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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. How Mc.Donalds runtheir business inChina?S1180081 Ryo Yamamoto
  2. 2. Outline• Mc.Donalds History• What The Donald McDonald• Mc.Donalds business• POLITICAL INFLUENCES:• Forbidding Maneuver in China• References
  3. 3. Mc.Donalds History• The business began in 1940,with arestaturantopented by brothers Richard andMauriceMcDonald in SanBernardino,California.• Their introduction of the speedee ServiceSystem in1948.Speedee was eventually replaced withRonaldMcDonald by 1667 when the company firstfiledOn a clown shaped man having puffed out costumelegs.
  4. 4. What The DonaldMcDOnald• The world biggest fast food restaurant• Founded by Riched and Maurice McDonalds in1940• Headquarter in United state• Serviece around 68 million people each day in 119countries
  5. 5. Mc.Donalds business• Mc.Donalds restaurantOperaters 34000Employing around 1.7milliom peoole
  6. 6. POLITICALINFLUENCES:• These are some influences a company doesn’thave any control of.USA politically is well suited forbusiness of Mcdonalds.Mcdonlad is very popular inUSA.But government is trying to control marketing offast food because of health concern such ascholesterol,cardiovascular and obesity issues.
  7. 7. ECONOMICALINFLUENCE• Economical variables such as currencyexchange,employment,Interest rate,tax ratio andneed of international supply.Most of theorganisations depend on foreign supply of rawmetarials for their products making.Currencyexchange also have a great impact on anyorganistion.USA
  8. 8. Sociocultural influences• Culture and society has a big impact on anyorganisation sales.Mcdonals in USA is serving aliberal society.religion has not much effect onMcdonald’s.culture is very much simple.
  9. 9. Technological influence:• ne positive benefit of globalisation wastechnological advancement.Althogh Mcdond’sdoesn’t use too many complicated machines intheir food production but still they need highlycompetitive is needed forexample in supply chain management,ordertaking,Inventory control,easy and quick paymentprocedures
  10. 10. MICRO ENVIRONMENTAl ISSUES:Competitive Intensity:• 1)Threats of new entrants• 2)Threats of substitute• 3)Bargaining power of customer• 4)Bargaining power of supplier• 5)Competitive rivalry with in organisation.