Deveropment of compact agri server10


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Deveropment of compact agri server10

  1. 1. Development of compact Agri- serverRyosuke Sugano , Kazuya Kanda (Tsuruoka National College ofTechnology)Takaharu Kameoka(Mie University, Japan)Tadashi Ishii (Jisedai.L.P.)
  2. 2. ContentsIntroduction ◆Background ◆Feature of Shonai RegionSpecification of Agri-ServerMonitoring SystemCompact Agri-Server using “Arudino”Conclusion 1
  3. 3. Background Issues of farming Advanced InfluenceAging information Safety of of the delays weather food ? ? 2
  4. 4. Aging - Lack of successors In Japan • 34% of farmers aged over 65 years old •Only 4% of working population are farmers • Farmers have decreased 3
  5. 5. Safety of food - Fukushima • Fukushima nuclear accident on March 11 ,2011 • Area contaminated with radioactivity Nuclear power plant • Agricultural and marine products were affected • The increasing interest in food safetyFukushima officials test soil for radioactivity in a rice paddy. 4
  6. 6. Effect of weather - Floods in Thailand •Agricultural damage is 74,000,000,000 • Huge damage has occurred in rice • If there are systems that can monitor the water level, theA farmer harvests rice on the outskirts of damage could be reduced Phnom Penh on September 25, 2011. 5
  7. 7. The solution - Future Farming Use of ICT Information and Communication Technology HigherFarming ICT efficient agriculture Grid farming ICT farming 6
  8. 8. Traceability Really? From JapanProducer Distributor Consumer •Producing area •Pesticide-free •Producer 7
  9. 9. ICT Farming Expert Novice Growth Meteorological NO Technical Data dataTechnical skills Agricultural skills data Lets refer to the same farming !!Agricultural Support Systems (Expert Systems) 8
  10. 10. Agricultural Support Systems Input sensor Directions Data MeteorologicalWork Orders data Monitoring system Analysis Display ForecastCorrelation analysis Environmental transition 9
  11. 11. Monitoring SystemDisplay Network Farmer Wireless LAN sensor server Farmland Meteorological data · Temperature Database · Rainfall etc... 10
  12. 12. Feature of Shonai Region Facing the Sea of Japan Located in the north-eastern part of Japan 11
  13. 13. Shonai is famous forgrowing many kinds of traditional farm products. 12
  14. 14. In winterGreat amount of snowfallStrong cold winds 13
  15. 15. Specification of Agri-ServerSystem for automatic data collection by sensor nodes and real–timedata distribution through LAN, which works in agricultural field. 14
  16. 16. MonitoringSystem - Summary Two fields were located within 1 kilometersplaced in each field - the master station and slave station wind and solar power hybrid power generation system Through the above route, the data sent from Agri-server is stored in a data folder 15 in a web server
  17. 17. Power generation systemPower is supplied by a wind and solar power hybrid power generation system. Wind Power 50[W] Solar Panel 50[W] & 125[W] by KYOCERA Co.,Ltd Hybrid Controller Deep Cycle Battery 100[Ah]×2 16
  18. 18. Photos of Field Monitoring System Four Agri-server units and two Power generation systems were installedPower generation system paddy field vineyard paddy field Cherry orchard Japanese pear orchard 17
  19. 19. The Web pageSensor and image data sent every 15 [minutes] Partially disclosed to the relevant agencies. 18
  20. 20. A snow-covered Agri-Server in winterThe server totally covered with snow, but we confirmed that it worked properly. 19
  21. 21. Conditions ofAgri-Serverafter winter Camera and sensors were tilted by the weight of snowAnemometer and anemoscope were bent Solar panels were broken from freezing 20
  22. 22. Development of compact Agri-server Issues Improvements Large size Compact Expensive Low cost ($10,000) power saving High power consumption Development of compact Agri-server (20[W]) 21
  23. 23. Outlook of Compact Agri-Server using “Arduino” 22
  24. 24. The network configuration diagram also the capability of graph display, not only text data. The low cost and lower power consumption than Wireless LANPHP scripts are more lightly loaded RubyBetter processing of text data faster than the database 23
  25. 25. The graph display of Compact Agri-Server date Value[℃][%] 24 time[h]
  26. 26. weatherability • Falling down due to strong wind and heavy snow • Can not generate electricity. • Cease transmitting data • Insufficient battery capacity • Compact so easy to remove • Weatherproof is not required 25
  27. 27. Comparison AS Compact AS Reductionitems ratesprice $10000 $300 -97%volume 3[m3] 0.4[m3] -86%power 20[W] 1[W] less -95% Could significantly reduce 26
  28. 28. Conclusion• First installed in the cold Shonai region where there is a lot of snowfall• Ran on 100% natural energy using a hybrid power generation system• The confirmation of stability showed us great results.• We have succeeded in developing a system of small, low cost, low-power implementation of basic functions. 27
  29. 29. Thank you for your attention ! Development of compact Agri- server Ryosuke Sugano , Kazuya Kanda (Tsuruoka National College of Technology) Takaharu Kameoka (Mie University, Japan) Tadashi Ishii (Jisedai.L.P.)
  30. 30. Arduino •AVR Microcontroller •Open source hardware •Open source software •Extensive library •Hardware can easily be mounted on the basal plate called the shield 29
  31. 31. XBee •Compact wireless module •Communicable for 30[m]-1[km] •License is unnecessary •Extremely low power consumption •Low cost 30
  32. 32. BackgroundSafety of food is important.The Consumer demands to identify where and how farm products have been grown.It is doing various approaches that the producer, the distributor, and the distributor respond to it.Cheap environmental monitor system is hoped for the spread in the future.Because it is tried to measure and use the information of weather and the state of the soil for the labor for farming by research laboratories and so on. 31
  33. 33. MonitoringSystem Network constructionConnected from the antenna to the wireless LAN repeater via a coaxial cable 32
  34. 34. 産直あぐり - 33
  35. 35. eLAB experience • Movable camera • Mesh Networks 34
  36. 36. e-案山子(e-kakashi) • Height 1200 mm • Infrared Sensors • Vibration Sensors • Discover the animals • Amount of crop damage by wild birds and animals 21,300,000,000yen 35
  37. 37. 36
  38. 38. 37
  39. 39. Specification of Agri-Server items Detail Image data 32 megapixel CCD operated remotelyWireless communication Communicable for 500[m]-1[km] Transmission speed 1[Mbps]. Power supply Hybrid power generation system (wind , solar) Size Radius 1[m] , height 2[m] 38
  40. 40. “pachube” Web sitePachube is the web service which can share the data read by thesensor in real time . 39
  41. 41. “twitter” SNS servicePosted every 15 minutes @agrisensor1 40
  42. 42. Sensor accuracy•Temperature sensor •Humidity Sensor LM61(-30~ HIH-4030 100℃)•Accuracy ±3℃ Arduino 10bit A/DC Accuracy of the reference voltage ↓ I2C,SPI bus for high- precision measurement 41
  43. 43. Review of measurement conditions Enclosure air is stagnate without convection ↓ Can not be measured accurately Using assman psychrometer 42