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Lion Country Safari: Florida Wildlife Attraction


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Drive-thru wild animal exhibit in Florida's West Palm Beach area features loads of exotic animals, cool wildlife souvenirs, and incredibly fast-melting ice cream. The place originally opened in 1967, and has since grown into a safari that doubles as a mini amusement park.

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Lion Country Safari: Florida Wildlife Attraction

  1. 1. You stay in the car while driving through the wild animal areas. You get yelled at if you roll down your car windows in the lion exhibit. You get out of the car after the wild animal ride to walk around and eat funnel cakes and ice cream. The ice cream melts really fast.
  2. 2. This guy likes Pringles and will peck at you if you don’t have one to give.
  3. 3. Me and mom with lion
  4. 4. Les on the bongos
  5. 5. the end. Thanks for viewing! See more fun stuff at