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GrandView - making your mark


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This webinar will help make your GrandView experience easy to explore and benefit from. After all, GrandView is for you! Hakan Kilic will show you how GrandView is your one-stop avenue for Product Management and Product Marketing webinars, news, discussion, best practices, blogs, and event listings.

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GrandView - making your mark

  1. 1. Making your Mark! Presented by: Hakan Kilic, Director, Ryma Technology
  2. 2. History of GrandView• Just reached it’s 5th anniversary• Originally started as a community blog and webinar series• Evolved into the leading source for product management and product marketing best practices
  3. 3. Vision of GrandView• Access all the latest news and events for product people• Share best practices and collaborate with other professionals• Ask questions and discuss topics of interest via Communities of Practice
  4. 4. Value of GrandView• Many people deal with this reality
  5. 5. Lets explore GrandView!
  6. 6. Hakan Kilic Director of Product Marketing