Red Bull Records - Brand Analysis & Positioning


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A Marketing Plans project prepared by Ryan Ziemba, Columbia Business School, MBA Candidate 2013.

NOTE: This report makes broad assumptions; the data represented was used solely as part of an academic exercise and is not representative of the subject of this analysis.

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Red Bull Records - Brand Analysis & Positioning

  1. 1. Marketing Plan Prepared By: Ryan Ziemba 12/17/2012
  2. 2. Core Objectives Business Objectives o Increase sales of both singles and by 50% by 2013 – heavy up on marketing across the board. o Maintain about 15% growth until 2015 (return to the studio in 2015 to work on next album) – consistent PR and Digital Promotion. Artist Objectives o Regain Billboard Magazine Top 10 Digital Rock Songs by 2014 for “Sail.” o Break iTunes Top 25 for “Sail” o Release “Kill Your Heroes,” “Not Your Fault,” and “Guilty Filthy Soul” as singles – break Billboard Top 25 Rock Songs during 2014. o Measure fan sentiment with social media tracking tools. Digital Objectives o Increase key metrics across SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter by 10% each. 2
  3. 3. Positioning StatementTo young, hip, rock music consumers, Red Bull Recordsis the music company that best leverages its extensiveoffering of distribution channels, content formats, andconsumer touch-points to support and showcaseemerging artists, which is good because it provides a newsustainable business model for connecting musicconsumers with music creators.
  4. 4. The Brand: Red Bull Energy DrinkKey Product Features:• Increases performance• Increases concentration & reaction speed• Improves vigilance• Stimulates metabolism• Makes you feel more energetic and this improves your overall wellbeing.
  5. 5. Red Bull Artist: AWOLNATIONGenre: Electronic RockAlso Fits: Rock, Alternative, IndieSound: High energy mix of synth & traditional rock progressions. Original integration of funk/soul rhythms and melodies into their core style. Charismatic front-man with distinct lead vocals.Album: Megalithic SymphonyLead Single: “Sail”Primary Audience: Males, 16 – 24Broader Audience: Males & Females, 13 - 34
  6. 6. Red Bull’s place(s) in the music market. 6
  7. 7. Competitive Landscape
  8. 8. Competitive Landscape Brands & Bands In House In House Battle of Music In House Video (Music) The Bands Equipment In House Apparel Cross- Tour In House Digital Video Market Genre Demo Production Production Marketing the Bands Cross-Promo Apparel Promo Support Management Distribution DistributionRed Bull Energy Drink Rock/Alt./Indie M: 18 - 24 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YesMonster Energy Drink Metal M: 16 - 21 No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No NoRockStar Energy Drink Metal M: 16 - 21 No No Yes Yes No No No Yes No No NoTexas Roadhouse Restaurant Country M/W: 25 - 34 Yes Yes No No No No No Yes Yes No NoCoverse Sneakers Indie M/W: 18 - 24 Yes No No No No Yes No No No Yes NoAdidas Apparel Indie/Hip-hop M/W: 18 - 34 No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No No NoHard Rock Café Restaurant Classic Rock M/W: 25 - 34 Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No
  9. 9. Distribution: Red Bull Media HouseRed Bull boasts a broad array of distribution channels, media products and content formats.Artists are positioned to leverage any of Red Bull’s extensive media resources. 9
  10. 10. Target Market
  11. 11. The Target: Music Mavens
  12. 12. The Target: Music Mavens
  13. 13. Target Market: Millennials Reference:
  14. 14. Target: Music Mavens “I prefer music which is not mainstream but new and challenging”
  15. 15. visitors are similar to’s AWOLNATION Website
  16. 16. Budget
  17. 17. Marketing Budget Marketing Expense Budget 2013 2014 2015 Digital 75,000 40,000 40,000 Promotion & PR 100,000 60,000 60,000 Printed Material / Labels / Merchandise 12,500 10,000 10,000 Video Production (3 Videos) 200,000 100,000 100,000 Tour Support 100,000 100,000 100,000 Total Sales and Marketing - Expenses 487,500 110,000 110,000 Percent of Sales 48.75% 7.33% 6.29% Contribution of Sales (Singles) 1,000,000 1,500,000 1,750,000 Annual Sales Growth 50% 17%
  18. 18. Digital Marketing Budget Allocation Content, $4,167 Mobile, Email, $8,333 $4,167 SEO, $24,750 PPC, $8,333 Social Media, $37,500
  19. 19. Seasonality & Geography
  20. 20. SeasonalityAnd corresponding seasonal Red Bull events.Spring Summer Fall WinterMay Weekend Summer Festival Suburban Back-to- Major City ClubTour at US and Outdoor School Tour TourColleges Venue Tour
  21. 21. GeographyGeo-Targeting: Digital Marketing – SEM & Display Tour Routing Festivals, sporting events and college vacations.
  22. 22. Music Consumption Maps
  23. 23. Music Social Media Food Chain 23
  24. 24. Digital Music Consumption MapBox size proportional to music consumptionvolume – number of tracks consumed permonth.
  25. 25. Distribution
  26. 26. Distribution ChannelsRole:Bridge the gap between consumers and production companiesPurchase the recordings from the producers and selling to consumers.Forms: Digital Role Players Online Radio Physical DistributorsEvolution:The distribution of recorded music CDs has shifted from specialty shops to mass-market, online retailers and more recently to online digital media retailers and otherdigital music services.
  27. 27. Distribution: Digital Retail Are they compensated, a CATEGORY SERVICE FORMAT DETAILS PERFORMER YES. Artist sets price of their album. CD Online mailorder and digital Baby keeps $4 for each physical CD sold. retail store. CD Baby also Consumers can buy physical CDs The rest goes to the artist. For digital sales, acts as an aggregator, that are then shipped to them in DIGITAL RETAIL CD Baby artist gets 75% of income from sales on CD delivering digital music to the mail, or can buy digital albums Baby, and 91% of net revenue from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, or singles via CD Baby website. iTunes/Amazon/ streaming services. Paid etc. out every Monday. YES. unsigned artist: gets anywhere from 91% to 100% of the $7.00 paid to Consumers buy individual tracks or label/aggregator. Indie label or major label DIGITAL RETAIL iTunes Music Store Digital retail store. albums for set rates, usually artist: more complicated because sales are 99¢/track or $9.99/album. based on percentages or "points" on contract. Consumers buy individual tracks or YES, Same as above. Unsigned artists get Digital retail store. All MP3 albums for set rates, usually 99 91% - 100% of whats paid to DIGITAL RETAIL Amazon Music Store tracks. Also offers cloud cents/track or $8.99/album, though label/aggregator. Indie label or major label storage. some tracks are steeply artist gets whatever their contract discounted. stipulates. YES, Same as above. Unsigned artists get 91% - 100% of whats paid to Consumers buy individual tracks or label/aggregator. Indie label or major label albums for set rates, usually 99 Digital retail store with cloud artist gets whatever their contract DIGITAL RETAIL Google Play cents/track or $8.99/album, though storage. stipulates. Artists can also go direct to some tracks are steeply Google Play and get 70% of profit, after $25 discounted. Free song of day. setup fee. Provides good integration with YouTube for track sales. 27
  28. 28. Distribution: Digital Subscription SERVICE FORMAT DETAILS P For subscription streaming service, consumers pay $5 to $10/month to YES. For intera On demand subscription have real-time access to enormous penny per play. Rhapsody, Spotify, MOG, service (with other features library of albums and songs. Some featured perform Rdio, Zune, Slacker including downloads, to go, offer free, ad-suppored tiers. (Paid SoundExchang etc). downloads also available for royalties. subscribers). Consumers pay from $11.99/month YES, Same as for 24 downloads, up to 91% - 100% of Online subscription download $31.99/month for 73 downloads. eMusic label/aggregato service. All MP3 tracks. Since songs are MP3s, they can artist gets what be played on any player, including stipulates. iPods and iPhones. 28
  29. 29. Distribution: Digital Direct-to-Fan Are they CATEGORY SERVICE FORMAT DETAILS PERFORMER Provides fast, dependable YES. Artist gets 85% of sale streaming and downloads of an and 90% of sales $5000+. B Adds physical and digital artists entire catalog, Artist sets the intermediary, gets 15% o music sales and merch prices (which can include free), can transaction, but that drops to ARTIST-TO-FAN Bandcamp sales option to existing band choose high bitrates. Bandcamp sales exceed $5000. For art website or blog, or serves as provides the web interface for a labels using Bandcamp, ass web host for artist. very powerful, artist-controlled label receives sales revenue storefront. along royalties to its bands. Short term digital release Consumers could pay "nothing", YES. Though real figures we experiment run by the band although there was a $1 "handling published, its assumed that ARTIST-TO-FAN Independent Release that offered variable pricing charge", plus Radiohead collected kept the vast majority of the option. everyones contact info. these sales Consumers can download as many albums or songs as they want for Website with physical and $15/month. Members can also digital retail store, with YES. Artist gets 50% of any ARTIST-TO-FAN Magnatune access simple, one-click style $15/month subscription fee license fees. licensing for music uses in films, and online licensing. TV, videos, etc. High bitrate options. 29
  30. 30. Distribution: Digital Video Are they SERVICE FORMAT DETAILS PERFORMER YES/POSSIBLY. If artist is s and has a significant YouTub they may be able to participa YouTube Online videos Posted videos. YouTubes Partner Program. to an indie or major label ma revenue received by the labe through to them as per their Performer sets date, time and ticket price, Fans buy tickets to the YES. 60% of gross ticket sa Live performances via StageIt webcast show and watch show provides links to stores like i webcast online.Fans can also tip and interact digital download sales. with performer in real time. Performer sets date, or just starts to NO. At this point, its not pos Live performance/broadcast Google+ Hangouts On Air broadcast immediately. File saves in tickets or charge admission via webcast real time to YouTube. webcast. 30
  31. 31. Online Radio & Streaming Services Are they compensated, and how m CATEGORY SERVICE FORMAT DETAILS PERFORMER Two models: Ad-supported model for YES. Pa free, or ad-free version for $36/yr. RADIO/ YES. 45% of SoundExchange digital ASCAP/ Webcast stations formed Search for bands you like and WEBCASTING/ performance royalties paid directly to songwrit Pandora around music services will also play music thats DIGITAL featured performer. Pandora also links to compens recommendation engines similar, thus increasing consumers PERFORMANCES Amazon and iTunes for digital sales. to Amaz musical knowledge. Hugely popular sales. iPhone app. Combines music-streaming, chat RADIO/ YES. Tu rooms, and voting by simulating a YES. 45% of SoundExchange digital WEBCASTING/ with ASC Realtime webcast/DJ station virtual environment filled with performance royalties paid directly to DIGITAL songwrit audience members and DJs featured performer. PERFORMANCES compens represented by player avatars. YES. 45% of SoundExchange digital performance royalties paid directly to YES. La Free for users. Create custom radio featured performer. Indie/unsigned artists ASCAP/ stations and playlists from any of the that are not SoundExchange members can songwrit RADIO/ UK based internet radio and audio tracks in Last.fms music be paid directly by last.fms Artist Royalty compens WEBCASTING/ music community site that library, and are able to listen to some Program. NOTE: If your indie label is signed downloa DIGITAL also offers on demand individual tracks on demand or up to last.fms ARP Program, performers must ow PERFORMANCES streaming. download tracks if the rights holder royalties will go to the label, which the reco has previously authorized it. undercuts your ability to receive your Also link statutory share. Also links to Amazon, Digital7 iTunes and 7Digital for digital sales. YES. Ra RADIO/ YES. 45% of SoundExchange digital licenses Terrestrial radio WEBCASTING/ Terrestrial radio station with Seattle-based radio station with performance royalties paid directly to ASCAP/ with webcast: DIGITAL webcast streaming webcast. Free access. featured performer for webcast (not for songwrit KEXP for example PERFORMANCES terrestrial broadcast). compens broadcas RADIO/ YES. Si Consumer pays for equipment plus YES. 45% of SoundExchange digital WEBCASTING/ ASCAP/ Sirius XM Satellite Radio radio channels Satellite monthly subscription fees, about performance royalties paid directly to DIGITAL songwrit $15/month. featured performer. PERFORMANCES compens RADIO/ YES. Al YES. 45% of SoundExchange digital WEBCASTING/ Part of consumers monthly cable ASCAP/ MusicChoice Music on cable TV stations performance royalties paid directly to DIGITAL PERFORMANCES package bill featured performer. 31 songwrit compens
  32. 32. Radio
  33. 33. Regular Radio…Still?Terrestrial radio is still very relevant for both new and establishedartist. Airplay is not a God-given right even for a great record butit’s still extremely important for breaking new artists.Despite the popularity of the Internet, radio stations receivehundreds of CD’s every month with few of them ever getting heardby the programmers, let alone getting any airplay.Radio promotion entails hiring specialist “indie-promoters” to solicitradio for airplay and feedback saving you the time and toil. Radiocampaigns usually run 6-8 weeks. Feedback from radio is providedto you in detailed weekly reports that are pulled from our website.
  34. 34. Terrestrial Radio – Key DMAsTerrestrial Radio Day-Parts: • Morning drive: 6AM – 10AM • Afternoon drive 3PM – 7PM Market Metro 12+ Market MetroRank Type Freq. Market Rank Type Freq. Market Code Population Code 12+ 1 1 PPM 13 New York† 15,867,400 17 63 PPM 13 San Diego† 2,700,300 Tampa-St. Petersburg- 2 3 PPM 13 Los Angeles 11,044,200 18 87 PPM 13 Clearwater 2,475,100 3 5 PPM 13 Chicago† 7,878,800 19 321 PPM 13 Nassau-Suffolk (Long Island)† 2,448,100 4 9 PPM 13 San Francisco† 6,264,600 20 35 PPM 13 Denver-Boulder† 2,429,700 5 24 PPM 13 Dallas-Ft. Worth† 5,431,900 21 21 PPM 13 Baltimore 2,341,300 6 33 PPM 13 Houston-Galveston 5,126,200 22 17 PPM 13 St. Louis 2,308,100 7 15 PPM 13 Washington, DC† 4,635,000 23 51 PPM 13 Portland, OR† 2,152,300 8 7 PPM 13 Philadelphia 4,517,800 24 93 PPM 13 Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill† 2,071,600 9 47 PPM 13 Atlanta 4,385,000 25 23 PPM 13 Pittsburgh, PA† 2,004,900 10 13 PPM 13 Boston† 4,082,100 26 379 PPM 13 Riverside-San Bernardino 1,986,600 Miami-Ft. Lauderdale- 11 429 PPM 13 Hollywood† 3,781,100 27 65 PPM 13 Sacramento† 1,887,800 12 11 PPM 13 Detroit† 3,760,200 28 59 PPM 13 San Antonio 1,858,500 13 39 PPM 13 Seattle-Tacoma† 3,538,100 29 31 PPM 13 Cincinnati 1,768,600 14 57 PPM 13 Phoenix 3,255,500 30 19 PPM 13 Cleveland† 1,760,100 15 540 4S 4 Puerto Rico† 3,152,100 31 101 PPM 13 Salt Lake City-Ogden-Provo† 1,745,000 16 27 PPM 13 Minneapolis-St. Paul 2,793,800 32 257 PPM 13 Las Vegas† 1,656,200
  35. 35. College & Non-Commercial Radio College radio Day-Parts: • Evenings: 7PM – 12PM • Overnights: 12M – 6AM Promoters of Choice:
  36. 36. Red Bull RadioOf course…Red Bull has that covered too.
  37. 37. Promotion
  38. 38. Promotional VehiclesPublicity: Traditional PR push to radio, mainstream press, and large digital outlets. Specializedsocial media PR will be enlisted to promote music across social media outlets and to solicitblogger reviews.Radio promotions: Enlist veteran promoter work rock stations in key DMA’s, especiallymarkets around Atlanta, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Montreal, and Toronto. Offer in-studioperformances to stations that are along tour routing.Street/lifestyle promotions: A street team of volunteers will be enlisted via social media andemail blasts and given free music and other marketing collateral to help them through their ownRed Bull Records listening parties.Retail marketing: In-store appearances and performances coordinated with tour scheduling.Video: 3 official music videos will be produced for each of the 1st three singles.Promotional touring: US tour routing should be planned approximately 1month after the initialradio push begins and should be determined according the song performance in the respectiveDMA.Digital: This will also include mobile.Advertising: There will be no actual advertising in favor of earned and social media marketing.
  39. 39. Promotional Rollout Album Launch Begin Tour February March 15-Apr 15-May June July August September October November December JanuaryPublicityRadio College RadioStreet/lifestyle Street Team CMJ NYCVideoRetail Retail In-Store Promotion to Coincide with Radio DMA Heavy RotationTour College May Weekend U.S. Festival Tour Suburban Tour Major City Tour CMJ NYC
  40. 40. Digital PRAgencies of choice:
  41. 41. Target U.S. Festivals
  42. 42. AWOLNATION – Tour Schedule 42
  43. 43. Digital & SEO
  44. 44. Online PR & Promotion Sites with visitor affinity profiles similar to those of the target market. Blogs with Similar Keywords to NoiseTrade Top Music Blogs Top Music Music Blogs Other Music-related Cross Promotional Opportunities Top Keyword-Related Blogs Site Visits/Month Platform AttributeBlog Name Monthly Visitors 13,000,000 Pure Volume Featured 1,073,483 ReverbNation Street Team Missions 3,000,000Idolator 198,214 YouTube Video ManagementStereogum 88,599 Yahoo! Music Music Management/eCommerce 2,000,000JamBase 58,905 Smartpunk Music Management/eCommercebrooklynvegan 43,124 Viral Music Platform LA Time Music Blog 1,850,000PopMatters 39,244 SonicBids Electronic Press Kit PlatformThe Hype Machine 35,694 1,200,000 Viral Music PlatformMetal Injection 32,687 OurStage Music Promotion SiteCreate Digital Music 13,522 Village Voice Music Blog 900,000Popdose 10,979NoiseAddicts 9,323 Consequence of Sound 800, 6, 4,572 The Fader 450,000Culture Bully 4, 3,396 300,000 150,000 BrooklynVegan 75,000 44
  45. 45. Video PromotionPromote music videos across YouTube and other networks. Today, most bandshave at least some video content already online and enabling them to embedYouTube videos in their pages would increase user engagement; the stickier thepage the more likely fans will be to donate.1 Month YouTube Video CampaignExample.Daily Budget: $100.00Target Audience● Men & Women between 18 & 24 interested in “New Music”Geo-Targets:● New York, NY● Nashville, TN● Los Angeles, CA● Austin, TX 45
  46. 46. 46
  47. 47. Keyword Density Analysis Keyword Density: Optimize the density of keywords that: • The % of times a keyword/phrase appears on a • Have high search engine search volume webpage v. total number of words. • Are most relevant to the page’s content • Helps determine whether a web page is relevant to a specific word or phrase. • Target Density ≈ 5.0; Target Repeats ≈ 3.7 Single Keywords Two Word Phrases Three Word Phrases Keyword Repeats Density Keyword Repeats Density Keyword Repeats Density music 17 4.51 key posts 10 5.31 meet ethan music 2 1.59 posts 12 3.18 social media 6 3.18 remixes and mashups 2 1.59 key 11 2.92 music for 4 2.12 music teaching music 2 1.59 email 10 2.65 music teaching 3 1.59 music for film 2 1.59 media 8 2.12 your email 3 1.59 for film music 2 1.59 social 6 1.59 by email 3 1.59 film music for 2 1.59 ethan 4 1.06 meet ethan 2 1.06 music for theater 2 1.59 blog 4 1.06 ethan music 2 1.06 key posts key 2 1.59 technology 4 1.06 remixes and 2 1.06 posts key posts 2 1.59 linkedin 4 1.06 and mashups 2 1.06 key posts music 2 1.59 evolution 3 0.8 teaching music 2 1.06 posts music key 2 1.59 remixes 3 0.8 for film 2 1.06 music key posts 2 1.59 mashups 3 0.8 film music 2 1.06 key posts politics 2 1.59 47
  48. 48. Music Discovery Search Traffic Drivers Query % of Search Traffic Query % of Search Traffic Query % of Search Trafficnoisetrade 29.69% topspin 33.61% kishi bashi 0.21%noise trade 7.80% topspin media 8.93% beak 0.17%noisetrade blog 2.10% top spin 4.57% exitmusic 0.13%noisetrade email 1.08% top spin media 2.47% homestuck 0.10%is noisetrade legal 1.06% topspinmedi 1.13% doe paoro 0.09%Takeaway: Most of NoiseTrades search traffic iscoming from people searching specifically for it. An Takeaway: Topspins visitors are look for their Takeaway: BandCamps search traffic is broadlySEO goal should be to also drive traffic from users website specifically. distributed across maily across individual band sites.that may not yet know about NoiseTrade but aresearching for words related to its value proposition. Query % of Search Traffic Query % of Search Traffic Query % of Search Trafficwe are hunted 49.77% earbits 46.13% soundcloud 7.81%wearehunted 9.13% earbits radio 9.43% sound cloud 0.57% commercial freewe are haunted 2.68% 4.08% wankelmut 0.22% internet radiowe are hinted 1.37% earbit 1.85% 1.36% earbits play 1.64% falscher hase 0.11% Takeaway: While like many other sites, Earbits Takeaway: While some volume come from direct traffic comes mainly from directly related searches.Takeaway: A vast majority of the sites search traffic "sound cloud" related searches, much of the traffic is However, notice that "internet radio" also hascomes from specific "We are hunted" related queries. widely distributed, likely coming from artist-related significant traffic. This is a categorical search that searches. Earbits is benefiting from in terms of traffic. 48
  49. 49. Keyword Recommendations – By Category Musical Equipment Indie & Alternative Music Music Streams & DownloadsKeyword Searches/Month (US) Keyword Searches/Month (US) Keyword Searches/Month (US)guitar at 13,600,000 red chili peppers 550,000 music to download 4,090,000de guitar 13,600,000 red hot peppers 550,000 to download music 4,090,000bass with a bass 7,480,000 red hot chile peppers 450,000 download music from 4,090,000piano de 6,120,000 redhot chili peppers 450,000 music downloads 1,830,000piano at 6,120,000 foo foo fighters 368,000 downloads music 1,830,000piano piano piano 6,120,000 shellac 246,000 downloads for music 1,830,000with mic 5,000,000 the dandy 246,000 song downloads 1,500,000in mic 5,000,000 tegan 201,000 audio sounds 1,220,000a toms 2,740,000 shellack 165,000 music and sound 1,220,000toms in 2,740,000 whitestripes 165,000 freemusic download 1,220,000toms on 2,740,000 bar set 135,000 download freemusic 1,220,000were to find toms 2,740,000 jetsetter 60,500 downloads for mp3 1,000,000toms of 2,740,000 kiser 60,500 freemusic downloads 823,000toms and 2,740,000 the blind spot 60,500 musicdownloads 823,000les guitars 2,740,000 the peacemakers 60,500 music for mp3 673,000guitars from 2,740,000 red hot chili peppers concert 49,500 album artwork 550,000guitars la 2,740,000 chili peppers tour 49,500 downloadmusic 550,000in crate 2,740,000 red hot chilli peppers tour 49,500 music sites 450,000la crate 2,740,000 i fratellis 49,500 musicdownload 450,000amplifier for 2,240,000 dinosaurs bbq 49,500 mp3 conversion 450,000 49
  50. 50. Promotions
  51. 51. Promotion: Musical Fitting RoomsIntegrate the feeling of being backstage with video enabled dressing-room walls at Urban Outfitters.
  52. 52. Promotion: CMJ - NYC SponsorsOver five nonstop days and nights,the world’s most importantplatform for the discovery of newmusic, CMJ Music Marathon, invadesNew York City with over 1,300artist performances.CMJ fills more than 80 of the city’sgreatest venues, and nightclubs withover 120,000 fans, music industryprofessionals, college radiotastemakers, bloggers, press, andmusicians.
  53. 53. Promotion: Digital DIY AlbumRather than a soulless download from iTunes, an album-specific sitewill be created to allow fans to select their favorite 10 tracks from achoice of 20 (or however many the band wants to make available.using a customizable interface enabling users to create their ownartwork and download their own custom album.
  54. 54. Promotion: Social Media StoreApplications that can be integrated into Facebook andvarious other social media platforms, will enable fans tosell and combination of Red Bull artist tracks and earn$1.00 for every 10 song (album equivalent) they sell.
  55. 55. Promotion: Music Mixer AppAn app will be built for smartphone and tablets that letsusers remix songs from Red Bull bands.
  56. 56. Tracking Success
  57. 57. Album sales are no longer the primacy success metric
  58. 58. Chart Ranking – AWOLNATION, “Sail” “Sail” Charting on Rock Digital Songs Last Week’s Chart #29 Position Weeks on Chart 87 Peak Chart #4 Position 58
  59. 59. Digital Tracking & Targets % Change 90 Day Past 90 Days % Change Target Target SoundCloud Plays 354,200 + 3% +10% 389,620 YouTube Video Views 4,200,000 - 3% +10% 4,620,000 Facebook Likes 4,400,000 + 1% +10% 4,840,000 Twitter Followers 7,500,000 - 35% +10% 8,250,000 59
  60. 60. AWOLNATION - FacebookPast 90 Days: 4,400,000Target: 4,840,000 60
  61. 61. AWOLNATION - TwitterPast 90 Days: 7,500,000Target: 8,250,000 61
  62. 62. AWOLNATION - SoundCloudPast 90 Days: 354,200Target: 389,620 62
  63. 63. AWOLNATION - YouTubePast 90 Days: 4,200,000Target: 4,620,000 63
  64. 64. All Red Bull Artists Tracking - Facebook
  65. 65. All Red Bull Artists Tracking - Twitter
  66. 66. All Red Bull Artists Tracking - YouTube