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  • We’ like to take a quick moment to find out why you are here.
    What kind of projects are you thinking about?
    What if any is your previous experience with remodeling/contractors?
  • An Inspired Design

    1. 1. AN INSPIRED DESIGN 1 Presented by Nickolas Sosa CEO
    2. 2. 2 I M A G I N E
    3. 3. Our Goals  Design Inspiration  Design process overview  Developing Design Build expectations 3 “We are committed to planning and building a project you love.”
    4. 4.  Design Inspiration  Style inspires emotion… know yours & save money
    5. 5.  More Space  Aging Parents  New children  Kitchen electrical and appliances 5
    6. 6.  Expanded master bathroom  Updated entry area  Interior laundry room  Larger kitchen 6
    7. 7.  Expanded modernized kitchen  Luxurious master suite  Coffered or vaulted ceilings  Customized doors, molding and trim 7
    8. 8. 8 Contemporary with Spanish influence Contemporary with Spanish influence Modern Traditional with Mediterranean influence
    9. 9. 9 Mediterranean Modern Contemporary Traditional Cultural
    10. 10. 10 Contemporary Traditional Modern Classic with French Influence
    11. 11. 11 ContemporaryTraditional Modern Classic
    12. 12.  Colors 12
    13. 13.  Red: Increases energy and heart rate, creates excitement and stimulates the appetite. Best for: Dining rooms  Orange: Adds comfort, warmth, and cheerfulness and too much can bring about feelings of cautiousness.  Best for: Living rooms and family rooms  Yellow: Brightens mood and promotes welcoming and joyful feelings; increases positive thinking.  Best for: Poorly lit foyers and dark hallways; buttery shades of yellow for living rooms  Green: Most restful color. Reduces nervous system activity and muscular tension, calms and relaxes, offers reminders of nature.  Best for: Living rooms (light greens); accent for kitchens and dining rooms (mid tones).  Blue: Promotes feelings of calmness, security, tranquility, and cleanliness; lowers blood pressure, cools a room, and serves as an appetite suppressant.  Best for: Bedrooms or any restful, peaceful area in a home.  Purple: Boosts creativity, imagination, and meditation, but can have unpleasant subconscious responses. Many adults dislike purple walls, particularly lighter shades of purple that are perceived as more youthful.  Best for: Children’s bedrooms and play areas. 13
    14. 14. 14
    15. 15. 15
    16. 16. 16
    17. 17. 17
    18. 18.  Design process overview Gather information Preliminary Plan Set Client Review Architectural Plan Set Permitting process An Inspired Plan… Produces Dream Results
    19. 19. Gather information Complete Client Questionnaire Complete Needs, Wants, Dreams Complete Working within Budget Complete Inspiration Process & Review Obtain city planning requirements
    20. 20. Preliminary Plan Set  Complete Site Analysis (Measure, Photograph, & Inspect)  Complete Site Plan  Create Existing Plan(s)  Create Proposed Plan(s) Client Review  Design Review Meeting(s) (Repeat as Necessary)  Optional project pricing review(s) (Repeat as Necessary)  Proposed plan revisions (Repeat as Necessary) We love making a difference
    21. 21. Architectural Plan Set Complete Interior & Exterior Elevation(s) Complete Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing Plan(s) Complete Structural Plans & Details (As Required) Order Additional Documentation (As Required) Title 24 Energy, Truss, Structural Engineering Calculations, Other Engineering Etc.
    22. 22. City Permitting Submit to City for Planning & Building Review Revise Plans Per City Request (Repeat as Necessary) Pay for permit and receive approved construction documents
    23. 23. 23 Sample project
    24. 24. 24
    25. 25. 25
    26. 26. 26
    27. 27. 27
    28. 28.  Developing Design Build expectations
    29. 29. A remodeling or construction job is a shared project between the client and the contractor.  Contractors expect clients …  To be available for decisions  To have an established form of timely communication  To review and select finish items early in the construction process, i.e. plumbing fixtures, appliances, etc  To make specific decisions well before installation  To have access to remodel areas  To clean out the contents of the soon-to-be-remodeled areas  To have progress payments ready upon milestones or dates per contract  To be aware of possible project delays 29
    30. 30. Clients expect contractors to be the experts.  Clients expect the Contractor…  To research any local ordinances or special permit requirements.  To have a detailed contract  To have a progress payment schedule based on milestones/dates in contract  To have a specific construction time-line  To be available for decisions  To have an established form of quick communication  To schedule face-to-face weekly meetings  To be pragmatic and solution oriented  To schedule finish choice deadlines  To continually update on the good, bad and ugly  To have an agreed upon change order process  To pass all trade inspections  To review what aspects of the project will be tackled by subcontractors  To have signed subcontractor/vendor lien releases prior to payment  To request payments when milestones/dates have been met according to contract  To have product demonstrations as necessary and final project walkthrough 30
    31. 31. Conclusion What is the importance of …   Design Inspiration  Starting with a vision  Making design decisions & selections  Accomplishing the goal (the end result)  Design process overview  Understanding the steps to ensure success (how design affects cost)  Understanding the requirements (City Planning & Building)  Understanding the commitment (financial, Physical & Emotional)  Developing Design Build expectations  Ensuring a smooth project  Eliminating surprises  Enjoying the process Style inspires emotion… know yours & save money
    32. 32. For questions, project discussion and your copy of this presentation, visit our booth #805 Contact us today (408)-629-9906 Let’s build something special 32 CEO Nickolas Sosa (business owner, Real Estate Broker, General Contractor, Certified green builder) who has been intricately involved in all aspects of home improvement from residential design to interior space planning; from construction estimating to project management, says, “our team is committed to work together for your benefit; S3 Design Group is in the business of providing a refreshing experience.”