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Dear Final year students contact 9884848198(S3 Infotech, Saidapet) or visit www.s3computers.com, For your final sem


We develop your own IEEE concepts also..
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Embedded titles(2013 14)

  1. 1. S3 INFOTECH +919884848198 EMBEDDED TITLES S.NO YEAR AREA EMBEDDED IEEE TITLES-2013 ATSE 1 2013 Wireless GSM Based Autonomous Street Illumination System for Efficient Power Management ATSE 2 2013 Wireless Solar Powered Water Quality Monitoring system using wireless Sensor Network ATSE 3 2013 Wireless Advanced Prepaid Energy metering System Using GSM ATSE 4 2013 Wireless Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for Building Monitoring ATSE 5 2013 WSN Child Activity Recognition Based on Cooperative Fusion Model of a Tri axial Accelerometer and a Barometric Pressure Sensor ATSE 6 2013 Security Use of Ultrasonic Signal Coding and PIR Sensors to Enhance the Sensing Reliability of an Embedded Surveillance System ATSE 7 2013 GSM ATSE 8 2013 Android Challenges And Opportunities For Securing Intelligent Transportation System ATSE 9 2013 Android Cuff less Differential Blood Pressure Estimation Using Smart Phones ATSE 10 2013 Android Video Surveillance System And Facility To Acess Pc From Remote Areas Using Smart Phone ATSE 11 2013 Automobile A Probabilistic Framework For Decision-Making In Collision Avoidance Systems Sensing Devices and Sensor Signal Processing for Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs in CHF Patients # 10/1, Jones Road, Saidapet, Chennai – 15. Ph: 044-3201 7467, 9884848198. www.s3computers.com E-Mail: info@s3computers.com
  2. 2. S3 INFOTECH +919884848198 ATSE 12 2013 Automobile A User-Customizable Urban Traffic Information Collection Method Based On Wireless Sensor Networks ATSE 13 2013 Biomedical Performance-Based Classification Of Occupant Posture To Reduce The Risk Of Injury In A Collision ATSE 14 2013 Biomedical Wireless Machine-To-Machine Healthcare Android Mobile Devices In Global Networks ATSE 15 2013 Biomedical Cooperative Scheduling For Coexisting Body Area Networks ATSE 16 2013 Biomedical RSSI/LQI-Based Transmission Power Control For Body Area Networks In Healthcare Environment ATSE 17 2013 Biomedical A Low-Complexity ECG Feature Extraction Algorithm For Mobile Healthcare Applications ATSE 18 2013 ElecticalVibrational Energy Harvesting From Human Gait Ren.Energy ATSE 19 2013 Electical- PDMS Micro cantilever-Based Flow Sensor Integration For LabRen.Energy On-A-Chip ATSE 20 2013 Electical- Electromechanical Energy Scavenging From Current-Carrying Ren.Energy Conductors ATSE 21 2013 Electical- Piezoelectric Vibratory-Cantilever Force Sensors And Axial Ren.Energy Sensitivity Analysis For Individual Triaxial Tactile Sensing ATSE 22 2013 Electical- A Model For The Optimization Of The Maintenance Support Ren.Energy Organization For Offshore Wind Farms ATSE 23 2013 Integration And Operation Of A Single-Phase Bidirectional ElecticalInverter With Two Buck/Boost MPPTS For Dc-Distribution Ren.Energy Applications 2013 ElectricalMotor Devices ATSE 24 Solution Using Fuzzy Virtual Reference Model Sensor less Tracking Control For Linear Induction Motors # 10/1, Jones Road, Saidapet, Chennai – 15. Ph: 044-3201 7467, 9884848198. www.s3computers.com E-Mail: info@s3computers.com
  3. 3. S3 INFOTECH +919884848198 ATSE 25 2013 ElectricalMotor Devices ATSE 26 2013 ElectricalMotor Devices Theoretical Approach To The Feasibility Of Power-Line Communication In Aircrafts 2013 ElectricalMotor Devices Accurate Sampling Timing Acquisition For Baseband OFDM Power-Line Communication In Non-Gaussian Noise ATSE 28 2013 ElectricalMotor Devices An Empirical Study Of Communication Infrastructures Towards The Smart Grid: Design, Implementation And Evaluation ATSE 29 2013 ElectricalMotor Devices Novel Approach For Broken Bar Fault Diagnosis In Induction Motors Through Torque Monitoring ATSE 30 2013 ElectricalMotor Devices Sensor less Control Of BLDC Motor Drive For An Automotive Fuel Pump Using A Hysteresis Comparator ATSE 31 2013 Embedded networking Switched Ethernet-Based Real-Time Networked Control System With Multiple-Client–Server Architecture ATSE 32 2013 Robotics SYROTEK—Distance Teaching Of Mobile Robotics ATSE 27 High-Resolution Parameter Estimation Method To Identify Broken Rotor Bar Faults In Induction Motors ATSE 33 2013 Robotics Using Multi-Robot Systems For Engineering Education: Teaching And Outreach With Large Numbers Of An Advanced, Low-Cost Robot ATSE 34 2013 Robotics Decision Making And Finite-Time Motion Control For A Group Of Robots ATSE 35 2013 Robotics Motion Planning And Stabilization Control Of A Multi propeller Multifunction Aerial Robot ATSE 36 2013 Security Location-Aware And Safer Cards: Enhancing RFID Security And Privacy via Location Sensing # 10/1, Jones Road, Saidapet, Chennai – 15. Ph: 044-3201 7467, 9884848198. www.s3computers.com E-Mail: info@s3computers.com
  4. 4. S3 INFOTECH +919884848198 ATSE 37 2013 Security Automated Real-Time Detection Of Potentially Suspicious Behavior In Public Transport Areas ATSE 38 2013 Security Conditional Privacy Preserving Security Protocol For NFC Applications ATSE 39 2013 Wireless Localization Of Wireless Sensor Networks In The Wild: Pursuit Of Ranging Quality ATSE 40 2013 Wireless Online Monitoring Of Geological Co2 Storage And Leakage Based On Wireless Sensor Networks ATSE 41 2013 Wireless Analytical Framework For WLAN-Cellular Voice Handover Evaluation ATSE 42 2013 Wireless CSI-Based Indoor Localization ATSE 43 2013 Wireless Energy-Aware Sensor Node Design With Its Application In Wireless Sensor Networks ATSE 44 2013 Wireless A Wireless Passive Sensor For Temperature Compensated Remote PH Monitoring ATSE 45 2013 Wireless Energy Management In An Automated Solar Powered Irrigation System # 10/1, Jones Road, Saidapet, Chennai – 15. Ph: 044-3201 7467, 9884848198. www.s3computers.com E-Mail: info@s3computers.com