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Septic bucket list book: 22 things NOT to do before you die


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Living a full and happy life depends on what you do - and what you DON'T do. Check out these 22 things to avoid at all costs.

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Septic bucket list book: 22 things NOT to do before you die

  1. 1. the septic BUCKET LIST 22 things NOT to do before you die by ryn gargulinski
  2. 2. chew through an electric cord
  3. 3. get stuck in an air duct
  4. 4. hand-feed raw hamburger to an alligator
  5. 5. rent an apartment above a brooklyn pizzeria
  6. 6. pick a dentist who won’t use novocaine
  7. 7. handcuff yourself to a dolphin
  8. 8. stick a fork in your eye
  9. 9. drop your glasses in an outhouse
  10. 10. swaddle yourself in pink insulation
  11. 11. skinny-dip in the detroit river
  12. 12. adopt a rabid rabbit
  13. 13. trust sardines from the dollar store
  14. 14. kick a construction barrel while riding your bike
  15. 15. attempt to bathe a feral cat
  16. 16. lick a frozen flagpole
  17. 17. play hopscotch on ice
  18. 18. park your car in a pack rat zone
  19. 19. choose the wrong hiking toilet paper
  20. 20. massage a porcupine
  21. 21. climb a saguaro cactus
  22. 22. shoot a saguaro cactus
  23. 23. shove your size 8 feet into size 4 shoes (even if the shoes are red and on sale)
  24. 24. Thanks to mom and dad for helping me come up with the idea for this book. …and NO, none of the stuff came from first-hand experience (except maybe the construction barrel, the cockroach apartment and the shoes). THANKS FOR VIEWING! More fun stuff at Copyright 2015 ryn gargulinski All rights reserved