Marketing is dead: long live product marketing


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In a world where traditional interrupt-driven, un-targeted, sales-oriented marketing is no longer effective, the nature of marketing has fundamentally changed. As marketing has changed, so has the role of product marketing. This webinar will discuss how smart Product Marketers are using inbound marketing, content, and social media. Can product marketing save marketing from itself?

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Marketing is dead: long live product marketing

  1. 1. Marketing is Dead**long live Product MarketingApril
  2. 2. My Background• Big Companies • IBM (Launch and growth of InfoSphere) • Siebel (Global Marketing Financial Services) • Nortel (head of incubation)• Startups • Infobright • DataMirror (exit to IBM) • Janna Systems ($1.4B exit to Siebel Systems) • Solarsoft ($100M roll-up) 2
  3. 3. Marketing Sucks • Untargeted and generic • Interrupt-driven • Way too pushy (most marketing doesn’t care if I’m ready to buy yet)Marketers are yelling, and not even yelling at me in particular…
  4. 4. Plus There’s the Lying….
  5. 5. Nobody Believes Marketing Anymore….and can you blame them?
  6. 6. The World has Changed Vendors are no longer THE source of Information • Customers can broadcast to the world • Prospects can easily talk to each other • Product info is readily availableProspects are far along the buying path before vendors know about them
  7. 7. What Changes?Buying vs. SellingEarned vs. Bought MediaCustomer ServiceVisibility vs. “Branding”
  8. 8. Who Will Get us Out of This Mess? You. Yeah, Ms./Mr. Product Marketer, I’m looking at you.
  9. 9. Why Product Marketing?• We get segmentation• We understand the market needs of our segments• We have deep product knowledge• We know how those fit together
  10. 10. A New Marketing Framework
  11. 11. Key Elements in this New Environment InboundMessaging Marketing and Content Visibility
  12. 12. MessagingNeeds to answer 3questions for prospects:• What is it?• Is it for me?• Why should I buy it from you?Stories, stories, stories.
  13. 13. Paris Hilton Marketingbeautiful but makes no sense 13
  14. 14. What You Do?Netflix – Watch as many moviesas you want for one low – the world’sfavorite CRM software as aservice.Wikipedia – A free encyclopediabuilt collaboratively using Wikisoftware. 14
  15. 15. You do WHAT?Sun Microsystems – Innovativeproducts and services thatpower the network economy.Sterling Commerce – helpscompanies optimize andtransform their dynamicbusiness network to acceleraterevenues and reduce costs.Any internet b2C startup –Personalizes the Internet!! 15
  16. 16. Step 1: What the Heck is it?Keep it briefUse simple languageJust come out and say it! 16
  17. 17. Segmentation is not a Dirty Word Market to Everyone, Sell to No One 17
  18. 18. Explicit Targeting is PowerfulThinkGeek: Selling geek t- shirts for programmers, linux hackers, and open source geeks. VS Customink: your t-shirtexpert for companies and individuals. 18
  19. 19. Go Deep – The Janna ExampleCRM for Investment bankers:• Use cases, day in the life of a banker• Demos, example data• Whitepapers, articles, opt-ed• Sales Enablement: the IB dictionary 19
  20. 20. Step 2: Is it for Me?Be explicit about who you targetUse their languageGo as deep as you can 20
  21. 21. Why Buy From You?The terrible secret they don’t teach you in engineering school: 21
  22. 22. Why Buy From You?The terrible secret they don’t teach you in engineering school: Customers Don’t Care about FEATURES 22
  23. 23. Why Buy From You?Value FeaturesMake sales more productive Integrates customer data from any source, show relationships between customers.Deploy new applications 20% Extract and transform data fromfaster heterogeneous sourcesResolve IT issues faster Monitor cpu and memory usage in real time.Pay off your debt sooner View all account information in one place, graph spending patterns.Sharper, more realistic images Megapixels 23
  24. 24. (do that and you won’t need to lie)
  25. 25. Step 3: Why Buy it from You?Value not FeaturesFocus on Differentiators 25
  26. 26. Bring it to life with Stories Go ahead April, tell them a story…..
  27. 27. Inbound MarketingWhat it’s NOT:• Broadcasting info about productsWhat it IS:• Attracting customers to you by offering helpful stuff
  28. 28. Content for ProspectsContent needs to be helpfulProvides the benefit of yourexpertise in the market (notnecessarily about product)Needs a programmaticapproach:• Requires a strategy• Map to steps in buying process
  29. 29. VisibilityHow non-users observethat others are users: • Product features • Shareable content • Reviews/awards • Independent analysis • Success marketing
  30. 30. Thanks! Twitter: @aprildunford 30