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The Dogs' First Camping Trip: Elmo and Gigi


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Two pampered pooches rough it at Roosevelt Lake, Arizona, a desert camping hot spot, literally. This was Gigi and Elmo's first time in the wilderness for a 24 hour stretch. See what happens.

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The Dogs' First Camping Trip: Elmo and Gigi

  1. 1. Roosevelt Lake, Arizona Sept. 10 to 11, 2016by ryn gargulinski
  2. 2. Yahoo! We’re going camping… What’s camping?
  3. 3. Why does Beezel look so annoyed up there driving? Is camping supposed to make you cranky?
  4. 4. Are we there yet? I hope camping means more than riding in the truck for hours….
  5. 5. Don’t we ever get out of this truck? Geesh
  6. 6. OK, we’re out of the truck – and into the heat.!
  7. 7. Hey Beezel – Is this camping? Hey Elmo – What do you think?
  8. 8. Where’s the air conditioning?
  9. 9. Hey, Elmo – Look at that sky! Where’s the air conditioning?
  10. 10. Beezel said it wouldn’t rain. But those clouds sure look ominous. Where’d you learn a word like “ominous?”
  11. 11.  Fast, furious and quick.  But with just the right timing to hit before the tent’s rain guard was in place.  And just long enough to make most everyone wet. Now I am wet.
  12. 12. I ran under the metal roof thing with Ryn, where she hid after the rain guard blew all over in a fiasco.
  13. 13. Look, Elmo – a rainbow! I heard the rainbow gods make wishes come true.
  14. 14. This rainbow wish stuff is right on. Dinner. Water. Cushy mat.
  15. 15. Now about that air conditioning
  16. 16. Never mind the air conditioning. Beezel’s doing something that smells good.
  17. 17. This rainbow wish thing is now delivering steaks!
  18. 18. And relaxation
  19. 19. And a house-like thing
  20. 20. This house-like thing isn’t bad. No AC, but I got a fan. And an air mattress. Wonder where Ryn and Beezel are going to sleep?
  21. 21. Darkness Came Ryn and Beezel did get about 1/3 of the air mattress (combined). The dogs got the rest. And then the wind began, whipping and flapping and smacking the tent well into the wee hours. Gigi did not like this. No one got much sleep.
  22. 22. Thank the rainbow gods it’s morning and I’m out of that tent! This air mattress is where it’s at.
  23. 23. Man, that house-like thing got hot, quick. And now the sun’s starting to bake already. Wish the rainbow gods would have listened to you about the AC
  24. 24. Maybe if I lie in the bushes like I’m dead they’ll get the hint and we’ll go home.
  25. 25. Yaay! Home we go! Think it takes a special breed to like that camping stuff.
  26. 26. Well, that breed ain’t me! Ditto!
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