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WeiResearch Social Interest Graph


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Social Interest Graph, Chinese Social Media Experts

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WeiResearch Social Interest Graph

  1. 1. 2013. 05 WeiResearch Social Interest Graph Social Media Insights and Service in China
  2. 2. China market is a huge emerging market  560.4 millions internet users  420 millions people access internet by mobile  Chinese outbound travel & tourism market will be 97 millions travelers by the end of 2013  0.39 million people apply study abroad per year  World’s 2nd largest luxury market  Apple’s revenue climbs 8% to $8.2Billion in Q2 2013 What is happening in China
  3. 3. Rapid growth of social activity 3 domain Similar sites Alexa Global Rank Alexa Rank in China Active Users (Million) 9 2 825 27 6 536 70 14 170 10 3 370 45 8 180 Billions of data generated in Chinese social media
  4. 4.  Establish market & user insights by  collective social listening  capturing the trends in consumer behavior  opinion forming  Connect consumer needs with business offers by  Interest-targeting  Analyzing user behavior on the fly, matching business offers in real time  Enable cross-boundary social engagement and feed rich and dynamic content through social communication channel (WeChat) WeiResearch Mission 4
  5. 5. WeiResearch Product Line 5 Social Interest Graph Product Social Media Service Product  Social Listening—Real time sentiment analysis. Send alert message automatically by email or SMS  Project-based performance monitor and report—Measuring program effectiveness and marketing efficiency. Collect consumer opinions, engagement. Evaluate the scale and depth of reach and impact  Interest-based- advertising—Accurate advertisement. Deliver interest-focused advertising based on real-time analysis of user social behavior  WeiResearch Cloud Analysis Service—Long term big data storage and analysis. Determine online influencers and classify fans  WeiResearch Social Mobile Cloud—Establishing cross boundary social engagement . Aggregate blogs, micro-blogs , B2C and C2C sites as WeChat APP  WeiResearch System Integration—Data integration. Import social media data into CRM, ERP system
  6. 6. WeiResearch Technologies Social Media ROI Advertisement driven by interest graph Social media big data analysis Combine semantic web to social media Our Team members come from 6 Opinion mining enhanced by semantic role labeling can be used not only Chinese but also Japanese. Natural Language Parser Ontology Analysis Chinese lexicons, tree banks and tag of speech Semantic knowledge based on reasoning and inference engine optimized for advertisement Precise, Effective, Intelligent
  7. 7. 7 Social Interest Graph Product Social Media Listening Project-based Performance Monitor and Report Interest-based-advertising
  8. 8. Social Media Listening 88  Social listening. China's social environment monitoring and analysis  Environmental scan (i.e. hot topics, opinion leaders, brand and product collecting) based on social insights  Market trends watch(i.e. what brands or products are popular and getting more traction)  Product features  Depth demographic  Real time share of voice sentiment analysis  Data download as PDF or CSV  Automatic alert by SMS and email  Influence analysis
  9. 9. Social Listening Preview 9  Demographic (i.e. gender, income, activeness and social media level) Activeness Gender Social media level Income (RMB)
  10. 10. Social Listening Preview 10  Depth demographic (i.e. education, mobile client) Mobile Client (i.e. iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian) education level (i.e. bachelor, master, PhD)
  11. 11. Social Listening Preview 11  Share of voice volume time line  Sentiment analysis Positive and Negative 6 basic emotions • Happiness • Anger • Fear • Sadness • Boringness • Willingness
  12. 12. Data download as PDF or CSV 12  Download as PDF  Download as CSV
  13. 13. Influence Analysis 13  Real time influence analysis
  14. 14. Project-based advanced report 14  Advanced social listening  User and group insights  Behavior oral characteristics  Aggregated interests  Brand, product perception. (i.e. what users want/ share / discuss / like / dislike)  Competition analysis: strength/weakness, changes of views  Product features  Social media evaluation  Share of voice time line  Product features opinion mining  Search engine index and social media index comparison
  15. 15. Social marketing report data source 15 The web sites we covered No. Media Type Quantity 1 News sites and government sites 131 2 Specialized media sites 84 3 Micro blog, 4 Discussion 4,500,000+ 5 News paper, video sites 187 6 E-commerce sites 117
  16. 16. 1616 Burj Dubai2010(@迪拜塔2010) has more than 20,000 fans at Sina Weibo, and average reply count is 11.78, has more male fans and the fans generation are mainly after 80s. The Most Influential KOL Analysis Burj Dubai2010(@迪拜塔2010) Attention 898 Fans 22037 Weibo 653 Average Reply 11.78 Fans Classification : Livings15.8% Economics 3.1% Politics 2.3% Male 57% Female 43% Gender Distribution 0.00% 2.08% 38.58% 0.26% 0.00% 0.07% 0.00% 20.00% 40.00% Post 00s Post 90s Post 80s Post 70s Post 60s Post 50s Age Distribution Social media evaluation
  17. 17. Mention volume on comparison Mention volume change analysis: the influence of local news and activities Based on the data statistics, the mentions of London is 126 times the Dubai mentions, but the mention volume of London is only 7 times Dubai, so Dubai has more influences than London 500,000 1,500,000 2,500,000 3,500,000 4,500,000 5,500,000 6,500,000 7,500,000 Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar April Dubai LondonMention Volume 1 2 3 4
  18. 18. Keywords cloud 18 Regional Keywords Cloud Comparison Last 6 Months Dubai is known as a city of dreams, and recently the mention volume increased a lot by the news that a man is expelled from the country because he is too handsome, so the city is also recognized as a place people are handsome and pretty. Also the luxury hotel Burj-al-Arab, police patrol by driving Lamborghini contribute many mentions. No negative news. The London highest mention volume keyword is gold stock price collapse, and people is panic buying gold. Also the lonely silhouette in subway, Mrs.Thatcher and her soft ice scream, London fashion contributes many mentions. No negative news. Shortage of Water Luxury Burjuman Burj-al-Arab Ferris WheelCity of Dreams Lamborghini Handsome Man Fabulous Princes Green Building Dubai Keywords Cloud London Keywords Cloud Subway anish kapoor London Express Marathon Ice Scream Mrs Thatcher British Style London Fasion Gold Stock Price London Eye Guinness World Records VS
  19. 19. 19 Satisfaction comparison Satisfaction matrix The satisfaction matrix is mainly built on the analysis of huge mount of social media data from micro blog. The analysis leverages the machine learning technology, and classify different people into different classification based on what they have said in micro blog. With more than 5 million sample accounts, it’s quite accurate to classify any person based on their micro blog content.
  20. 20. 20 Public sentiment focus and satisfaction For Dubai, netizens are most satisfied by tour, the next is news. For London, netitzens are most satisfied by news, which Mrs. Thatcher plays a very important role For hotels, Dubai hotel satisfaction than London, the peculiar shape of the Burj Al Arab Hotel, the hotel has played an important role. For emotions and Reverse emotional. User satisfaction:Netizens are quite satisfied about tour in Dubai 0% 25% 50% Dubai London Tour News Shopping Hotel ActivitySatisfaction
  21. 21. Monitor report preview 21
  22. 22. Interest-targeting advertising 222222  Delivering Interest-focused advertising based on real- time analysis of user social behavior  Target audiences analysis  Online influencer analysis  Advertising based on target audiences
  23. 23. 目标 用户 目标 用户 目标 用户 目标 用户 目标 用户 目标 用户 目标 用户 目标 用户 Target audiences filter 23 Active audience filter Key opinions lead evaluation Target audience analysis 目标 用户 WeiResearch Social Media Tools
  24. 24. 24 Social Media Service Product  WeiResearch Cloud Big Data Analysis  WeiResearch Social Mobile Service  WeiResearch Social Media System Integration
  25. 25. WeiResearch social interest graph 25 Choice Social graph Personality
  26. 26. WeChat O2O CRM Service 26 • WeChat is the China "Whatsapp", developed by Tencent. Clients are available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian platform. • Mar, 2013, WeChat has 194.4 million active users, and more than 300 million registered users. • It has big influence in Mainland China, HK, Taiwan, South-East Asia, Chinese People areas around the world and westerners.
  27. 27. WeiResearch Chat Robot Intelligence O2O Integration CRM System Weixin weibo Authorized data import and exchange Semantic SoLoMo Application Offline WeiResearch Big data Location Mobile Social O2O Business Needs
  28. 28.  Semantic Knowledge Base  100 thousands triples optimized for advertisement fields  540 thousands Chinese lexicons, with part of speech  35 thousands syntactical definitions, with treebank  NetizenCache  30 million interest graphs for active netizens  High Speed Flash Storage Optimized for Social Media  Short reaction time  Optimized for unstructured data  Profession team  3 PhDs are working at machine learning, nature language parser and semantic search  All developers with master degree on computer science or related field WeiResearch API 28
  29. 29.  SSO interest graph API Deployment  1 working day to deploy JavaScript API  1 month to do performance test  WeiResearch Cloud Deployment 3 month  Recommendation engine Installation  Knowledge base on load  NetizenCache deployment  JavaScript API Implement plan 29
  30. 30. WeiResearch Big Data Solution 30 Unstructured Data Semi-Structured Data DFS HDFS NoSQL Structured Data RDB Real Time Event ETLMap Reduce Streaming Engine Mining Engine Reporting/Dashboard BI/Social Applications Advanced Analysis Hardwar e Big Data Cluster Memor y Analysi s
  31. 31. WeiResearch Big Data Hardware 31 Disk CPU CPU Storage Class Memory (SCM) Attribute DRAM FlashMAX SCM Storage-class SATA/SAS SSDs Disk Capacity 10% of SCM 200 GB – 2 TB 200 – 1 TB 1 – 10 TB Read performance 10x 1x 25% of SCM 1% of SCM Write performance Persistence No Yes Yes Yes SATA/S AS SSDs PCIe SSDs FlashMA X SCM Thanks for Virident
  32. 32. About WeiResearch
  33. 33. WeiResearch’s Customers 33
  34. 34.  Tencent Inc. is one of largest comprehensive Internet service company in China, include instant messenger, mobile messaging service, social networks, web portals, online games.  As of Mar 2013, the instant messenger Tecent QQ has 825.4 million active user accounts, and the number of simultaneously online QQ accounts has sometimes reached 173 million.  The mobile messaging service, WeChat, has 194.4 million active user accounts and the application download is in top 3 apps in apple store and android market of China.  Social network, QZone, 611 million active user accounts, the largest social network in China. web portal,,  Alexa rank is #2 in China and #9 worldwide. Online games, QQ games, has exceeded 9.2 million user online simultaneously in some time point Appendix Tencent 34
  35. 35.  Sina Weibo, the largest micro blogging website of China, with a similar market penetration as Twitter  Alexa rank China #6, worldwide #27, launched by SINA corporation on 14 August 2009, has 536 million registered users by Mar. 2013, and the average active online users are 49.8 million everyday. Appendix 35
  36. 36.  Youku is the China "YouTube", the second largest video site in the world with a alexa ranking just after YouTube. and No. 1 in China Internet video hosting service.  As of Mar. 2013, youku has more than 100 million monthly active users, videos play 170 million times per day, and average video watching time for each user is more than 70 minutes every day. Appendix 36
  37. 37.  Tmall is the largest B2C online retail platform in China, operated by Alibaba Group.  As of Mar 2013, tmall has 48.5% share of China B2C market, more than 70,000 international and Chinese brands from more than 50,000 merchants and serves more than 180 million buyers. Appendix 37
  38. 38. Thank you