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Sequencing for success - Ryan Will and Rory Monaghan


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Rory focuses on general App-V Sequencing tips and practices, ways to help you get a high level of success on your App-V projects.
We’re aware there are many Service Providers and with that in mind, Ryan focuses on how to Sequence applications in a multi-tennant environment, how you can sequence applications which may require customer specific info and sequence them Once and once only. A basic premise of sequence once for many, cutting down on duplication of effort and reducing cost.

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Sequencing for success - Ryan Will and Rory Monaghan

  1. 1. Sequencing for Success Ryan Will and Rory Monaghan
  2. 2. Bio: Rory Monaghan • Eighth Year of Working with App-V • Microsoft App-V MVP • Solutions Architect with nGenx • Resides in Phoenix, Arizona • First BriForum • • Application Virtualization Smackdown Twitter: @Rorymon
  3. 3. Bio: Ryan Will • Sixth year of working with App-V • Application Engineer at nGenX • Resides in Evansville, IN • Third BriForum, First time speaking • Twitter: @RyanWilldotcom Email:
  4. 4. Agenda App-V Sequencing Process Compatibility and Automation Tools App-V Decision Matrix App-V Sequencing Environment Personal Best Practices and Tips Other Tools & Resources Symbolic links with Demo Shims with Demo More Tools & Resources
  5. 5. App-V Sequencing Process Application Discovery Documentation Set Expectations Compatibility Tools Strategize Sequence
  6. 6. Compatibility and Automation Tools Bulk Import Applications Detailed Remediation Level Reporting Automated App-V Sequencing Powershell Capabilities APPDNA APPLICATION COMPATIBILITY PACK CHANGEBASE POWERSHELL 3.0
  7. 7. Decision Matrix
  8. 8. App-V Sequencing Environment Primary Target OS Non- Domain Joined or Domain Joined? Snapshot with Office Save Snapshots with VM Shutdown At least SP2 Hotfix 4
  9. 9. Personal Best Practices and Tips Reduce Package Size Connection Groups Dummy PVAD Manual Reboots Write to VFS Reports WINNING
  10. 10. Personal Best Practices and Tips RunVirtual Shims Scripting Virtual Subsystems Global Publishing
  11. 11. Other Tools and Resources App-V Scheduler AppV_Manage Application Virtualization Explorer Aaron Parkers Recipes List Technet ProcMon SpyStudio Tmurgent Technologies App-V Training
  12. 12. Symbolic links A file-system object that points to another file system object. Can be a file or folder Created via command line No separate installation needed
  13. 13. Symbolic links • MKLINK Command: • /D – For a directory • Leave blank for a file Parameters:
  14. 14. Symbolic links Sequence once, Reuse many times Store important files outside the virtual environment No scripting needed Helps with Pre App-V 5.0 SP2 HF4 Not limited to App-V
  15. 15. Symbolic links Downfalls
  16. 16. Demo Time!
  17. 17. Shims Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) A shim is a small library that transparently intercepts an API and changes the arguments passed, handles the operation itself, or redirects the operation elsewhere - Wikipedia
  18. 18. Shims Advantages over Symbolic links One stop shop Based on process Can redirect to AppData and LocalAppData No changes to the local system No App-V modifications required
  19. 19. Shims My top 3 •Similar to symbolic link. CorrectFilePaths •Redirect registry calls •Relay HKLM keys to HKCU •Not much use for App-V VirtualRegistry •Report different OS version •Good for old applications Version-lie
  20. 20. Demo Time!
  21. 21. More Tools and Resources ProcMon (yes, again!) InstallWatch Pro Process Activity View RegFromApp WinMerge Watch my blog