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Smile cube (Babson college MBA Art Project)

This is an art project at Babson college MBA. One team consists of about 10 people and we had an art exhibition. This was my almost first presentation in English and I was very nervous. But people like this idea and we successfully made a beautiful smile cube which reflected our diversity. Thank you, my team!

バブソン大学MBAのアートプロジェクトの一貫で作成しました。1チーム10人程度で、アートや音楽、ダンスを披露します。我々はアートチームに配属され、でそれぞれアイディアを持ち寄り協力してプロジェクトを遂行しました。私の慣れない英語でプレゼンしたアイディアが採用され、プロジェクトに着手しました。最初の構想とは少し変わったSmile Cubeが完成しましたが、チーム10ヶ国のダイバーシティを反映した素晴らしいアートに仕上がりました!


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Smile cube (Babson college MBA Art Project)

  1. 1. Global Partnership We are from different countries, cultures, backgrounds. But we have to make a better future together. Smile Cube
  2. 2. Each team member create one cube We can work individually We can bring our arts anywhere, anytime
  3. 3. Each person drew other team memberʼs face Back side has a Globe(Earth) Our Smiles make a better future
  4. 4. A cube has six face Smile Globe National Flag Food Symbol Message
  5. 5. M
  6. 6. We can Learn Culture Each person drew others face flag food symbol (sightseeing spot) National Research partnerʻs culture/country and discuss them. Get a confirmation and then start drawing.
  7. 7. Children can learn culture Japan!! Country quiz
  8. 8. Play Puzzle Globe Puzzle Message Puzzle
  9. 9. Play Block
  10. 10. Challenges Each pictureʼs direction ❓ ❓
  11. 11. Global Partnership Anywhere Anytime Learn Play Smile Cube We create a better future together
  12. 12. TBD Smile Cube all countries edition $80