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Gleaning Food - for the Poor, for your Local Foodbank and for Soup Kitchens


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Gleaning Food - for the Poor, for your Local Foodbank and for Soup Kitchens.
They Need You. Please Help. Thanks you.

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Gleaning Food - for the Poor, for your Local Foodbank and for Soup Kitchens

  1. 1. ` GLEANING FOR FOOD from Local Farmers, Gardeners and Others Please Help Support your Local Food Banks, Soup Kitchens and the Poor Thank You. LINKS: To obtain the best results in making all the Links to work properly, Please Download the File as a PDF File, and open the PDF File and Click on the Links. Thank You. ~ Society of Saint Andrews Gleaning Network ~ Harvesting Organizations Directory Gleaning Resources The Student Guide to Gleaning Best Practices for Gleaning in School Lunch Program Let’s Glean - Toolkit Starting a Gleaning Program at Your Food Bank Gleaning Food - organizing a project A Guide to Community Food Projects Adopt-a-Farm: Gleaning Project for Farmers Adopt-a-Garden: Gleaning Project for Gardeners Gather It - How to Organize an Urban Fruit Harvest How to Organize an Urban Fruit Harvest
  2. 2. How to Start a Gleaning Program ~ LOCAL HARVEST List of Local Farms and other groups in Your Region that you might glean JOURNEY TO FOREVER VOLUNTEER to WORK on ORGANIC FARMS in Europe Cheap way to see Europe book: Europe Through the Back Door: The Travel Skills Handbook; by Rick Steves ~ Thurston County Gleaners Newsletter Urban Food Gleaning, Portland Oregon The Stanford Gleaning Project 40,000 People go Gleaning at Denver Farm Arlington Woman delves into Gleaning - Arlington MA Glean a Little Goodness - California Groups Forage for Fresh Food Waste Not, Want Not - Feeding the Hungry, Reducing Solid Waste Vermont Foodbank Gleaning Program Gleaners for the Lord - Downer’s Grove Illinois ~ Plant a Row for the Poor Have your Friends Help you Glean the Harvest for your FoodBank or Soup Kitchen Plant a Row for the Poor: Brochure
  3. 3. FOOD SECURITY links HELP The Inner City POOR eat Fresh Organic Food ~ GLEANING GROUPS Urban Gleaners The Gleaning Network of Texas The Gleaning Project of Western Mass Pierce County Gleaning Project The Davis Gleaning Project Marin Organic School Lunch and Gleaning Program Fraser Valley Gleaners Okanagan Gleaners Ontario Christian Gleaners The Prairie Gleaners Society Chautauqua County Gleaning Project The Stanford Gleaning Project Gleaning: A Community Harvest Jefferon Gleaning project
  4. 4. Mid-Atlantic Gleaning Network Small Potatoes Gleaning Project Reno Gleaning Project Home Schooling Gleaning Project Gleaning the Harvest Rotary Gleaning Project Peterborough Gleaning Program Senior Gleaners Hidden Harvest Portland Fruit Tree Project Society of St. Andrews Gleaning Network Gleanings for the Hungry Glean for the City Faith Feeds The Gleaning Network of Southern Oregon Helping Hands Gleaning Ministry
  5. 5. Cascade Gleaning Association Garden Gleaning Project Slow Harvest Gleaning Project The Growing Project - Gleaning Fruits of the City Gleaning Project Gleaning For The World Concord-Diablo Rotary Gleaning Project Tualatin Valley Gleaners Ag Against Hunger Boston Area Gleaners Gleaners for the Lord Golden Empire Gleaners Gleaners of Clackamas County Creston Valley Gleaners Locavore: Gleaning for a New America Project Share Gleaning
  6. 6. San Francisco Urban Orchards Project Harvest for the hungry - Oklahoma Marin Gleaning Program Gleaning - Farm To Pantry Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle Lawrence Fruit Tree Project - Gleaning Program ~ utilizing ORGANIC COMMUNITY GARDENS to Feed the Poor Food Donation - A Restaurateur's Guide book: American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Food; by Jonathan Bloom book: Faith Like Potatoes, by Angus Buchan ~ Your Local Foodbank Needs You. Please Help. Thank YOU! ~ A CITZEN ACTION FACT SHEETS - for Community Food Recovery A Donor’s Guide to Vegetable Harvest and Storage Donating Food to Food Pantries and Cupboards Food for Your Community: Gleaning and Sharing Food Pantry Wish List
  7. 7. Organizing Your Community Garden Plan Before You Donate Produce ~ A Gleaning We Will Go Alabama Farmers join Gleaning Network Boston Area Gleaners Annual Report Case Study - Lessons Learned from a Summer of Gleaning Chautauqua County Gleaning Project Chester County Gleaning Program Faith Feeds Gleaning Project Farmers and Food Pantries Embrace Gleaning Food 101 - Gleaning for the poor Freegans - Gleaning and Food Recovery Gleaning - A Community Harvest Gleaning - Global Awareness, Local Action Gleaning aids hunger programs - Albany, Troy NY Gleaning as a Tool to Reconnect at the Local Level Gleaning for the Hungry - Mary Schapper Gleaning is Finally Finding the Limelight
  8. 8. Gleaning Project goes to Farmers Market Gleaning Stories - Portraits of Gleaners Gleaning Will Change the Way You Think About Food Gonzaga University begins Gleaning Project Increasing Food Recovery From Farmer’s Markets Jefferson Park Gleaning Project New Gleaning Project Prevents Waste Salvation Farms Gleaning Network Successful Gleaning Day - Contra Costa County The Benefits of Gleaning Transition Sarasota Gleaning Project Waste Not, Want Not - Gleaning in Washington DC ~ Missing - Fresh Foods in Baltimore Fresh Food Baltimore City of Beaverton Oregon Sows Giving Gardens to Feed the Hungry Dig in to Summer Gleaning with D.C. Central Kitchen Faith Based Community Initiatives First Fruits Farm - A Christian Ministry Gleaning - A Biblical idea grows popular again
  9. 9. Gleaning for the Hungry Gleaning in America - 6,000 Years of Green Living Instead of Market Surplus, Crops go to Needy Low-Hanging Fruit Make Harvest for Hunger a Garden Priority Miracle meals for millions - Fraser Valley Gleaners Modern Gleaning Plot Against Hunger Seniors support the Fraser Valley Gleaners Tualatin Valley Gleaners Say Need is Greater Than Ever Urban Gleaners mission: waste not, want not ~ City Fruit helps the Seattle community optimize urban fruit trees Fruit Tree Harvest Contributes to Classroom Snacks Gleaning Gets New Life on Tennessee Farms Got fruit? Harvest your fruit trees for those in need New Gleaning Project Prevents Waste Portland project forages for urban edibles so they don't go to waste Understanding Gleaning Historical and Cultural Contexts You can legally pick oranges in Sacramento from trees owned by the City
  10. 10. ~ Swap your Books, Share or Trade your Books with Other People ~ NEWSLETTERS Fraser Valley Gleaners Newsletter 2010 Fall Fraser Valley Gleaners Newsletter 2011 Winter Mid-Atlantic Gleaning Network, Newsletter Winter 2005 Mid-Atlantic Gleaning Network, Newsletter Winter 2006 ~ Organic LAWN CARE book: The Organic Lawn Care Manual; by Paul Boardway Tukey book: Lawns: Natural And Organic; by Don Williamson Organic Lawn Care Sources & Resources Safe Lawns Organic Lawn and Yard Care Organic Land Care BOOKS: Food Not Lawns; by Heather C. Flores Complete Book of Edible Landscaping; by Rosalind Creasy Landscaping with fruit; by Lee Reich
  11. 11. Edible Flower Garden; by Rosalind Creasy HEALTHY SOIL, HEALTHY PLANTS, HEALTHY PEOPLE 400% Increase in Productivity book: Soul of Soil; by Grace Gershuny Growing Solutions Properly prepared compost tea is an excellent soil builder and organic fertilizer. Some Compost Teas may reduce or eliminate various plant pests and diseases. SoilSoup Compost Tea SoilSoup Compost Tea is an excellent soil builder and organic fertilizer. Soil Soup is very easy to handle and use. Remineral your Soil Soil Regeneration with Volcanic Rock Dust Volcanic Rock Dust added to soil can double the plant or lawn growth. Effective Micro-Organisms Effective Micro-Organisms properly combined with Volcanic Rock Dust can increase Productivity by 200 percent to 400 percent. In Thailand, soil properly treated increased productivity by over 400 percent. VermiCo book: Worms Eat My Garbage; by Mary Appelhof Worm Compost is an excellent soil builder and organic fertilizer. Worm Compost breaks down slowly in soil, where there is much rain or lawn watering. Chemical fertilizers, which are made from Fossil Fuels, will wash out of the soil quickly and pollute surrounding areas, causing fish kills and making drinking water unsafe. Worm Tea may reduce or eliminate various plant pests and diseases. Also, various worms added to soil, will increase its productivity. Eprida Biochar - Carbon Soils - Charcoal Biochar is an excellent soil builder. Biochar can dramatically reduce the amount of fertilizers and water needed, and greatly increase soil productivity. Soils in the Amazon Jungles, to which Biochar was added several hundred years ago, are still very productive today. Thus, one treatment of certain types of biochars may last hundreds of years. BOOKS:
  12. 12. How to Grow World Record Tomatoes; by Charles Wilber Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World; by Paul Stamets The One Straw Revolution; by Masanobu Fukuoka Earth User's Guide to Permaculture; by Rosemary Morrow Sepp Holzer's Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale, Integrative Farming and Gardening; by Sepp Holzer AcresUSA FREE Cataloge of Books AcresUSA carries many books, DVD's and other materials about successful organic gardening, organic farming, organic animal care and natural health and living. FREE PUBLICATIONS about ORGANIC FARMING, SOLAR ENERGY, GREENHOUSES ~ For more information, please contact local gardeners and farmers who specialize in Organic gardening, Permaculture gardening, Biodynamic gardening, Japanese Kyusei Nature gardening - Shizen Nouhou, Biointensive gardening, Heirloom gardening-Heritage Seeds, Lasagna gardening, Square Foot gardening, Vertical gardening, Wall and Fence gardening, Roof Top and Balcony gardening, Indoor gardening with LED Grow Lights and, Micro Greens gardening, Windowsill gardening, Container gardening, Keyhole gardening, Organic Aquaponics gardening, African Bag Gardens, No Dig gardening, Agroforestry gardening, Israeli Greenhouses Technology for Hot Climates, Organic Hydroponics gardening and Gardening Therapy. Gardening is micro-climate specific. These means that local gardeners might know of gardening techniques and resources which are helpful for the location you live in. Keep researching, reading, refining your gardening methods and experimenting with different growing techniques. Organic Gardening technology is changing and improving all the time. Also, as the climate changes, you may need to learn other gardening techniques for various climates. ~ ORGANIC PEST CONTROL ORGANIC WEED CONTROL SAVE THE BEES
  13. 13. Pesticide Action Network North America National Farm Worker Ministry - Episcopal Farmworker Ministry Stop the Pesticide Poisoning of Farm Workers and their Children Pest Management at the Crossroads Eco Fly Trap Epps Biting Fly Trap Greenhead Fly traps ~ Eliminating POLLUTION and RECYCLING with Effective Microorganisms book: Our Future Reborn: EM Technology Changes The World; by Teruo Higa book: Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save The World; by Paul Stamets Cleaning Up Oil Spills WORM Composting and RECYCLING Technologies book: Worms Eat My Garbage; by Mary Appelhof More Books about Worm Technologies proverb: GOOD FOOD is GOOD MEDICINE <> Garbage in, garbage out. Why be Sick? Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy People eat LOCAL FRESH ORGANIC Food The Benefits of Organic Food Let our food be our medicine, and our medicine be our food. ~ Hippocrates
  14. 14. Your Wealth is your Health (Wholeness). You can not be of much good to God and to Others, If you are not Well. You shall Carefully Preserve your Lives. ~ Deuteronomy 4:15 According to halacha (Jewish law), we have Stewardship rather than ownership of the body given to us by our Creator, and therefore may not jeopardize our life. MIRACLE IN WISCONSIN – a different kind of school lunch DIRTY SECRETS of the Food Processing Industry DIET DRINK POISON Do you not know that you yourselves are God’s Temple? God's Spirit lives in you. If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him. For God's Temple is sacred, and you are God's Temple. 1Corinthians, chapter 3 CHEAP Organic Food Organic Gardening for VICTORY Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy People Organic Gardening Advice - book Organic Vegetable Gardening - mannual Organic Compost Gardening - mannual book: An Earth Saving Revolution II, by Dr. Teruo Higa EM Technology Newsletter - 2006 EM Technology Newsletter - 2005 book: Square Foot Gardening; by Mel Bartholomew
  15. 15. book: Lasagna Gardening: A New Layering System for Bountiful Gardens: No Digging, No Tilling, No Weeding book: Soul of Soil; by Grace Gershuny book: Worms Eat My Garbage; by Mary Appelhof book: Mulch It: A Practical Guide to Using Mulch in the Garden; by Stu Campbell book: Complete Book of Edible Landscaping; by Rosalind Creasy book: Landscaping with fruit; by Lee Reich book: Edible Flower Garden; by Rosalind Creasy book: Fresh Food from Small Spaces; by R. J. Ruppenthal book: Allergy-Free Gardening; by Thomas Leo Ogren book: Microgreens: A Guide To Growing Nutrient Packed Greens; by Eric Franks book: Don't Throw It, Grow It; by Deborah Peterson book: Amaranth to Zai Holes: Ideas for Growing Food Under Difficult Conditions; by Laura S Meitzner book: Gardening in Clay Soil; by Sara Pitzer book: Cover Crop Gardening: Soil Enrichment With Green Manures; by Storey Publishing book: Organic No Dig, No Weed Gardening; by Raymond P Poincelot book: MetroFarm: The Guide to Growing for Big Profit on a Small Parcel of Land; by Michael Olson ~ HYDROPONIC GARDENING and Greenhouses book: Hobby Hydroponics; by Howard M. Resh
  16. 16. ~ AQUAPONIC GARDENING book: Aquaponic Food Production: growing fish and vegetables for food and profit; by Rebecca L Nelson Backyard Aquaponics: A Guide to Building an Aquaponic System; by Joel Malcolm ~ Backyard Aquaponics Magazine Aquaponics Journal Homegrown Evolution ~ ORGANIC SEEDS - HEIRLOOM SEEDS Local Harvest - use the data base to find organic seeds use the Search function: "Organic Seeds" Organic Consumer Seed Suppliers List List of Organic Seed Sellers and Exchange dvd: Seed Swap Documentary How to Organize a Community Seed Swap A FEW ORGANIC SEED SUPPLIERS Seed Swaps SeedLiving Seed Swap - Seed Exchange - Europe
  17. 17. Heirloom Seed Swap Scottish Seed Savers Exchange Network Nelson Seeds Savers and Exchange Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Asle & Magnar's Seed Exchange Seed Sovereignty Scandinavian Seedsavers Hosta Seed Bank Svalbard Global Seed Vault Seed Savers Exchange Seed Savers Network Brightons Seedy Sunday Seedling Swap Seeds of Diversity Canada Beans and Herbs Primal Seeds J. L. Hudson, Seedsman
  18. 18. Salt Spring Seeds Bountiful Gardens Territorial Seed Company Pennsylvania Heirloom Seed Savers Club Wild Garden Seed West Coast Seeds Homegrown Evolution Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Sow True Seed The Global Crop Diversity Trust International Seed Saving Institute Seed Savers of Powell River Dyfi Valley Seed Savers Seed Savers Aotearoa New Zealand Irish Seed Savers Heirloom Seeds Renee's Garden Seeds
  19. 19. Seeds of Change Abundant Life Seeds Peaceful Valley Prairie Garden Seeds Annadana Seed Savers Network Hills and Plains Seedsavers India GM Info Civiltà Contadina Native Seeds Oregon Exotics Rare Fruit Nursery California Rare Fruit Growers Plants For A Future Sand Mountain Herbs Richters Herbs Allies - Medicinel Seeds Soul Medicine Journey
  20. 20. Association Kokopelli Organic Seeds Seed Ambassadors The Ark Institute Brown Envelope Seeds Garden State Heirloom Seed Society Garden Organic Heritage Seed Library EcoSeeds - Organic Heirloom Seeds, New Zealand Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada Annapolis Valley Heritage Seeds Mumm's Sprouting Seeds Saving Our Seeds Sunshine Farm Comox Valley Growers and Seed Savers Hawaii SEED Mac Arthur Seed Savers Seed Snatcher
  21. 21. Seeds Trust, High Altitude Gardens Pro Specie Rara (Swiss) The Pepper Gal Florida Mycology Research Center One Garden, Ozark Seed Bank's Seeds Swap Seed We Need Painted Mountain Flour Corn Seeds for the South Sand Hill Preservation Center Bifurcated Carrots Kokopelli Seed Foundation Peliti (Greece) De Velt (Belgium) Kaiserstühler Gärten (eventuell) (Germany) International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside Les jardins de Pomones (Belgium)
  22. 22. Real Seeds Ferry-Morse Jacksonville Seed Exchange Family Farmer Seed Cooperative Maggie's Herbs & Heirlooms GMH Seed Company Flax House Tomato Fest Organic Heirloom Tomato Seeds Botanical Interests Beauty Beyond Belief Wildflower Seed Golden Harvest Organics Ronniger Potato Farm John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds ~ FREE SEEDS BOOKS, BOOKLETS, CHARTS Free eBook: SEED GERMINATION THEORY AND PRACTICE; by Professor Norman C. Deno Free eBook: THE NEW SEED-STARTERS Handbook, BY NANCY BUBEL Saving Seeds for Future Use - Fact Sheet
  23. 23. Three Key Hints for Starting Your Own Seeds How to Seed Saving A farmer's guide to saving vegetable seeds A Guide to Seed Saving, Seed Stewardship and Seed Sovereignty Urban Farm Seed Savers and Seed Starters A Seed Saving Guide for Gardeners and Farmers; by Organic Seed Alliance An Annotated Guide, Permaculture Bibliography Basic Seed Saving; by Seeds of Diversity Farmer Seed Saving; by HDRA Finding, Gathering, Saving Seeds - School Classroom Project From Generation to Generation, Seed Saving Plant Propagation for Home Gardeners RESOURCE GUIDE for SUSTAINABLE GARDENING Saving your own vegetable seeds: a guide for farmers Seed Saving Biennials; by David Cavagnaro Seed Saving for Community Food Security Seed Saving Information SEED SAVING RESOURCES List Seed Saving; by Permaculture Australia Seed Storage - Internet Resources
  24. 24. Seeds of the world THE FAMILY SEED SAVING BOOK; by Rosemary Morrow Wildflowers in the Home Garden book: Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties; by Carol Deppe book: Seed to Seed; by Suzanne Ashworth book: Starting Seeds Indoors; by Ann Reilly Alternative Field Crops Manual - University of Wisconsin Neglected Crops Manual ~ book: The Seed Sower: in the Footsteps of Livingstone; by Angus Buchan SOW A SEED IN YOUR TIME OF NEED MP3 File for download %20of%20need.mp3 Big Bad Monsanto Sues Orgainic Seed Growers and Farmers Part 1 - Big Bad Monsanto Part 2 - Big Bad Monsanto Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Please Donate. Thank you. ~ STOP GLOBAL HUNGER Debunking the Myth - only Industrial Agriculture can Feed the World ~ Maple Syrup Industry Feels the Heat from Global Warming
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  29. 29. Virginia Conservation Voters Washington Conservation Voters Wisconsin Conservation Voters Wyoming Conservation Voters ~ Solar Energy Industries Association Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association California Solar Energy Industries Association Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association Florida Solar Energy Industries Association Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI Hawaii Solar Energy Industries Association Heartland Solar Energy Industries Association KS, IA, MO, NE MDV Solar Energy Industries Association MD, DC, VA Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Industries Association DE, NJ, PA
  30. 30. New York Solar Energy Industries Association New England Solar Energy Business Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association Texas Solar Energy Industries Association Solar Energy Business Association of New England ~ Electric Autos LInks and Veggie Autos ~ American Solar Energy Society Interstate Renewable Energy Council Alternative Technology Association, Australia Australian Solar Energy Society ALABAMA Alabama Solar Association ARIZONA Arizona Solar Energy Association ARKANSAS Arkansas Renewable Energy Association
  31. 31. CALIFORNIA Los Angeles Renewable Energy Society Northern California Solar Energy Association (NorCal Solar) Redwood Empire Solar Living Association San Diego Renewable Energy Society (SDRES) California Center for Sustainable Energy COLORADO Colorado Renewable Energy Society CONNECTICUT Solar Energy Association of Connecticut Solar Connecticut Northeast Sustainable Energy Association DELAWARE Northeast Sustainable Energy Association FLORIDA Florida Renewable Energy Association Student Chapter University of Florida - Gainesville Florida Solar Energy Center GEORGIA
  32. 32. Georgia Solar Energy Association Southface Energy Institute IDAHO Idaho Renewable Energy Association INDIANA Indiana Renewable Energy Association Southern Indiana Renewable Energy Network Carmel Green Initiative ILLINOIS Illinois Solar Energy Association Midwest Renewable Energy Association IOWA Midwest Renewable Energy Association KANSAS Heartland Renewable Energy Society KENTUCKY Kentucky Solar Energy Society LOUISIANA Louisiana Solar Energy Society MAINE Maine Solar Energy Association
  33. 33. Northeast Sustainable Energy Association MARYLAND Potomac Region Solar Energy Association MASSACHUSETTS Northeast Sustainable Energy Association Boston Area Solar Energy Association Cape & Islands Renewable Energy Collaborative Springfield Area Sustainable Energy Association Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Prometheus Institute MICHIGAN Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association Midwest Renewable Energy Association MINNESOTA Minnesota Renewable Energy Society MISSISSIPPI Mississippi Solar Energy Society MISSOURI Heartland Renewable Energy Society NEVADA Solar NV
  34. 34. Sunrise Sustainable Resources Group NEW HAMPSHIRE New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association Northeast Sustainable Energy Association NEW JERSEY Northeast Sustainable Energy Association NEW MEXICO New Mexico Solar Energy Association NEW YORK New York Solar Energy Society, Inc. Western New York Sustainable Energy Association Northeast Sustainable Energy Association Renewable Energy Long Island NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association Student Chapters Appalachian State University Department of Technology North Carolina Solar Center OHIO Green Energy Ohio
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  36. 36. San Antonio Metropolitan Partnership for Energy Build San Antonio Green SEED Coalition UTAH Utah Solar Energy Association VERMONT Northeast Sustainable Energy Association VIRGINIA Potomac Region Solar Energy Association Hampton Roads Solar Group WASHINGTON STATE Solar Washington WASHINGTON, DC Potomac Region Solar Energy Association WISCONSIN Midwest Renewable Energy Association ~ LOCAL SUSTAINBLE TECHNOLOGY GROUPS NEW YORK Green Homes New York City VERMONT Vermont - Building for Social Responsibility
  37. 37. ~ SOLAR HOME TOURS National Solar Home Tours Canada Solar Home Tours Australia Solar Home Tours My Green Neighborhood Alaska Solar Tour Dallas - Fort Worth Solar Tour Eugene OR Solar Tour Fresno Solar Tour Hampton Roads Solar Tour Houston Solar Tours Bloomington Solar Tour Lafayette Solar Tour Indianapolis Solar Tour NW Indiana Solar Tour
  38. 38. Kokomo-NC Indiana Solar Tour Northwest Indiana Solar Home Tour Louisville Solar Tour Maine Solar Tour Michiana Solar Tour Nebraska Solar Tour North Carolina Solar Tour Pittsburgh Solar Tour Polk County Solar Tour San Jose California Solar Tour Tampa Bay Solar Tour Utah Solar Tour Washington DC Solar Tours Westerville Solar Tour ~ MORE SOLAR GROUPS
  39. 39. Canadian Solar Industries Association Solar and Sustainable Energy Society of Canada ~ WIND Energy ~ OCEAN - WAVE ENREGY ~ Swap your Books, Share or Trade your Books with Other People ~ book: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Your Dreams; by Mark Victor Hansen book: The Aladdin Factor: How to Ask for, and Get, Everything You Want; by Mark Victor Hansen book: The Success Principles for Teens: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be; by Jack Canfield book: 101 Ways to Develop Student Self-esteem and Responsibility: Power to Succeed in School and Beyond; by Jack Canfield book: Coach Wooden, The 7 Principles that Shaped His Life and Will Change Yours; by Pat Williams book: Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success: Building Blocks For a Better Life; by John Wooden book: The Power of Positive Thinking; Norman Vincent Peale book: Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul; by Jack Canfield TEACHING MILLIONS ~ Robert Raikes
  40. 40. SUCCESSFUL Inner City SCHOOLS and TEACHERS book: The Ditchdigger's Daughters: A Black Family's Astonishing Success Story; by Yvonne S. Thornton book: The Cross and the Switchblade; by David Wilkerson book: Youthwalk, Walk Thru the Bible: Bruce H. Wilkinson dvd: Facing the Giants; director: Alex Kendrick dvd: Iron Will; director: Charles Haid dvd: Chariots of Fire; director: Hugh Hudson book: What Believers Must Know to Grow; by Tom Carter book: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life; by Daniel Amen book: Battlefield of the Mind; by Joyce Meyer book: Sin, Sex, Self Control; by Norman Vincent Peale book: Coming Back to God; by Patrick M. Morley book: Words That Hurt, Words That Heal; by Joseph Telushkin book: Saved by Angels; by Bruce Van Natta ~ book: Faith Like Potatoes; by Angus Buchan dvd: Faith Like Potatoes To understand All of the actors, Please select the option for English Subtitles. Thank You. Those who bring Sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. Be a Bringer of the LIGHT.
  41. 41. Who is my Neighbor Luke 10:29 SOW A SEED IN YOUR TIME OF NEED MP3 File for download %20of%20need.mp3 FREE eBook: The Miracle of Tithing; by Mark Victor Hansen Book Summary: The Miracle of Tithing The Jesus Person Pocket Promise Book; by David Wilkerson book: George Muller: Man of Faith and Miracles; by Basil Miller book: Release the Power of Prayer; by George Muller ~ book: Super Power Breathing: For Super Energy, High Health & Longevity, by Patricia Bragg ~ Book of Isaiah: Learn to do good, seek justice, rebuke the oppressor; defend the fatherless, plead for the widow, obey God and you shall eat the Good of the Land. Every day help someone who can never reciprocate. This is my obligation. ~ John Wooden's PHILOSOPHY The great UCLA basketball coach The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. ~ Mahatma Gandhi WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR Luke 10:29 ~ Praise God ~ Be Thankful ~ Forgive ~ Receive the Blessings ~ Give God the Glory ~
  42. 42. MORE LINKS ORGANIC GARDENING TECHNOLOGIES INCREASING Plant Yields by 400 PERCENT LINKS to FREE RAIN WATER HARVESTING MANUALS and Much More LINKS to FREE RAIN GARDEN MANUALS, BROCHURES and INFORMATION SHEETS FREE ROOF GARDENS - GREEN ROOFS MANUALS Links Links to Local GLEANER GROUPS: Gleaning food for the Poor, your Local Foodbank and Soup Kitchens. They Need You. Please Help. Your Local Foodbank Needs You Please Help. Thank YOU! GREEN CHURCHES: Links to Green Churches, Eco Justice, Green Faith and Much More ~ proverb:
  43. 43. A Good Person leaves an inheritance to their children's children. What kind of an inheritance are you leaving? ~ Please share these web sites with friends and others who are concerned about our children's future and our grandchildren's future. Thank you for all of your help ~ book: Super Power Breathing: For Super Energy, High Health & Longevity, by Patricia Bragg ~