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  1. 1. How Amazon WorksS1180081 Ryo yamamoto
  2. 2. *  Amazon is…?* Basics*  Amazon Twchnology*  Amazon E-commerceCommunity and Tools site!!!outline
  3. 3. *  In1995 , sold its first book, whichshipped from Jeff garage in Seattle.*  The story an e-commerce dreamWhat Amazon!?
  4. 4. * Basics sells lots andlots of stuff. The direct Amazon-to-buyer salesapproach is really no different from what happensat most other large, online retailers except for itsrange of products. You can find beauty supplies,clothing, jewelry, gourmet food, sporting goods, petsupplies, books, CDs, DVDs, computers, furniture,toys, garden supplies, bedding and almost anythingelse you might want to Basics
  5. 5. Amazon TechnologyAmazon employs theNetscape SecureCommerce Server using theSSL (secure socket layer)protocol(see How Encryption Worksto learn about SSL). It storesall credit card numbers in aseparate database thats notInternet-accessible, cuttingoff that possible entry pointfor hackers.
  6. 6. *  and simple, and over the lastdecade has branched out intoadditional product areas andthe third-party sales that nowrepresent a good chunk of itsrevenue (some estimates putit at 25 percent).Amazon E-commerce
  7. 7. *  The goal is prettystraightforward: "To be Earthsmost customer-centriccompany where people can findand discover anything theywant to buy online." Theimplementation is complex,massive and dynamic.Amazon Tools, Marketing andCommunity
  8. 8. *  From a "Wheres Amazon going?" point of view,perhaps the most notable project is the previouslymentioned Amazon Services subsidiary. AmazonServices is building complete e-commercesolutions for companies that are potential Amazoncompetitors, leaving open the possibility thatAmazon will ultimately head in the direction oftechnology service over retail sales.Amazon is….