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Our First Adventure on Beezel's Awesome Boat


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Check out Roosevelt Lake, Arizona, where three people, two dogs and a humongous, inflatable stand-up paddleboard enjoyed their first adventure together on Beezel's new boat.

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Our First Adventure on Beezel's Awesome Boat

  1. 1. Roosevelt Lake, Arizona
  2. 2. She measures some 29 feet long and has a yacht certification. She looks HUGE. Until you pile on three people, two dogs and a 12- foot, inflatable paddleboard.
  3. 3. Roosevelt Lake, AZ Aug. 2017
  4. 4. captain beezel
  5. 5. the reggie and elmo show
  6. 6. beezel in the breeze
  7. 7. reggie on the seat
  8. 8. elmo on the floor
  9. 9. crew on the deck
  10. 10. birds on the tires
  11. 11. paddleboard in the way
  12. 12. Paddleboard?! Let’s try it!
  13. 13. Wow
  14. 14. That looks tiresome. I’d better rest now.
  15. 15. just another awesome day at the lake.
  16. 16. You can’t really get good pics of the boat when you’re ON the boat (with two dogs in the way). But you can on dry land.
  17. 17. storage spot
  18. 18. nap chamber
  19. 19. main cabin
  20. 20. kitchen area
  21. 21. on-board bathroom
  22. 22. on-shore bathroom
  23. 23. how to get from on-board bathroom to on-shore bathroom
  24. 24. just another awesome day at the lake.
  25. 25. thanks for viewing! more fun stuff at: I’m liking this captain seat. This dog’s more in the way than the paddleboard.