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Norway SAF-T is confirmed for January 2020.
S4FN SAP Solution for Norway SAF-T which leads the creation of the legal XML letting you manage auditing process in SAP.

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  1. 1. NORWAY SAF-T ARE YOU READY? SAF-T Add-On Solution In SAP
  2. 2. Norway SAF-T WHAT IS SAF-T? It is an OECD format to provide accounting data. It is a XML based file. Businesses with less than NOK 5 million in turnover are exempt from this requirement. However, if these businesses do have bookkeeping information electronically available, the requirement will apply to them. WHO IS IN THE SCOPE? RESPONSIBILITY The enterprises with a bookkeeping obligation are only obliged to submit accounting information on SAF-T format when in relation to a potential control, and upon request by The Tax Administration HLDC 2020 NORWAY CONFIRMS MANDATORY  SAF-T  JANUARY 2020 SAF-T Financial is a standard format used in the exchange of accounting data. SAF-T, or Standard Audit File-Tax, is the result of a joint development collaboration between the business community, the accounting sector and the Norwegian Tax Administration, based on a recommendation by the OECD.
  3. 3. SAF-T INTEGRATION STEPS IN SAP The following procedure is used by our experts for SAF-T INSTALLATION SAF-T components are delivered using an external transport order. No need to update or upgrade the system or change any configuration on the system. CONFIGURATION The submission of SAF-T files is an interdisciplinary task of all those responsible. In cooperation with the respective departments and the IT department, we start the processes in such a way that the SAF-T file is prepared correctly according to regulation adn company specific features TEST PHASE In the test phase, we check the correctness of the technical functionality with the customers and also carry out the first data consistency checks . In this context, we carry out training for the employees and gradually build up the knowledge in the functions for the later regular operation.
  4. 4. SAF-T INTEGRATION STEPS IN SAP VALIDATION Generated files are validated against XSD schema and Altinn test system is used to test submissions. MAINTENANCE PHASE The delivery of the SAF-T files usually takes place monthly or as an annual file. It turns out that every year new features on the part of legislators will be published, one update require the components and configuration. Here we inform our customers about possible SAP updates and support them in the implementation in a timely manner. GOING LIVE After successful data validation, we put all necessary configurations and components into production. In this critical phase, we accompany you until the successful handover of the first SAF-T files  to the tax authority .
  5. 5. GENERAL INQUIRES PHONE NUMBER +90 216 606 19 27 Contact Us SALES INQUIRES ADDRESS Metropol C1 246 Ataşehir/Istanbul/Turkey

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Norway SAF-T is confirmed for January 2020. S4FN SAP Solution for Norway SAF-T which leads the creation of the legal XML letting you manage auditing process in SAP.


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