir nrmv u.-d lo force slavery on our own Teniliuics and 'uugbbor mill —five speech pnni-!i|..l will, deatli in .--luilt" lln I ni-n and met with insult ami starvation in the other—the slnvu trnde i-eop.'n,.,l —nnd unr -I ili-tiiwui.-h. ,1 scholar Iclcgraphiug ap',:..;-ii - »!,. ., hi, sun aits nl school beside ft colored boy, and explaining bis own indisercel freedom of s|»i.. h a-, the sad n -nit of ano- dynes (npnlnuse)—snreJ] ill B irU, seeing nil 'Thus far, our course has „"( l„ . i, ,i. . -rding lo the buniane hones nnd e-,p... rulieu: ol uur fallnrs ' And in lSGOV'Not over the face of Ilia whob world is there lo be found one mprtreuiniiie id , ut , miuiii who Is not an apologia! of the evleii-.i„u of -lav, i'i ' And again, in Kui„ns. n ih ago : " Our falhera 1854, until all guaranties of freedom ii every part of the I'liiied Stales were abandoued ' ami the ling of the Iniled .-"Mies was made tbo bar bin-er, not of Kr.,.l„ui but of Unman llondagc." At lloebi'sler.luM-cntiin lo paint llie pjeture of oir ml of I'lnrkson nnd Wilbei n paper fullorCongresssqun use;" that e lr.:in„-ii r defy all it thinks But t the s Oulll Thi T.-ihunr and '!%: Tribune would starve, us qiucliug agitation, nnd yet r even life, Is like tlio present ono of whose subjects in fifty id not one in a hundred thon- [0 revenue from Iba Hritisb Post lVsl-Olliee lo-morroiv " (loud lit as well h on -ill,.' I HI , in to It slat (hi; slave ,-luusc. it,.-, ' lii- -,":, oil to pledge himself to ' I. _ V,..,i iu-mI nut .sunmii.n him. II, ii, .in do any harm! In 1 SGI), just " tells tbo South, tlint if tbeir plvlcxt.or who the foe. he Iriek i vill deltliil .. by : Observe, 1 do not d. pn .'ialc siitisniansbip. It re- ipnvi-.s great ability in leu i id Slates and Havorn meals, but ont) - very common talent to carry them on. H look Fulton and Wntt to create tlio slcam engine, but a very ordinary man inn engineer ft Irnhl from llo-iou to Albany. Some critics sue... at old I, i.-t "ii,.- tin' recording only what government ,li,l. They should recollect how much, in obi times, govtannumW coverfa] Uie wbolu slilulioii of uiy country. Thai rule hns been shnply t tils' ; Hint tiy no word, no net, no combination into which 1 might enter, should any human being of nil the'. lo whi, Ii I belong, much less any class of human beings of any nntion, race or kindred, be oppressed and kept down in llio least degr.v in their ellbrts to rise lo a high.,- state ...t libtrly and happiness (np|ilause). Amid all the glosses of Ibe limes, auiid all the e.-s.nys nnd discussions to which the- Constitution of the I'uilcd Stales has been slib- ji ilcil, this lues been the simple, plain, broad light in which I have read every nrliih' nnd ,-v, •, n dug the.:: Pj.-k ..p. plough. Ii I to blow up a H1 d blow up the Sena n,.l Hamburg wil r Garrison, «vft ... . T.'i , '-.- ll, his hands, and ale what he eonb he subdues ibe horse-, invents th trust will be as immortal ns It,.. I ommuiiwialll. (ap- plause) ; and he will !-- only n.„ happy if be shall at length leave the chair of Slate, haimg'performvd Ins duiies wiili a liJi-litv, n brilliancy and u suc- cess equal to bis iiniuediai'i- pnah-eussor (applau-e) Hut in the nntimmiil eleciioii of lsi.;u, the Const it u- tionnl parly ia America hv cleet, ,1 „ President, in Ibe person of Abral I.i In It,,.,! applause), who will, on hi:. n--iii].'i-,n,.l ill.; rein, ,.f Ivderal nonrvr us, that he will see to it that (ha Uepublic e no detriment during the i,.ai>ol his nit.-, a people of all the States will itand by . ai I iiii.n ,.i -i-ius which signifies the - i i_ ,. is) il ndly of war, will last, 1 I".- wU ii [ shall endure- The mi ii™ It will dm dny extend from the tor- Frig ! I I. nun. led only by the ;,-. and tb. ,m|. n. ir.ibh'healon the North au-e| l| will be stronger than the rag-r ill B ;vcry in-hnill.- ,t bin ; Ibe sewing inaehines lift women out of marries Ibe continents, and the telegraph llnshcsnews like sunlight over the globe, livery step iiuide hands worth less and brains worth more; nnd that U the death ol slavery. You. can make apples grow one- halt pippin ami the oilier half ms-i-t. Tlley say that tbo ltouians could roast one half of a boar and boil the other side {laughter) ; but 1 am sure you cannot tlion Willi one half steainbeais, sewing machines, and Dibits, and tbo other half slaves (cheers). Then, another roel: ol my hope is these ['re- sidential canvasses —the saturnalia nt American life —when slavi-s like Seward ate unchained from the Senntn House, ns of old in Home, and let loose on the Kairics lo lling all man net [' insult on their mnsicr-. o mny veil it all hereafter in .lienilie.l explanations, but the prairies' give back an hundred-fold for all sied dropped there (applause). Then the ghost of John flrown makes Virginia quick to calculate .Ibe profit and loss of slavery. Beside this, honest nun, lew, but the salt of the limes and school-houses ami pulpits, and now and then a stray Prince, who, looking down South, declines to venture among barbarous people, lest, unlike. St, Paul's case, they show him Yen linle .--.. So, with Irade, arts, letters, .-oiisciuuee. fashion, now and then a college redeemed from nld Fogies, now nod then a Saint, and now am! then a Hero lent us by Heaven—we mny come at last to be as wise as Napo- leon, and believe " there is no power ,vilh,.ut ju-.tiie"; we mny grow lo be a.- good I liri.lhms as Cicero, and hold that "baseness enn never tie expedient"; we mny be as good I'rolestants as De Toci|ueville, nnd declare that " whoever loves freedom lor anything but Ii,., ,1 's self, is made to bo a slave." It is indeed cheering to notice the general toae of speaking in this C'.iivnss-lh.-iu„..h nobler ton- of Mr- peaking of the Union 1-1 lican lorn, of govc tttutions, to all d.o State. cnuliles the people lit last, i Ibe etemnt Inw. will di-appcar before the a night of truth, nnd the ^rowiiie inteltigeiie.^ of the people, in every State (applause). That, airs, is my prophecy; and. in the of one of your own l'osi.,1, | is. v.1,.,,1 I , ,.i,i..|iip|:,i,. i]„; liapiiy'l'utum — us 1 dream that it will be, and ns t trusi in God that hereafter realized, 1 see our country, ll'ri dunged applause.) 7r'? r: i... Tni, risen. ," It is a party of one ml expands all generous soi -the ..piality of nil u: ' than statutes or panics, 'the late euuvi-. wu rib a down Lincoln*. Tho agitation was ycomnnlv service to liberty. It educated tlio people. One aiiitu canvass makes amends for the cowardice of our scholars, and consoles n- under the intlietion ol Har- vard College (laughter and applause). Indeed, gov- i ii.iiu ut is only a lucis.-ary evil, like other go- nils nnd i ml, his. I bir need ot it shows exaeily how fat' „. i . nil ehililrvn. .Ml governing overmuch kills tl.e -, It-help and energy of the governed. Compare iry with this, or the tlnropeaa with Ibe icl-y II ivlli i, ing "I III.. Jui pcoplU: is tbe aeeil uf ! all e I before the blushed to .1,:, hire, -In llu- I -* in teuce, not on thu prisoner, but on t iw itself." It is Hoslo il Kiirliugame, lb-it I, msc to blush to-dav (cbeors). I do i nvj S jijilelou bis seal. Vou nuneinber Welst, r p. mil 'uVthe'ethei-ou Suuih ['aroiiua. M.lliiiil.s I s,e o .-reliant 1,,-iu,.. ,-uterii," f 'less. One baud re; oflicncoastreet.the other bief. I ,1,1, , I the- ( K'aks the vuic- of I- I in '1 " i D ' will it be ; When Sheviuaii is iianu'd l„r .-j- ik. r lie a at.- willi any says " 'u," while llie heart of Bos-Ion >.n • < ' - -had,- ..! bbuk he And what is bis second and last net. To gather Well, on tl.e other I round his lablo Dftvia "ml Masoti-men wlu gloried I the acgro ehould I Ibat is hii rainbow of hope- It is n noble idea — cpiabty before the law — Ibe mark which nil old i.r.ek ih elan d two thousand ago distinguished freed rem barbarism. Marls it, and lot us ques- tion Mr. Lincoln about it. Do vou believe, Mr, Abraham Lincoln, that the negro is sour political nud social equal, or ought I o be": Not' a bit of it. P/o you think be should sit on juries ? Never. Do you think he should vole",' t'vrlaiiily not. Should he be considered a citizen? [ loll you, Do you think that when the Ileelaration of lude- i, ,.! i dial fills all generous minds" bo , l( ,.,,iii - , , i, Mr Lincoln's mind is as yet empty. I Ii tins is tie out) hoi I our being able to achieve i what our fathers failed lo do— mount those Arab hor.-cs, Mr. Seward, and lly to the desert. Put you , can't lly willi me, as ibe song goes , lii-st, because, if , we are defeated,! mean to die in tho last ditch (applause); and, secondly, noiwilhslamling this -niptm- - "I Mr Lincoln's mind, I think wu shall yet ! H1 | , iking this a decent land In live "in , I, M i, I tell v win ,' Place yourselves at I . ' I.i- :. ., i .nv'eiiti.i.i. Hoyousiec Mr. prejudices of Courts and the machinery of Cabinets bail large sway. Dot bow absurd lo say even of Pitt and lo.v that ili-y shaped lb- bile ,,i Lnglniul ! Thu of nica for the rank, el Wellington the wealth they created clothed ami led those hosts ; the Irade they ever necessary. Iterlln and Milan decrees would have smothered every uiaii in England. Tlio voir goods tliey mauiilaeiiii'eil. shut out from tbe Conti- nent, would have crowded the inliabilanls oil' their little island. It was land i ipoly ihatdeelnred war willi France, and trade liiiiL'bi the bailie. Xapolcon was struck down by no el.upience of the House ol Commons, by no sword of Wvllingion. He was crushed and ground I.i powder in (he sleaui-etigiaes of James Wait. Cobdea and OTonnell, .ml of the House of Com- mons, were giants; in it, dwarfs. Sir Robert Peel, Ibe cotton spinner, w:es as much a power as Sir Hob- toals and vclvcl bag, but because be was llarrv llroagham uf Tl.e Edin- burgh Reticle, [lowland 'Hill ami Adam Smith— Cranville Shnrpe and /'ib/nni* I'mijrats—the 1-on- don Times and the Stock Fs.-bauge— outweigh a ectilury of Cannings and Paliuerslons, Gladstones, 1 iveri Is, nnd Earl a of Urcy. !', i!,. ,-ide of the New ijnglaml Primer, Lymlln f I, I liei.iamiu I rankliu, Tha A'e.c "J"o-/- hi , and ll.Tfilit, all our ihirUin Presidents kick the beam. Tbo jmlpit ami the Steamboat are ol infinitely more moment than the Constitution. The o Min r if there bu any here rch of happiness, in (be improvement of i.'.n. or in elevation d,w:i,'il a higher slale of digniiy and hnppinc-s, Ih. v have always bad, and they always shall have, n cliecriag word and such ellorls ns I can consistently miike in their b.lei!fii,pplausu)." Thnt is good ! It Main, I, like Kossuth! Xow, then, we undersiaiid him fully, lie will never help n slave- holder, and believes all races equal. Not ipiile. Is he ia favor of complete equality, social ami all '! Is country n- open tu the black man as the while no! In 1'cliriiuiv bi:,t he declared that the nun wbostiid so libelhd i'i,.' Pepubli' an party. And ~ Paul, ,i, "' pl,-ud)cr. I,.- bade them i-ciucu,l„.r llii stand thai the licpubliean parte opposes extension of slavery only. In Is.'b, he declared " ibis violation of the HiVine law," which ho calls "Ibe Constitution," this "compact which no Christian Statu would ever make," nail no Cbrialian man could ever obey- only just nud equal government that uvcrcxisted! no oilier government ever cuubl In, so wiso.just, free and cqnni !" And he allinus in. time or change could ever produce one more beneficent ! Last Friday, il New York, hu said thai whoever doubts that this Constitution (ibis " violation of the Hivino law ") will " last forever, has no laitb in rvason, no faith in jus. ,„, EE l:, ill, In nmli. n„ laill, ii, virtue." If ibis be -„ iiiTi ( ; i> no.'.r/i",."s of ibe Uiy in,, law " s. nu nl, out , t.' a- the Divine law it.-elf; nnd th,- Italian w prayed "Hood Lord, good Devil." was a sensible in; . nud was only laying a icry prudent and nei-i-s-ary nnelior to tbo windward! (Laughter and applause), At Washington, in February, be thought John ilrown " was uiisgiiidnl nnd desperate," and "justly hung-" lie talks ol " social horrors "nnd " disunion,' ntul irons his faee out lo portentous length and wnl uc.-s (laughter). Pel at Chicago, in September, Join Brown, he savs, "was the only one man (when II., ' WboV alia,, I : ilii.e, in lS51,n uld be placed in bedrow in 1 -:>n of the value of ine was tlnlhin) I "Amplitudo of ; of populnlioii, " fields, workshops, ships, the plough, loom, anvil, canals, railways. eats "ami the "nave''—all earlhbora. Xow s, whoever says trnde is the icnu-nt of the il„-!sil„ idm of American civilisation. Thai 1 (Applause.) saddest thing in the I'nion meetings of last is tbe constant presence, in all of (hem, of lb. clink of coin— Ibe whirr of spindles, the dust trade. Yon would have imagined it was an insurrce tion of peddlers again-t bom si men (laughter). Mr Everett, at Fnncuil Dull, when he sought for the value of tho Union, could only bewail the loss of our " commercial intercourse," the certainty of " hostile laritls," and danger (o the "navy"! And this is literally all the merits ,.f the I'nion that be cata- logues! No; I do bilii injustice, lie does ask, in trepidation, in ease of disunion, " Where, oh, where linn of ilu> United Slates. for their Miiseiu ,, who gnve tho key-note lo the Xow York meeting The only argument he has for the I'nion is his as.-uniue.' that if we dissolve there'll be no more " marble .-lore fronts " en Broadway, and no brown-stone palac a in the Fifth Avenue 1 Believe me, this is literally all lie n; nd, except one v Mr. Everett must have been under an Bnoily have forgotten, but which, perhaps, is better o wbolo for Mr. 'Conor, being nu Irishman, to recol- lect— it is this: In ease of dissolving, we shall longer own the gravu of Washiagton, which, Mr. " I" paid for, the S'ew York pchfti (la lighter and a p pi an ,r thinks it ha, But 1 u mfess those And of the riki=l„c: .- uiereindn uullv w.d. . bos,, Ll this nil rifice and thought— rv.lur it wt gi „ form of it in loll l!..„,'e"in"ll-'.'li."|e :;,:.! „', We allude.], some days ago, to tbe arrival in Philadelphia or a large number of free colored fami- lies froui South Carolina, 'llie inquiries of many readers as lo theso persons, nud tho curiosity of thu grvnt mass of citizen* relative to their distresses, have induced us to state the cnines which iiillneuced their immigration and th,.- character of tl.e parlies them- selves. In 1&22, it appears, further emancipation in South Carolina was lortiidden. All islnvebolders giving up the right of ownership tbcrealt, r were obliged to - ! ;n their "people" to the .are of trustees, who -li,..l for Ilieir Ir.edom, paid personal taxes, and made legal disposition of (heir properly. Any number of persons up lo twelve might thus be guai- 1 of the vlnniieipated. and a tu roivii.t, in the negro's Itosjession, m ius evidence of Ins disen- ibralineul. The panic In South Carolina, consequent upon the John Brown raid, the disunion of the Democ- racy, the election of Speaker Pennington, nnd thu Chicago nominations, was marked in (be month of Oh no 1 not such the pielurc my glad heart seen when 1 look forward. Iliac plant divp in tbe nation's ' heart the love ol" right, let ihero grow out of it tb,; | firm puqioie ol duty, and then from tbe higher plane illy, Ihey made slaves. A single man must become their guar- dian ; they were to K' entered in the assessments in his -i',ires, and must larry aGont them certain copper badges, whereupon tbey were numbered. If found without a trustee, they were to be sold at the block ; if failing 10 procure badge- of servitude, to undergo a fine of twenty dollars ; ami if at any time destitute of them, 1 be fined or imprisoned. Xo security was thus nitonled 10 the free ninn and woman. If their (rusteu were avaricious, he could sell them with inipu- nity, ami ibeir properly was liable lo summary wan- ton seizure- They were regarded as slaves by ibe " w.alid their fears gnilied the existing oppressions initiatory to a series of oulrages eventuating in eir practical thraldom. Despairing, (hen. of justice or mercy in the Palmetto Stntc, those of them p..- of sullieieiit menus lo remove looked to the North as a n-luge. Many weio assisted by conscientious gun id inns, nud we have the best authority for the stat.-iiu nt thai, up lo N'ovembor 1st, more than seven hundred and ninety persons departed from the port of Charleston alone. It took all the- resources of some lo reach Xow York. Of the number named, about one hundred nnd fifty made Philadelphia their destination, anil others, who con- templated ft more Northern he , have since removed to this city. We ban- visited about Glteeu families of these, and the statements we have luadu are yntheied exclusively from their tesU'monics. Of ibe one hundred and liiiy mentioned, two-llunls are tradespeople. Tho men ate carpenters, tailors, shoemakers and mason.-; the females, uiauluii-tuiikcrs, milliners, laundresses nud nunsc*- We read long list of certificates from white ladies of L'lmrli-aloti, statin" thnt one of these was nn " excellent nud faith- ful uiir-c." tine (.-.i, menial was addressed " To tho ladies of the North," nnd certified that the bearer bad attended her through a "long and dangerous sick- ness "—n fact whi, h '!'" s u, .1 go fir to show (he gra- titndc of the recent Palmetto legislation. Another party bore a certificate of bis prolificacy iu plastering from a uinatcr ma'-ou of Charleston. A hands,. married woman. .almost white, exhib- ited her " badge," or. ics she facetiously termed it, her " pultygoole watch." It was a iliainonil-shaped plulc ol copper, an inch square, bearing the inscription : 1,211. This delicate piece of jewelry was punctured with ft hole, nnd suspended ihci-cln from a siring. She had I for it. Uer busbuud bail n similar one, "lorn, "f.,r vvliiel, he gave SI. The man , 11, .-, be, behindhand in " taking ,. ',,._-, . and they nere fined 8-10 for being Wt a-!,.. ilielbe it was probable dint <. 4
  2. 2. —'- ilblu. lo preclpli.ite ilio cnt- The following cilrui fnm, •t UaoH reveals i .- pi i„ , I.. I..u will ! m , , u.. v. ,. I . , I. ,'.'.l'. ... „!,.,, .1... |. -i ..I !!- -i .1 ,„„„:. V.itii.-i" •-..! .1 ..: i' .- ..Hi.-.- o< llic Rational a»ti-flaun-y ^tmirtuiit. Sin v-.i:i:.s.iri:i>vY. xoVEMOiat i-, )"ca r of people, lie supposed tSe-i IlKMIV JV.l . I... ,. ,.,. .,-..1. I. I U I • H i . I'ublic Affairs, as aOcctcd b) '!•• I'm ,1,1,. II. gen ral ti pet In lii" i "" ">« lJUN ATIOHS. Is ncortihiii ut tlii,i wo iiinVu an appeal to lUo friends of tlm Amerioji Anil-Slavery Society far iIil- paymrnt of pledges ma. .! II,. ,. n. ... |..i ..i.i .1. l.i t ; in .. li. .|.-i a I ; cnntrll -i ! i» r K Letters mn i. .1 kh I lo rYoncis Jackson, I: «ti ..- II. Gn; Sew York, SOUTHEHN THIIEATS OK SECrSSH)!.*. Tinjeliolci of Lincoln onJ 11 inni I'rcjldcnt nod '„ , i ,.,.:. i.i ..i 1 i ii i. i Stales, by li.. .in in ni ,......( ... irly Ihc whole North, ho* lllleil the umcru- tc< o( slavery and Iho (Live trade with uncontrollable Sodlgniriuo nn.l tugc. In the liojn) of ..... cooijucrins Iho North through her fears, liny threatened bcforelmml Hut Ibis result should be fullnwril l.y a disruption : Ihc 1 •.- and b'.Lsh. m.nt i.f o Southern - lav choli ling Confine rncy Ths menace, for II first t;mc in iln;y n il -. . . proved {tbonks to thorn". land augmentingjiower of the- Anti -Shivery Movement) ini fttctun] ; no I now Iho Kirc-c iters ore compelled to chouse between iltcinptiiig locsccntc their threats, or seeming t.ijo so..ind openly eonfoing tint they wire only »o innth Ulo breath. I.. , .rt) nl the Sonlh, no doubt, which renlly desires to bring nl < ' Ju"'"< "' "- ' ."' influenliiil supporters in tho ir seaboard cnlton Si.i... II.. leaders of this parly .ire r.ow inking advan- tage of the general indignniiuli nl the people of tin- South in view of Dio refill of the « '.! el n to,; meditated scheme. I".- I.I in. amount* nloiost ton panic, and (In I'rrssin lhal - i is coinl.-iitly tannin.; Un- Il inn- 'i '! - li Irg ipliii win quiver from day tu dny will] propbci ii s ..I i' . tei i ild things lhat are to hnppi o ;f the I icn i lech I to od • ter the gnvermu. in -1. ill a it. nipt in .In it in ncconlonce with ill. r nrowed nnd well 'm •". principle* Ihu Legislature of Soulb Carolina wan convened on iho .'lib in, i . l.y "pccial proeli: .. >tioii, l-i choose i'rrsi .; n i i I ..: , the Oligarch) (hat rules thni Slnlc not permillin Iho people, a* in olhi-r perform I - il,. ...-In- 'I.. Gorernor, in his mi' ..i". ..:. .l.i. ; ih.i tin 1 1. f Lincoln would be diMpntLh fun" r.or.-iN. diiicJ the loth. "Tho clouds ire lo« ; I ! la n profound itinn omouj! our people. Tho UyMoturo will un- Jouhtcdly call a Contention of Hie people to devi.e In Jfijtinij.j... II. Covci . i I . ;." Ii.iiii- Ion convening tin' Slnlo l.oninlnlut«, " in consult r the irirl) -.'.I neccwit) of proviJirg »urcr nuJ belter duyuiml. f.T »1.. I.i.-.l.i. -. pert) ..( Mis .. ... -i ythoUoion Tlic wealthy nn.l nnKa . ..... -i ... lioMora know very well Hint the Union U tho I I |. ii -.1 nil.: il .l..i.;> . i: d lh,) «-.ll r.'it r.-liu- qninh ii with "it ntli'oRKlc. It ia for their intervst tho price lit tint a should b.- kept it oa Inch a figure n 9 ,, .>-,i. I,. .,, 1 Ihc) know i.i'ht w.ll I lint the reliflblliln- ii.:n . . ih. in. ...i. . trade which In sure to follow the organization of it Southern Couf. . . would ilcatroy tholr monopoly. Tho Mayor of Knit I moit, in express tlic unanimous sentiment of the puopl o! Ikil tioiorc— lh.1 Iarj;™i ! tho S. ulhcro clllen— when I «y- ;o policy ut Mm; I..... i« to adhcro lo tho idol tho.Oul treoioininK 1. be perfo inn) t.y . hi ar,,ltnK ..... ... 1 I." f.. I 1 tint .1 ..,,,...1..^ .., ko imk with i load " ' hoy .. I.,,-. ..-III The w ,.."- .on II , irlhcuisalvei f Mill out. n... J 1, i I - -- ol lh: plnnii r. ..... .li . 1,1 ' " ., „r.-,' : Union ;c portion Mlit-S-mh . II..: Iiccp bnrcrt .ii-i.ut. :>.«»i. •;..!! ,! .i.i il.c plnee lojke 1 red- but Ti :.. wnr. which ,. -,!,!.,.-. r>. Ili.-i pul .. , ,-'. ..... ^, ,.„] Htln-i ... I ...II ..... :,. .1,,. ii. 1,,-t he d.uc. 71 i, i. Ibchis-inninr;. nflcr all. III! ull ni.. .in ii i.lo,,.iii.n -ir.1 ii!-.; . i }.- 1 1. ... : .11 1....I ...r I l.-rn. ,..,.!. ,1.. -..;:„.; j. , : .,,.; 1, ..ol,,- ..I 6. .Vyi-n-ill.i; m- uii.-l b.i> •. a-. I nn cnlurvcd pili-inl- 1 , Jo ... >..!,>., 1.1, I Imve Inid Ihc rrir-titla ,| Tilt un Jur oblieTitiom which d. idtorwi-.hd, .,-.; f I ii l'... ...... .... ... .... -, .. ... i.. offecl n ecccaaioo 'fi. Lcginlnture ,: ,. llbinnJvlcc Instead, however, u( taking th" rcsporjibility of tbc proposed nvrasion upon Itself, it pnsnd an act o;>po;nlmga Siole Ccnuni lo ..>,i m bio in Culunibla Dee. II, the delegates to be chosen on th« 22d inst., in the same manner on members of the Legislature. It won piopa^-d to raise SI.DOO.000 lo put the State In oeomlilionot .. K.I. f,,.. . The nil 1 1 1 so large a turn had n ren.o. kj| il. i „; ,.. r,.-. of the Cbirnlry, who npfcoj I to .... were aggravated b) .. i. ..i i; | fan .i I. .. .i ,-... ;....... I . pni.ill) 1.. d. tend ehoold be mode to bear the burden of its own protection ; in other words, thnt, since ibis sec. i csir.csi win gor.e inlo fur Ihi- i|ieeial L. ncfil ol r'.lfv prnpfrl) . -1. i ..|. -; li ,.;.|,l i., I. i ii. I in pn) i "-, i ,|..ii-,of 11. This propr. mi « - .1. in.- 1 uuitc ineiTilifTry, an I iln 1 1. :' : .. -.( oiiilcut of Iho Unllini i.k. mil. ,1 II ) be lornlshcJ win, ndgbl Ml whole columns ivilfi itrncl« fi Southern papers simitar t.i the nboto, on la till I .. ; spat t with extmcW cxprcMiiiK the deepest indignnli In viow ..I the election o( Lioeoln. Tho Northern j np which opcnl) encouraged Iho Sooth to bluster bcfi tho election now nssuuio n very different lor.^. i dnnng m e dibouiou. ..; .. 1 i:. tu- ro now menaced wiib bankruptc) in coiuequonr ..nut en all d by Ihpn.sel'ts in Iho hnpe ut c.irrj ,v York for the Fusion ticket. Their Souther cm liud in the efn«:oa on escns pjj in,- iheir current obligations. Many liepnb- -m. on- lufforing lo *oa;C ostcnt.but retribution b '.. up in those who, one year ngo. tcok ordi. It w i llnnlly e< l„. I.. I I - tl.csiiuotSluu.bUQhyil.rLuuoof.Sl.itc sto a- A l.i.l wit" proposed proilillu„> l..r Iln ....... , rolmout nf Itf.bOO loluntcern. A resolution l.g.-.lnin; lb. ninpini'.ou of specie payments by tin- tinaku of the Stale Lis been passed. Agents arc to lie -. nl to • t i Si ites to - tore their cooperation In the nlrantnp of tin Unrper's 1'arrj pooio lo inonopolijc. iui be ililhtult to ii .. ih . effus ia &r a* i«s»*U. ih.- cunt f ih, the estlu- irec We commend the Innk to boi Ill ii 1- "..ii . n.>: [.lit tV-eir pi uii.iph-. in Ihu friend" t!-. ,, iruHinstbnl wln-.i they 5r..l il ..i- treat him as :. would • to It is impofcib..- In I. .1 iih.i: ii...y be Iho effect upon tar and f .ilhcrs' bat lhat they will an ni, . a it ii .i n-i'liuiii nerioun apprehension t!int e.ybe difuciilt. but it will r.e! b. sof truth by fnilhful AbolilionlsU ho present Cunrriew to procure some new pledne n( iroleetlon for the tlnvo system, in eider lo nppenne the iooth. Tho fullowlnK estrnci of n dispatch t: tViuib. lull ...1 would cure autihuiK '. -n-J. „. ogton lo //. tints ol this city shows uhnt is passing u il ml-- ul ilui'e i,lu. mi.Ii iu i.i.ilnt.iin bolb slmury nu, rale, e all kiui" Tills letlei «a, duly lespooded lo, ltd hood they hr.d enough names will; which w begin llitir viork. Tu ibeie I hey senl Ihe paper, I .i,-e p .1 1, lor ononiouth , I Ihe 1 the year, with n "'.i-. - ". haw i.lna.Jl ..1. 1 , I, ...I. .,..!.., i V. |i; . . w:.( ,•. |. . ...... red, nod lh -.. Is locvldioco ,1 . i' 11 .1. 1 1 1 hit) been M aim -< iliflmi I in;; widely, nul with effect, n pro;:i 1 k ... I. Ig. .1 ' noli slavery doeliinc*. M:m>- let tern haie he.;ir.^ 1 b) Ihe Society ncknswlcdgidg Rrale fully lb ir klndu - .. '...... , :-i'.;';.:.v l .ir.|::-".v> m-aA w.-.s !•• be evptel. 1 l'i nr.-i lianm. .it . tV . .-• . ..', I13.1 itn share of mlgnrlty, nu I it woul II ... : , lint •! uearl) fou ..... nam th tnrabH r.u'. he found Ihoic of some who nr> strangers to I ; ii. ..I d,;cuc) 1 ml c- .1 1 1. 1 .luij: As .1 spec ; loiter ol such .-.. do nni gr.itcfnlh lut received: II. 11 hi., lu'.iuiii .. r. im .1 ! .-L- In .un. 1.. ...ii l.y I...-J) - 1,, (he troHoroui 111:. 11.. nl, 1. l.jpe.t an.: ,.Ui tl.e ut Ih.-.r COunlry. Yours, 4c . S I) .-. Who this .* n S." i«. i.e .au....; possibly say. On inquiry, wt learn that ihc paper was sent lo J/r. S h. ."i-. II. Harm. ..n -'.'t. r i'i.-.i O.i i-lu, I'n,: bit In eblrgi the pcisou beariug Hint nnino with being tbc "ulhor of such n dleiy piece ef Rcnrrility as this, might bo dm .ni in in mjuiitice. HnrrUonville, though hishiy re»peclihle plute (notwithstanding 11. .... -J..I-.I I. .. 1 .1 1 il,. .1.. -., ii-.-ii 1, ...ii, „].. n un. Oh! tin 1I1.. ihyi >.-• ne b, Hun- im . -I..,.. I - .„!,. all w.reini.iinlcdbyn '.< I .:-.-. I I. •.tl-il*. and ill .l.ieeer ..ill I. I I-..:. I-! I reel il vlnrv -ii.h n- belonin In nn olhci l.ili.e.i.i) s'-ir). -ul I- c ! I 1:1: nt'iM w>jsr:i:r rtf.i ;- llnniiiiv. I'n, Nov IV l-i ' 1 .- , 1 ihank ).-:i for vol 1 .1 inry canl Iron ! bee U< ndd n tew words 1.. wlra! J ;.lk. ,.|.n idilV. 11 HI. wide vioodensiirropi. with my glnj li ip, n.l bloc raglnn, md 1 bl; bl ver it. my enrpcttng hoog lo the h I ui) teh I and writing dr*k in tny hnnil.nnd a ' ., li ., itlcd b ..I tho 1 family by the wny.and dined ; a ,|in the name In ihis led yourpnper. !. 1 .:.!.-.!. r.-n wi' 1 »' Li , mile ... : . 1 1 .. | -.1 ! . . nil 11 I 11. . .. raUtei -1.1. vns.of w 1.11 I • nll.iw lie. r.1 n ll.o dl*turber» It wa- rn y Inbois ellecd L reception will, r.o dm people geneeaiiy are Sniinie. nn.l I should liku 1-. :>k bun il cornea thi! •!,.- Hill . Chnndler, ar.d others ..1... ... .1, .l,.,k.. oulrngeJ n*. wliat I said r.Lout the s .. r. . ... 1 .. .. otnl" did nut 1 ise f.;i the spot and ..• Why did they r.ot .al upeu 111 c either 1.. 1 ,.1 1. -i 1 .1 bock the offensive CM'rtssion" 1 «1i) did the) - .. .. 1 11I1 1 awny. and (hen gi. inlo a riiihulelphi f.r»f| ap itote',1 him ie.11 1.. .in.-. .,.! L.en h.iiTowi up? I uiulceslanil, -i... ibal tho si^ui-rs of this car.1— mci bj.T.mi.lall nnr Kopnbl leans. [ will not bcliovi ill cumjH-lli-.l ihal line laiily r. ;.n ..nt | irti Tho ttepiiUi.-ans ot my ncquainlnnce. I 1. ivc re i«. to I ihe.. . a., not devoid nf mognnnir.iity II may si lh 1 ... o of nucb men as the editor of Uic i'hiladi ' KltSOXAl Vl.u had thrill, mid The begin. 11 ., Iui ,lu: .il loe.iun lh. li, . nrile wiii ;.i oil "It ult.r •>- :md Mid 1. 11 ll.ey 11 en II.- Iu .1 ,..,! ;,...,„ t . ..I ., ,1... .,., I I.e 1.1 ut I . 11',.; "lieu ii.ll iu,u-.'el,!y llll Ibe -i-l.n, ul a an win I, I • (hi. ir,).. a 111 pi- 1 fuse 10 publi part)-. If ... usfroi I.. I.. |..ihl: .1. |.:.i li- ilut. Mr lililor, Irotu the large numb . ? . I I; lit ,.,;.! I,, uing 1 lerl.iiu iim.e. I int. 1 it in 1.1 i,hit 1 -iu I ab .i.tWa-hin^tio. but n remark I mad bout (i ' celobr.iled lravcllcr,"vtho baa l.i, heme i hntneiBhhoihocid, thai gave the chief olTl Ihl rraii wnsobj : 1 .ly ....,.!,.., pet^oonl ftieinh . , . .1.. 1 .[.ul.i.iy. nod u,ej lhat popularity .. ., , I,, r. '. .,111 led 111 nil', to tho bordcus md before lo bej. - .' . ., 1.. 1. rfcitctl ..1 spect or forbearance. 1 would I.. l..,rl. .1 :l.l. .,..,!, Is hope for • S. 0. S " We are comprlJcd to cl bun. hot we r Is . .-.*. lo the Lmd ili.iu of our ll.iri Mun,li:e friend*. 1 '..','.' i.'il " i'. ':"„', < I I ... . 1.1.1... misled by tho Press of thci The -eutle.un nil boinn refer; ,n langungo lb CM. 1 !• pre.n :-. ItI.. , -.. iilleil 1 d.lleivl .I...-I h.l.l.'V b.- ill-! rujeil 11. ... .. . ,..„|l, I.i.l.l- 1 '- ' 1 host, ll. 1. - I. .ml I , ...:. ,:.. , 11 n.e ll.e I..-, all |.. lh.- ii.fu ;-.i.:-.,i .. ol il... tine rricads .if slavery nn I deadly enemies of He colorwl mm They -i. ... : .il.. :i f.e.e n-Ui .11. 1 relit: 1. j d im lb; pro-eripl e. it t Un .......I man. he 11 a, only ubeying ........ 1 ..i.itui,' Sir, It is In UiO blood. Yniirx. for the cause < impnrtinl and uoprosci fj.11 1, !:.. . I- .. '.1 / ',ia vru TEsriitoxr. Tu.- following resolutions, "huh were odopled by ll SevvYi :'; I'rcsbytery of thcKoformeJ Preihylcrian ,ii!l School Covenanter) Church, at its icriog In this city, wee sent lo us by lb.- Rev. N. It. Johu-Lm, pillnrunt the Cons rolina - n.1101 ) ond . ban resigi 1 . . limn 1.1 take effect on Ihe ih. -. eedes before lhat lime offered instructing (be Senators .1 11 that I fluid in g lh* dieaiion. b.- . 11 1 1 lo me could senreely hi wits rjnlj I- < ' 11 1.. 1 ; and not ttiti c.vce|itioo i.. oilh liu -1 e llobcr Iniironnd eslecm." .bile a eerlahi degreo of labubliuiiiini itpardo 1 rco *;• ..1. - not onl) iff, but , iY,-ji iu 11, b.g ir.g.ti.-l I yi I. 1 ,;, J,i.._,.l.t .lu„u. Il.jl w::, ,;.pi, 1- .... Ptoaglit up. It yuu or,' in o cnuse. !h gr led anCod Almlght) . Oien iu -.1- -I i-'. - [ 1 of religious ilous. aud .is mil only 1 burning rc|. roach Li.iniiy. hut a mighty obstai !. in Iho . ul . ut the gospel in Africa, all Christ urns and dies tl M biar a decided an. ....... Ih.nfur,-. U..:.l,e.l. That we hcrvb) ..,.:, . nm unhesilating condemnation of llic recent coodoct ( iln Co i." 1 n.e S 11 York Diocese of the rYotcslnni 11 ' lurch, u well au of the American Board of cdlvssly mail ,1 (i>e..n, fur 'I . .. . .1 ... . , 1 1..,. :....... ... 1., 1 , l.y Ihe Democrats nnd Dellevcreilers, lately declared bin li ... I.. I . pi .11 ibe forvljn t la,e trade, lie nashauliu,: revival Methn )l-i ;me el -i 1. b nffaii-s, SundaySchools, etc. Do says he ivnnlsllio poor benighted Africans brought tu 1I1N .:i icy tu be ei.ll- iirf and Olltistinniieil under the beneficent iullucnce nf We learn thnt Hiss Surah 1'. Itcmnnd has determineil, by the advice of her lri.n.1, In rjne-land, 10 e.vlenil the tiinu- ot her i^niainina in England beyond lior original purpose. Aficr visiting many parts of tho kingdom during tho HI er past, she Iihj returned 1.1 Lund nnd inlenib, ngniu enlvrini; iln- cullegu fur ladies. She Ihw repealed ly lectured npuu American slnvoi-y, 1,11-ge .LIl.liiT elVeelii-, if Ibe an. •el' I Mi., 11 l-nn:asl.'i., Ibe chnir wa-i oeeupicil by John Bell, lin... nnd an extended report of her remarks tins appeared iu The Lantaatu Quardiaii. Iln.', II. Solly, and auroral nther™ pnrlicipaled in the proceedings u( Ibe wbiehn pernmnent A mi-shivery Loin mi II..e "« nppoinled. , L. f,,,i .I..I..I ...illV.1.the removal dTUi re tricl gtato leaves no room fur doubt llit uicosun; has been de tea led by a very l.n_-e majority. The Rcpublicsns have shown Uiat lltelrs - 1 ibe parly of " rights, hut ibe vAU. maa'ii parly, and therefore orlhy tn be. ironed by the friend* "f lie. .No.. Hi. . Skfi ir Uic fonrlh page is occupied byTI - Wenlworth njgBWMn-H ndmi ruble skeb 1. ol Hi life awl eh.iraelerof TuKn 1-11:1: l'ti:u:r:. W'v could liol rc«l '< publish Itfor Ihe grniifleati -" readers as an.- m.t likely 10 meet Willi II Ise" TiiKSwtEcn " Wtxueu. Pun rider. It speal» Hi- i' re « lokenkttlic present crisis. a» innut fail to mako a deep and .. r.llie Is tho
  3. 3. i. Some of lliesc, when I eivcil into the families of 1 many, c*copt *o far ns they come under tho friendly luUlngo .if the Sncicty, have neither .relatives nr friends; and others, not beine; strictly in membership, have no npci-hil claim npnn the body ; and Ihe rosull In. that a large number have, until n few years pnst, been loft very much at a loose end, without cespnn-ililo gunrdian-ihip.ninl opu,ed to iill Ihe Icinpta- lions incident to Hie absence of social ties in " the tay- dhrlnUlncst, caro-dhrivincsl, play-goincst city in the world," if. Dublin was long ago succinctly defined. A few years since a reform coni'i'mccd from i.libl- A (who h. f > 11 ...I...: ,. :..;'.: . the ,., J 'I 1' Irullj BOpJli rlod b) i any of the Oldc Friends in II..I...H One .. gC n no ..I gr< : ceon.raodnlioa or the Mutual !•• , ii- >v Jlnlly ringlyjlke tbpsn i nnd Claude have iinmortnlii Edmund [Jui'k l- received his !.! in a I ion below he entered college- It Is still the residence of the di tlio family of TuncVlcton, to which bo > .Itachcd from youth ml i. The d from the antique, neat and simpk which charmed mo in my ocbo*d boy da; a. which > '.I kept IhcoOoi isol bo many others; and I may imagine how deeply -o. it ».u t-i an . .1 i .-•.,. i . -i bo ire ll.ii cLirniiu,; id el, hut. .1 .. n In iv 1 1 "|dc are ilill lli log In (bo homes of their ndfnlhcr's grandfather, ond where 1 myself, in my Iter day-, bare known the friend* and correspond- i of some of tbo mo« Illustrious of their generation - ti a...l lilgcwortb territory, lit WOK ihu-i.d io h. outrage.™ Sow, ho .-I ' il o ilia No .^tal.s llio 1 in Ii favour, * . Olio of was complaining afthodillkully ol is task In a saying, " It lisfy the e. mind of tbo ..ill ah whoj. re us must follow. Th artist fir ndvllle tii.-oilh.wi of a frog on do ol a tl uf the Apo f tlie Mel cdorc ,11 11,0 oil,, inu a jjrfldu ir, -ii Ibe other. .1 he; Apollo. i i frog. 1 must a gain in k .. frog I Apollo, and : tern ally «o. all on Bolent t • to - .:,. the .MO.. I .ti I.. <. barn usly teevtbor, ha •n ii I- ral and intellc. liss of young people "I i it o benefit, aa well as to fhuito Ih... ... i.l.,,.. , Anil the weekly li It Society, which nivhel months, from November Io April in lonkoil forward to by the members i delightful occosiuna of intellectual essays nfieii of a tiigb order of es and llioir subjects discussis! witli ciuirlosy and tou,l liu ns could p,c-.-i .1. The raupc: of the themes is history, nnliiiiiilics, science and the i i Ih. .Vug i„,.,i,l,t table industry ii eulable benefit to the eloas for wl« o-nn-cially lUsiirnid, and tbnt Ihoy must tbo mural and intellectual tone of nil v, r«l in Ho .... There nre many-inch ™o<: tion with Friendd in England : but m have heard, that hare been formed on i ti ml coniprche it-Five as that of Dulilin. Wen selected with judgment nml liln novels, c.tcept 'Uncle Tom's Cabin." o I... .. poMible. A fow nro luovitabl ".. i nuoli ]n-ri.nliealn i-i Chan JlMstl.,J.I .III lit 1W floi.ii.1, a trluch't bo koiil out (thi.y look » wltielt nre largely dependent for il, higlily senaoticd and io. v o.vobidoil I ih-li-liifnl S.JU'- wc had of lite r n.iiiii i ...J I-* lln.' i.piniin- .if liu- Auuuiil Sefsion uf Uutinl lioiiriivoiuint sncirl) ha-, been i lourated huge Juieilll Illee-lillV (ODIIIIOeni.-lOg will) 10-T Olid s. folbivod by an upoiiinp nildn-i from the Pi-csi- in- s.mii- olhei- hi.;l. ..Iliei.-il, and .-inlin- uilli fruit eoiiliiiiT ilrinksl, ivhiel. ban nlimy* bn'i. mil il gn-al satiifa "C.i llll-ll lor. Abniit live inik-i iV.nii ttioeily livi-.i a wnilihy merebnnt, a patron nnd member of the hulitnte, who bos a passionate hue forpardi ninL;.nndbaagralinedliis taste for the rarer speoiea i.f i<.rei,n plani-i and lli.w. i-.i by creeling in tin- n< uf hi-, i : oaidenco sevorn' ftatuly nod f|iaeiom erv-tal i..ila<:i..- for ll.eio ne.-omino- ilation. Ho vorj lutnibjoiuely i 1 "n - - . t bi- .prnu.n at the disposal of the >.' ittee, anil i-;ive lii-i oil il a>si.<t- ance to li^lit it up luilliiiully uilli . indli -i ami spirit lamps, ami furnish it with* f.n llio aeeonioiodaiion of many hundreds of the members and Ihcir friends, made up a be-antiful array. A very able and interesting address wns road by one of the Vice-Presidents, a fine young man wi lb a liamkouio black beard, who spoke feelingly and well of the benefits of the inalitution and lure. This was followed, by some remarks to the sanio effect by llio 1'rc-i.loiit nnd nunc oilier members, and thewholownicunoliided by adjoii.-ninjj Io another of the stately temples of Flura, "hire wiia laid out, with much lastu and elegance, a supper ronsistiiig of enliea, jollies, blanc-mangcB, pies, saudwiehea and oilier light articles of refreshment suitable to tbo place and (ho occasion. A largo proportion of these were the free e.ift of mmo of the wealthier members of the Institute. In the whole afliilr there wns such a happy mingling of unostentatious liberality, o( joyous youth, cheerful- ness and good humor—such troops of girls with bloom- ing pleasant faces, and uf line, oil. Ilk'. -ril num.- nun. that it was joy Io Ibe heart am] a 1,-asl to eyes to behold them. I enjoyed them all tburonghly, but my most delightful sensations throughout tlio n'old se .,.|-fel|.,i o hud just returned from spendinf Korlhern Italy, lie had visited Lombardy in funnel years, when Ansiria was in the ascendant, su that hi had this time eujuyed all the luxury uf the contrast lie described the ehanoe in r.ueb terms as if that riel Where Indies and young men were rarely seen, tin street* of Milan are now thronged with them, as if thoj had sprung Cr Ilie ground—lighUome, joyous am exultant. On a former visit ho bad only seen one news paper in aoiiiL- ptaeo rrequented by l'lngliahmen. Now whereier a ^ruop of tieo or tin e-.- wan asseiubleil,yol were lo k> seen povtrnila Ol Garibaldi. Garibaldi hen —Garibaldi there— Garibaldi everywhere—llio glorj or Italy—the idol of the hour. May his shadow novel be loss! Contemplating this ejruud at I it ode of Italy, a: she appeal's nt this present time, how we lung Ilia nothing may happen to mar ttic moral dignity of tin prnne on the "side-wall pieces of elinlk, one whi rapidly porlraycd Ibe lit peace or cent tionl the passers by. Talking of Italy, I ban in Milan was a Utile boy, nml fornished with two id one red, with which he s of Garibaldi in his .red Browning which r of Tt,t QmMH r, :-,„,: from a fro... Dublin. The way lies for the raosl part through .-. lev. I . ....ii i ,by i- laiisreuinrLable for picturesque or rural hennlj-. My eompanion had all her eyes out for the brilliant or- four llelds, which, for richness and splendor, in this ro. (not. is, ibe declares, superior to anything she has toon out of Ireland. She was als gn it I >. ai a the other hand, I am told that » ..111, of wheat was sown that, (hough lln produce is small io p. ©portion to the r stent it is actu ally luge ; whilst the oat- arc so flno aol io am b qnin lily that from henceforth nobody who Is not cnsil; moved ami foolishly credulous need feel any bowels o compassion for tlio funnel's, when they commence Ihci annual groaniugn I have heard, now that the wenthe: has taken up and that for ihi. hist few weeks we havi for mutual congratulations. The harvest having conn lully a ith later than usual, and people having shuf tied along through the month with such supplies a remained nn hand from hist year, iL is suggested 11m we have now only eleven months Io provide for, lolera lute independence in this rcsnori is happily impnsaibl, gaged himself uld h M jelislob if the Italians the Ithine, mid nj- will bo but let-self vant Venice, Ibe lieiioh I'mporur Hani bey will net in concert. The Italian a he right wing or Ibe Freoolt army ; b inppen to Italy if France should be repelled by Huropo, defeated, Dud unable lo help her ally in Italy J This issibility the Italians don't even admit uno inslunt ; id when they do, they boliovo that, after all, the loiont slate of things could no more be reestablished Italy, and that they have much tu gain, mid not much ench Emperor. This solidnrily.eslalilishid hotwesa e fate of Italy and the Tale of the French ih-spot, has tui-olly cooh'd the sympalhli - ol tin Inn h for ihe burden in the place nh. . ii hurl- hi.o. Austrian Pel'oio the I'ie.lm.iole.-.e i Slates, tlie French am ,.- I'reneli nl Anci. -.1 of Ihe is ognu . TheFi hp.ip.-i re now representing that the amhussuib io slightest hurt lu the truth, nnd that the French ivernmcnl, by recalling its anibu-jaibir from Turin, illlclenlly showed that it did not upprove and permit io invasion of the Papal -Slates. There is a perpetual ivoree between [acts nnd declarations, between Ihe open diplomacy and the the Roman Slat id diplomacy. C r of the nil,.,- his tu Ihe French people, " Wo do into Italy in order lu shako (tbranler) the power Holy Father, whom we have replaced on his throne.'." During the war, the Paris paper, tho Slide, icoivod an advertisement, because it had attacked the inporal power of tho Papacy, lu which advertisement And these words: "Heaped nnd protection ot the Papacy are a part ol the Emperor's programme in Italy." On the ISth of October- of last year, the Km- told ihe Bishop of Bordeaux, in a public speech, lus conviction was that the temporal power ol tlio Pupc was nut contrary lo the liberty and indepen- dence of Italy." The 3d o( December, last year, the •apcr called Opinion X.ilUinalt received an adrertise- iionl for an attack again..! the temporal power uf the 'ope Tin) some month, on the :ilst of December, Bon a- .artc. in n loiter addressed to (ho Pope, asked him to . ii lii, revolted provinces, and offered him, for mini' "He- ( which hav.' niov been in. ailed), hi- .arnnty nnd the guaranty of Kuropc. Now, a large :. iriny i i Hume, Duntenancing the ii lil|ileto r of 1 ii.ii of I'iod. nvcr. r'or it is self-evident that the tbo city of Home, without any uthoi c desert of tho Campagna liouiana. mi d of the temporal thinkers, must bo satisfied with Ibis result; but i d that it lues been obtained by means i icsty reproves. What will become i Pope! What will be tho end of this great power,' ha.; ruled tin, ( alholie world for so many c. I' TV &aaii..,r contains seven pap which tho following are tho titles: 1. llitual ral Taste in Nonh America ; 3. 01,1 Faith nnd New nwletlBe; I. flcrmsn Hymnulogy; fi. Lamb nod ud ; Ii. Tho World's Need of Woman ; T. llovi t of then tin- habit of the .Saxon mind to express ita lnngunge and that of the Oriental nntiu their thoouhu b> symbolic methods, and n this count.) the p ipuh Iltlcrenco it pr.-icllros ... i.,^M |ifu and public w THE TWEVT Y-SEVEXTU ' Nalional Anil-Slavery SabsciiptJon-Annivcrsarj-. JANUAEY, 1BG1 m:s the clnim for Universal Liber In our country, the best part of n lifetime njrn. Ihe work lay wholly in futurity. The idea and the principl, Human liights were to bo rcplanlcl, the justice necessity uf their cause a< again-.! slavery Io be proved, the prevailing apathy t„ bo broken, tho public mind t„ benwakoncd and enkindled, the insufficiency ufaChurc! and State controlled by slarery to compass freedom tr rated, Ihe retrogression of the land toward, barbarism under their away tu bo made manifest, ami freedom of speech, of the press, and of a new ipeelflt association lo bo claimed and exercised a* the only mf Relent instrumentalities of prepress. T'liis is the initiatory wurk that has been doiiD.nnd by It abundant opportunities of direct oclmu hav. l« ,'u rendered praoticablc. Tlio imliK itseli', in a thousand sliapia, now lies before us, whoso privilege it has been to make ready for It. Tho despotism isdrivco inloopen day. To meet it. reipiTres devotion, industry, and the sacred fire of a Irue cnlhu In,. ..IT... Canleniu;, ovidcntlj t. tl, . subjee ,1,1,-n The third articlo, wh , i verj .'! . ,i ., "gland lo clpl.uu a i. him, . . (Ouv Waslnnnton tCorvcspoiulcnre. tor) - . Look i a-, tlio ole. tin Plainly n defe-nt of Ihe [iroslavery parly, of Sir. Pennington, Speaker of the Tlouiie :, it is a fact that tho slave- „ .u...i;i,. ) defeal .e c.i tu ass, and yet were thoroughly bet iniest. The slaveholders were beaten in th ii-akership last winter, and nov dd in tho pitched baltlc of a Presidential rtunes of Ihe pro-slavery parly, and prove I see that you are not expceli, IIIU no lets than fifty pages, e >ol e lately published in defend the "rationalistic" as the Itroad Church," and en essays by as many difTor- cnl w liters, all ..f ivlicm ore eminent Iheolngians of the . Lurch ..i I ..!„,..! Their .Una of the authority of lh III I. .i... -| i.,. |.ri.-. iphs nin 'h' should guldO US Hi on are. if we do not misjudge, sub- "'' ' same Hal were Held by Theodore I '- - Wu| rcoho thai an Amodean edition of the »" u,, -br d e tiiV of " Itccont Jn.iniries in Theology, .., I..:.-', i larchmeo," will, .,-, Introduction by the It... !>.. Ueilsc. ha-j been published in Boston, by vViilkcl . Wise ,t Co. The vun lew in Th, iian.incr will >t'uiul ite io.ity ..n.l it., interest of the public in .usly than over to meet Ihe demands of -ises unparalleled in the history of uur eou ideed, in tho history of the world. For w is it ever happened that Freedom has I om aiming a dominant people for a down-t a so grand a scale as ibis t Wo ask aid of while wo hid them observe that their freedom makes progress only in exact proportion as our slavery is brought into discredit. Wo a.nk aid uf Americans ; for whore Is Ihe American to whom this cause of ours Is lot tho supremo interest of the present hour ns allbrd- tie tho only hojie of Futurity 7 Tho work before us Is ..ver that primary one contemplated by no other exist- ing body, political or religious : the work that Church always templed by the necessities of their position as such lo neglect, adjourn, suppi monitors to ih- siiv. ind to ct nil. ate „...,..,. | And tho stronger the lies mote thi placed, to tcinpuris .11 these wo c cordially inv Louisa I.oniNn, L. Uabh ClIILn, lli.sniF-rT-r.. S..P...KST. A ;.!; U'.ni.i-; U>>-|,.v. . and lb,- Moniorinls of Thomas Iloud, in which 'striking resemblances and marked differences" lime are pointed out, and tho private rirlues by i each was distinguished nro duly recognized. It beautiful and appropriate tribute lo two men e memory will over bo fondly cherished by the n fro li fro I a irnin urged upon ights, and which, lloutcd for a time, are at length dmiltod, though in a somewhat patronising spirit. iito popular j nals and reviews. Tho writer, who. crimps, but Jo II. - .lo- , |.,,:,,| ie W m", lighLs Convootit o-. might never have devoted on hour a the subject, i-d who only work- over tbo thoughts .l.i.l, I,,.,, over been tho staple of discussinn m suoi onventio*, in ikes thi -.- invidious remarks : We .if in. ...... •., flout «..„.„,, Convcnllon s.of Into, hav iliig apologia all hi -nl,.-, t God belief that slavery perpetrated upon I huin strhle ..head, ami the l.'ariilina >]i,ins il. A slaveliuldor i-d blow has hit him or his darling < well ns anybody else. Washington nver the election » days, but pcuple arc Rcltinj qu n Jo. Lane himself sacs there « and n.ob lav made ao attack npun Th' f.Vit bui any connection ot TVie Era with se the ltopublicau Auociation r especially as the not support the, The Southon vbile, and torn of pro-slavery n hour, and in of themselves, -ii.iul.l in. i .-ol III,,, ,1 vomit thunder, but the mst of them begin to talk very favorably of llio Union nd Mr. Lincoln, f? has sinricd the stury that lr. Lineuln will not turn out well-behaved Democrats rom office ; and more than uno office-holder who. be- fore the result of Ihe election wns known, applied some pretty harsh epitlu Is to Mr I m, ol u i rj him op will lik.. him' P...,r,,.t,.„,i i ,,, . ,,,,., elvemonth liny will curse lo. iltodow, for by that coui-so of the on the humbug sionquesiiunevcites much speenhiliou. ThePresi- profeases to believe that there is danger of dis- i, ond I am not sure that he is insincere. Cobb Thompson have scared the uld public functionary within an inch of his lire, and it is doubtful If he will promise lo Bonner of Tim Ledger. That Mr. Buchanan secretly sympathies with the Dia- onists there can be nu doubt. But he is nfrnid to let e known, and he Shudders nt the thought ormeeling iHilignalionof*lhe Northern people. So he will be iged lo uphold the laws, after a fashion, should South Carolina nltompi lo nullify them. The South 't wait for him io gel his can ass out of llio way. He daily beseeches leading .-oulherii politicians In! "! next March. iVlicn Wigfall had filled the old man's ad full of tho terrors of disunion, he cried out, Great God ! Wigfall, can'J you wait till my term is out!" But Wigfall kept up his character by replying that Tolas wouldn't wait, not to save forty Presidents I Vet the horrible Wigfall will draw his pay as Senator out of Unclo Sam in December, and will take his seat in the Senate. If lie don't, then something dreadful is cer- tainly going to happen—to Wigfall. The Republicans lioro talk rather funnily of the pro- posed accession of the Gulf States. They comejel non- resistance on the part of the United Stales. " Lot them go," Is the general sentiment, " and stay out till they ik of It." I met one man, Ihe other day, High to build up a hope of a Republican Douse enato upon- lho expectation thai South Camlin Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi will loot io Union. The moment the colloa Stales get the i.h ,at the Republicans would rather liko lo havo the cede, there will be on end to tho bombastic threats , o I- ire -.iters. 1 verily believe that ir it were not I, . en at class of no n -sin vol i elders now under tho cru '.', 1 iie-ioaster iu the Sonlh, a majority nl the ,,. ! tin iVi.-o States would be in favor i ii — i partition of tho Slates at this pnrlieub slav eh old. vo disgraced Women'sHigh 19 Conventions," .l*ce whysuch bodies, nny more than otliers. Id In he invtiici.ilily .li.--r.u. ed " by the ,1 intrusion therein of improper persons. Are as of men, or even of ministers, held to be vably disgrnced " on this account- Wo trow y improper men not unfrequently find their religious assemblies, and even into pulpits ; on this account, required to fursako the assembling of oursclivs together, and to abandon the pulpit ns "irretrievably digraced "! If not, why should we, for no heller reason, give up Woman's ighis Cniventions? The "Iloview'of Current Literal II re,'' brings into ilice some important and valuable works. These questions have just been examined, with great | a ktpt up much longer, it can hardly fail to .r, ale i.-y. i II. o r,.,",.r,i after eni. I. Innuiry woi.l 1 I..'., pr. . Hi,;hL) Con vent io os ' " I1C, « II. d liory and pro- has been inaile in a good degree respeciahlo by the toils and sacrifieea of spirits braver than ihein=elios, lo disparage the plans and of the devoted pioneers, who, it inuil bo cunfessed. are not intallilile : but we think the criticism of this writer is ipiile not unkind. The lead- ers in what is usually called the Woman's nights movement did not. in their real fur rioW>-, overlook their duties It ni- in- .Hurt lo perform their duties, indeed that tuadu them sensible uf their need of the rights of wl... I. i o hod been so lung despoiled, and they commenced their work in the light uf llioir I • I under tho guidnnce of their best cts. They did just i do, i Wo do . otlieo. for the sale of Anli-f [urery. Temperance, nn's Itighl-n Anti-Capilnl Punishment, Peace, Spiritual and other publication., has been established it No. IS Sleuben street, Albany, X. V., near the Dela- an House. A general assortment of stationery (111 ie kept on hand for sale on tho most favorable li-rins. Subscriptions for 'tin Libtrvhtr, Natiunii. Avrt-Suvkliv uno, ,Inli-.sY.irm, Ihi.jtc IDhiu), tontlon Anti- Sorery Advotale nnd IkrtilJ of Froyrist, will be eclved. aoiions, Oflers for Buuks and Tenets, and cor nieations relative lo anti-slavery and oilier reform meeting!* In different parts of the Stale should addressed to Ihe general agent, I.yw Mott, Albany. N. V Rick StmiiKiis or Tin: Stinii.uio.— IttciiAitn D. Webb, 170 Great Brunswick slreot, Dublin, requires the fol- lowing numbers of the X.irioMi.AsTi-RijVKi;vSr*Sn'.Bti tocomplete n file which In- keep- I'm ihe convenience of reference by any who may apply to him for the purpose. Ills Imperil collection having ho eu occasionally of use in thi- wai^Jtis desirous to e pi.- to it, ami any nf the following numbers will bo thankfully received if lur- warded t the of Itev. j. May. Jr., 2'Jl Wnshingion -tr. .: .t to the Anil-Slavery (JUke.fl Dcekman street, Xcw Y..:k. Vol. I-S'o*.;. in. IS, Si to 39. II. I. 11, 11. lo, In. -J10-Kos. 1 t 11-Sos. IS. S3. JO. 12—No, i ^u to end. 13-Nu. l3. 8. 11. II. 1C.1 ii S'oa. 28 lo cod. If— No. ,'.i 17-Sos. 5,57,4?, 4T. re ijul res gel mi . the disc II those indispensable i-cqi cordialli- oi rity, whethe r L'uro nil elm I,. .• of thoii lomptution, beinj; s misc. o luve labor Hall, Boston, ir by letter. iv Rrsrci.!., A.vs lti:io:n:., mi- II oi in us, Aci,r.;-Tv G. Kiko, fEsros, Et.ui.vimu I'm Anvm, fi.s.iyP. C.ili Sicui P. An TWESTY-FIPF1I PEIVNSILVANIA APtTI-SLAVEKV I'AIR Tnn Ba?jiae will bo opened in the Saloons of t Assembly Buildings, Philadelphia, on Tuesday cvcnii December 11th, and will continue during the fnllowi three days. This announcement will be Bufllciont secure to thcjlauageis the zealous cooperation of Ihose who, for ninny successive years, have proved the of this instrumentality uf anti-shivery hihor. To others, who hnvo nut had this experience who have not hilhorlo deeply felt tho claims t aoli-daiei-y eoterpri-e, wo appeal fo not only in the name of fuiir millions uf their f countrymen, deprived, by American statutes, ofall the .-ights of American fi their own imperilled Uluindler Darlington 10 t Murlha Haines n of v leepeiiing for thirty years, unlil every village fi miiiio to Tcxm feels its influence, is no longer mei ihe question. Shall the negro slaves of those United Slates bo emancipated t Tho truth, ever uhviuus lu th I philosopher, that the enslavers of others beeoui lelvos enslaved, is now being demons Irate il lo till i. Tho inestimable blcssin--. which .Vmci-i, .in oil lavo held so dear, freodoui uf spoooh and of lh press, the Aafrfas corpus, Ihe right of trial by jury, am deed, all the safeguards oi American law, nre wreste om every man, Northern or Southern, who, upo Southern soil, dares to oll'ind a slaveholdlng populac liinly utterances in behalf of liberty. The struggle iw fur uur own civil and political five.lom, as r the personal freedom ot tlio slaves ; nnd upt those ii'hose moral siiscoptiliiliiii-s tuko no cognb if the latler. wo urge the consideration of the foi t is by such discipline Ihat n:iii„ni may learn tlnl .l.-,ilutr ri^ht i-. the oi-. -i pnliiii al economy. Are ult of our lens oxr erionco in ntt-slnvery Inl confidence to urge ity the claims uly-lillh Fair. Th ["inripl. of equitable t which our Fa nowu to need eiplnn lio here. From our coailjut l.l.M a an< 1 ab™ad * 1. pe to rec vo valuable c Don lions in money or irlieh -: e.f merchandise n lo Ihe Anti-Slavery Office, N o, 107 North F reel, Philadelphia, r I any meu joe of the Ct itlco if Arrangcnion : A. nmsco"., YJ. Ciiii.ii, Ukiiwcv S. ll.inr, Avm M. JlCTtSON, 1.1.TII 1'I.BH. ,^111 i KtMUJiw.o:, Hoi.n, ii r.-iricE. Smuu A. McKiu, Hmibikt D. Pciiv LucitCTU Mutt, AMK SlIOUltAKCI AI.MLS Cintx, IIi^.ni I,. Stick Eint-rW.TATjJOi MMtTUl A. Gai-VK, B..IITIJ.WHSO.V. SLuir Giieiv, ILuiv C. Wiuuur o would again call the attenli four readers and of nil friends of Anti-Slavery Reform, as just the ] deb tho times and Ihe now ret •in—send for them—ei renin I o them. No. 1- Cor res pond ore o between l.vdia Marin Child and Governor Wise and Mrs. Mosou. of Virginia. C i.2 Viclor Hugo on American Slavery, with leltcn of ulher distingulsb..| in,l,i i,lii„'-;. ii-, n, Tocquevlllo, M.u'/iiii, Lafayette, Ac i. 3. An Account ufsmuo ufthe Principal Slave Insur Josui'A Conty. 5 cents, i. -1. Tho New Rcictl of Terror in the Shu eholdini Stales, for ISoS-'CO. in cents. No. 5. Ilnniel O'Connel) on American Slavery ; will other IrLili Testimonies. 5 eenbs. No, 11. The Itiglit Way the Sale Way. proved by Kman West Indies and .lnoivhere. Ilj I,. X So. 'J. Tin Me M-v '!."i'„i! "il.- in i-e-Ac duct ion .flifty will be sen ; by ma postage charge. ^sft-To be had a the An per .nt- will be iinidev ro taken. Gratuitous c lamination, on receiving the ili-Slavcry Cillie, ' Bcoki North Fifth street, Philadelphia ; 15 Siouben sireet, Albany ; ond 221 Washington s Boston, dhsnl, Mass.. on Tuesday, Nor. 6, Lecn 'e ut Kdinuml l.luiuey, ami iloughtor e.f I Parker of Boston, aged 30 years. .. h.iib,-,,, journal. " Sirs. Qufncy," friend in n privato letter fr-..,,i Doslon, " (fas a of v,ry -leporine mlml and line culture; sir genuine, slmplo and real in hermannera nnd 1: thought; frnnt. independent. unscIBsh ; of ran iiml especial devotion ,-v- a wife nnd mother ; mo where host known ; her sympathy nnd support priei I. -< value to Ono whose opinions have robl " All who Itnvo ill i.oi irk.. I ,i i. tlie Hold,. I i:-t.i..ili M. Clark, lines A- Slelson, Brooklyn, Ct. .-,|.b .-bunt/ . j-tainfi.r.1, Ct, I-. I've iluiilivs, Hampton, Cl. - i-iu-i ll"!i,i,.. l..,i,ir lii.l-e, !• - illi.un 1- i-ii, New Vm-kCity 1-..-U-, in Willi fnry Abell, . H' (."1..1- -libit- v. ..I IH-Ii. I.'. 1.I.U- Hill, "I' IVieo.ralUei- Ml ml W.C.Ie, l-uirliel.l. nrioL Hood ahel Pylo imV-e-tli Atkinson l-.lln .taints li. Wall Spcakman " .".u C. Ilobinson Thns. K. I.nng-h.ii J. Ilnmbleton. Ilinm Jackson P. Crosier Thomas Ilnnnum ieorgc Corson .lwoo.1 Memlenhall lleinve Aik, Il [-: W.Ci.rsni. ,nor I'ugh id II. Longshore ItulHirt Purvis l.ydia While ^prciiil gotiwjs, •''>•- Mi. iiiinv A.vti-Shvi:uv Convention*.—Tlie 'com! Annual Anti-Slavery Com eniion fur Michigan, will hold at Adrian, oooioieii. inl' on Sninnliiv, November lh, at 2 uVluek. ,i. HI. All oar ailni.ei.irit- of tlio pre*- il year, whether Stale or National, lime l.eon uf the most tere.ling anil ci nun raging diameter. Let Ibe friends of ocnilnvcdln llichlgnn see lo It. that theirs shall bono .Mho leli.B.SIoliljInsol ^(lvrtti,5finrnt5. L ANALYST.fp II L AN "W"r;W YORK STATK CAJIPAIGN PAMI'HLtT -JIIY QUAIJI'ICArillN oil Ml I -ItilPKklV ol'AHnWTIOH. pttlt'l'l; UT nl Wi:S!U:i.I. I'llll.LU'S, — A ino tnr.'-"'".n". l .'i'nii''^ l .'i'ii-'" '',','-'. I, !|,™'l W.lrfC.I, TtltrJ pltOtlliLiwlVE I l:li:le- .-Send t|. (Iliver J ,,;,ri' '^"''-Vi'b'Y "--"-- n'.4 l ,'.'r'ii.''i'i , J i.'ii,' t v.'i"ii h . i i:i;t;ll' - '111 H . lil-'l IIEASON. No. i. llTl'MANS IIHIIIT.- !'--,„ .-.-liri..". •( Hie Tefilh 1IK PL'ltLIC LIFL tIF I'APr JI.MX llUUWN, tyTHE t'L'MLIt: LIFE tIF CAPT-JfJIlN Jam** fUJpaUl, wilt, ad Au4.jti v-iathj '-T Mi Sl'llinil. full VnUS.i L.U'IL- -Mi- ,-. J. Ilu.-oll 111 l-....l,..ll., ll.liO. ,.,.1.1., ..-. L.r „.!.•,„., WllF-F.LKit k Wll-SOS'.-i SL1VINU MAflllNrS urUv.Ma BroU..,, tttw Yu(I.
  4. 4. _ .... (cesses But lliorc is no mao wbo cm. Imbituallv Icon spoke to buudreds only. No miwter who luul I .kv.I* umkc ilu- m»n, bu( it is tbo elite wbicl. rooke. ^Ui'-.ffll.lHrOUO ilrilUVtmrm. s1 „.'i,- ,-„.,., ,„,i,, ,.,.,„ «„„ Lours o, dny |bi.l«Uu» n..y subject, tho great waaaorbU..- or dooms il- writer lb... , n wl-l. "!»«>* -' Cj ^_ *__ j frit-nil Mr ' l.lik- CO.ilr.., '- ll !> f -i' '" M> -' •» s i:«,'ln!-.'1 I '..I. 11 1 ,;|. It in f-miip-. pai i - l.u» r. "I I I i> OS T1IK K ,11-1. -lilii . ll |ii.|"iil ll' lii'-l labor ",V,rr" Un,al"" „-,:!.". .,< i.i- bit. in kit. . i D™lni 'I i r. I.j Mi...! ire Park, i nr beyond ll.ucir TRIFLES • ,", -llnH ri'itL . II ,.ll .... '-Y-ll '.'. .! 1 ..... r.'..i lit. -ii ,....! 1 . ,t i, .iiiii lieoJorc jIi not i '.!'.'! £i%M.. il.c rocky vidlc>, walking « flctc" ikon my"" .. .|.,i 1.1.1. r-. i ikj tck r ai thai "• '" " ._.,i, , "in" ' ,i . . . . i . . i i tsr.KlcJ lldckcU I pel) i... ' :;•., i. .-I from r1..n> s Fro . '''.. ii. . 1 kno« ••• and Horn it . , ... , '.'..., .'..',; ., fearful ,.:,.• 1,1.1 fee «c itcnda reel" , il.c gleams of ntcsl.lnc ll.el upon loo dm tlndo wmoVvrew ttio ( (lowers upon tbc ctaa? <i*tr cli llii.ili.1-'. itlih lull! ' If CI ' ' '-;> ( !K , ...II..I! .1.11. . I ll..-. , ...... -,:. -piifr!...!. Thou M.-.)-.t»l..-i--r word, not of Comfort In »« T.M Imi'm. in.. bordci nl.crt 11.11 urooJIue mystcr; '" ' „ . III .„,-.! i,-1- ,i Ti- if -! .. i..-:i-...Ht ..1-..I--.I -.Jul" V, ' I "• "£ THEODORE PARKJ&l I I r.Tf.M.I 1. sit t-'i'-fi '!," ".",', ,.'i'. "V ' '•'.'. ..;- «i. til: „j ,-... „,., .,.,-.. .i„-i.i ibai m., ,',( .]<!.- iMiV.rt-: --L. f..«/iMr»."-. Is tl,o 1S33. there w-w ft joucj; mail o( eiehtecn nt' work ..[.on a f:irci tit I«s.o«ton, perform- ^iosboHilylabr- " ' ..ctomplisb.-d l-lll-il by ttCM Vi.lir luipcnsnte fur thn mlur-Iccturiii" l>; c'i'il '"ii,. j'.lltiln.l 1„- ,. Il„- f.i.i tl.-.i i>..- whole might read the people the Sanscrit Lexicon, nn.l uBC l<„i wb.-.t lipid 1....I bo n ol' Ike nccustottca summer n in. i iv. Ih . ntr- .1 .V.i-...l?hi)i wliiili r.u oiipciior. H-.t -o f'.r M lilemry cxecul ..-, I. .1.. I.. ,„.,|.,l .,:..,,.. = ..f K -... ffas.iip.Hs of curved i.uicl.k from ..... nl.M. tliey ..r- .ml t.kk.l Nut >ri Jrnwiog nenr ll-. sl.bulc .: n Ibou^Ulit, tl.r irili. iilii.rsl siltviitn r!i j '.luk i|u li- t.. . ;tl. .- tin if »|iki i. ,-i.liTil.- l-i - I- Int. . ll.. liil.s uf Ike ]..>"-". I'.ir i..-l;.i.i... i;.i...t'. ') deiiCBW nllusion. th.' k,- t net.- .-1 en-l. n, "" " MithriJutcs." ' lltiin.iir.-wi." n..d ' Htien h- hi ll.rn- .nra In liim tho wrrk of'mDio eapric* be pronounce* tie jiOf-in of " Mi-.-:nli... . " ].....r n-..l wenk"; liccoiiik.i.i.j.. -l.-.iit.-.-^e «', ,. I Noicc." n.,1 thinks ihot it pin.- tri- wJ.ii U -h, ul.t t^lk like Mr L'mcrson's ouyht t.. J.r Juwo mid cist into Il.c n-a. Tin- linn n; "f ...' .li-> ; "C i....l;i"i Hj Tb. dtr-j. or|«.rb- jJJ" (^to'ty^odhoo :.' "'' -- sij'- - ' •""' '.'ri'»' |. i tt.ih.j. . i ii.-. . . • in ur i-hlichtui ai..linlir;v ih.-uii-l- .. . . .- tbouKhti liioii-l ih. iiiitow kniiu of moItrial . tt- f.n it!.ii-h ihi. >'-ii.. nl.'ii ri.ini-n.irJ i o J j J- ti ore lo I- bold It tu admltv. and tu ieel it to sjun — ITii Scrap Bi*il-. ...1. .. ... 1.,,....:, All Svi.i. Joussos .iv UuEitsict IVhm Ur. Tlu-sto rcuiorpd to SI iv.ill. ii'.. Il.i i p.. ..nil. .1 .'. 1 bull ...u.i. anJ lo I.i. ..'..1. -.1. ... r G uji '- •.i'"! ; -.'Mi^t „ StnalluJiu, "wbon..." ray- Mr- thr.-il. . 1 " ' '••' tl, i-.l I,..; ii... . ...... . II. ^^ ^ovcijju 6lrnniity& . .... - -. , Creek illustrated rs.ih Iv- nJiil. ue It wblrh . . . -.. .....^ type. a..d ii ini ';:.,.' 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Ii .!.lr...|. n-l- i^ lli tli-h.i-l,: 1,1 ii..- ,i..n.. 1 1 ..r/.u- i.-n.| is. h. .In. . ,d pns.-.-il bv. « utterly unknown. 1 nl Europe always iloru I'u.k.-r. r„r he wn« -.1,. 1 noujjl .ntpr l-;.,.f . ...-lit nge toth-.t .-nni.irv. t,,, which he most rcmnrk llmt they do no mest . oinpri^- .1 -mil touch the sky. n dpal before we c ,.,ph.... 1.1 1 for ui.i | ' _ failed . m. li-i roost - . j I ,'d ,' - .MA k ,-.i scir-soiK- h.lle from 1 all. that onp .....,l- I.. 'lh.-n: 1. I.— - pr ,-1 - kim wbo piinti h.ui i--. - '! him n.i be '." m..i.t I... Ih- wori, 1 hill. Mm ke.U ..... of 1,0.1 h, , ., ; ..| .1., ....;:;. .h nrd 'nii.t - - ...... in -ht 1 ... 11 il- ...-h 1l.i1. rai. I. !nV..'il... hrlue "; - ->i. - '. . 'i- ."'.' . ""',", v.,--; ../. v.i. :.. 1- ii-uuhl .In (u-imll nuy pr.jii.h. 1 UoUnjIiroko, WnlH and 1 h. M.-rik..l. Ii«JJrld 6 o nod , .. , '..'' , .. : - '-'.','-.; ".,'..;"'."; '.''".:.:: ).v:->ilf ." uLtii.t.ui,- fun" li^... 1 Iicrtti- IJ-. fll'C tolll-1- liui.froni the >..a.;i>l>--••.i«. .- nf whnm nculd Imie . ,t i'.ai. " .1..- M s. ^rd .he recovered il.c , ..;... l..-.r W W W...1.1 ..H.I 1:1,1. it.. i .tic win ..... .. ; J . :.• 1 1 p-i .1. h. r IjI-J.i,' J.-ul.ry 1.1 ,. Bli( n f.n iIj.i l.itk I)- a ik-n-'iman 1. . ..u.i |i . .m.i-i.i.. |- l.-i.i: P N.-.I il 1 ) n !d In t iiri| . the impel ilin ll,i- (unrrol j-, . 1- ' 1 el-" 'I. J |.,,i.ii|.„^ v. h.-.-l r.>r.:r.uil. t.,-ht .ju.ii: 1, .-..!. >•< ll.-) Min/ii h) inn on .In . :.-. 1 -r,-.!. d Ti 1 r.t... > . wh:. h h. in-iiie.l was ipiii- ill..-jl. Ik In cun>e.)utoce brouRhi ..til. :!-. : 1 . : . .jil> 11. lltvvout lo -...!.-. Li,,.-, ., ..,: hn pin-'.. r« li.-f.-rw il..- uiai'i-.r-'id. and II, ii -..-' ' ' * - ' — " - '— ' ,l.f.n.lant« ..ere nLli r. p. . ,-...:.!. .1 I.i Mi- .1 .-. Ki-. plutked ..( lu o.nki rn. ... M ... ...ll. 1. •. 1 * 1 cc in danger, is (ear As in.ill . rri j L.* ih. p.- .. : -1. ';;;; t mnde ti *pc- 1 Ii.,.n , 1 „lli In This m -. I.iu-l : 1.,.. . vodci. tl. nil ion £ raoacy „,,.,!..,„;. IU ft . :,1 to cullivnto or nven indulge not produced by h.s frcquont oiiii speech alone ; <•: it i- a idcll M.illips, wbo larely writes I-.".'". '1 ' ,' vr ; : ;, ui.,:- I.. .' anil cStbToi ", are i'luliulflphiii ^ihcvtionnruto. TTBI.PRR'S " IMPENDING CRtSId ' it if.c SODTn ,ibi.u..n vbh ,"t lleMe- lo the poorcii corner. S'ot ci .;. roua in inont) 0..I1 — though the ri.ilu.i— of bis ben-liccnco in thnt ilir.-tiir.ii bad k .1 . Mink !• «W:.v» ba-slencd pint ili-.i minor beslowal n> if ll.ero whs not dome , •!.. r :.d k-.l uift |i.,-v.l.l.-. Miu.p { fPtiicP or corrcspo.itlcoco, some lift-blood, in short, to bo I....1. I in s •!. r form. 10 eke out tho nlrcndy libnral douotioa of dollnra. rh.ri' i- .1.1 i..,|...— ... ;i llmt be mi unrorgiriog. I'nlor^.-tiin; ho i-cn..i..l) wm.; for be Lad no power (or iruod or evil, llo bad I-,...- ..I ll-.! nipi.t ol.hvi.,1, „ cnrclcs j.^U- rju long n with 1. |. Hall, nnd .halt life. I..r .ii: "-~la:-p. In-sli. iiiol'-.te. i.-h; nr..l shade, wonderful r to all finer touehts and ...... ....- nl. nl, lo p.i ;.i!.- ,. itllm- ;- In. Ill f... ihi.i-ll -:,.. I 1-1 jd. In :l. ;- r; rush ur..l h-.rr) of hi. life, lie kid no I lu - 1 Till; Ti'MITATItlS OX M.i:t;["l.ltlfl:. Ery. 1 ^ ;ll ,-,.:..!, nil T)UAH(iisf; uou.-i: — r.-p-. p.. tots p. /i ah d—an:ANNA M. LONGSnOUB POTTS, »t. 1)., T^UKSnUIIK-l'.,..:.,.... ill. flat., the second a r..e 1^- i.l in..-' ,1.., t . -i ...1 i/- i„ni:uiiii: .t ji-.-ricr. !...;..«. .- I JKI/t. lit I. M. a - '°,^ci°.'|»f liV«. v> a Lnndou. Id 1661. lor all of SAI,Ai!ANDlT. SAPK. t-( COSFEUTIOSEItV — rt»ftifDii, lofini. ^ TONrS .fc Co.. uf the SK:'-' . 7; N- 1 ..ur,;, .i(«. ssJitrussss: 11. on-; us, hrokt 11. ofthelttlun 0,1 of tbo Inn. ll.i'thui multiplied : .- .-,. .|,.l..|-..,l,lr,..-.,-..a-,.,..l.t.tnl. point. Veiii se...... da- if ho could Uiii.-Pt to othera. grant hitii only ll-..- ".;.,." ::,:„£-! :,.„.;,,,.. ... »mhor by (entente, and let tdl e"Jr Go. The - 1 .-,.,,.. ....- inuo. ofPipi. nnd with n ,,| il.p Te-no. 1* nienimvTikoko I wil -lies of Duhiknk.i undo My llirant ,:.•]... 11 1 : -- b....i,:,.V r-ll,.. ..I .1. I- .. ^riBl-"..| ...I ll.u.lh.i hft II..- ...... dllB I .,„..., r.,r fnrtntng an 11..-. il.t 'jictiMi a»I-p lile, wbi-n dot.ta are 11 my TIItKt "llu AUK IT. WILLING TO SUPPORT I' j ^: ;".. - • . ; '-•, -,:; t«UI# b4 Cc-Hh, &e. , «UI Oad lb* uUc4*cwJ.«ud tmbva. blol- l«ii-.,.c lAi tu,-), Li.UJ l L ucLu ill lot*":-. 4d«J)Ii. OEUM.B W. TirLOB.