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Dec.10 Counterexamples


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Dec.10 Counterexamples

  1. 1. Counterexamples
  2. 2. Conjecture: The perimeter of a rectangle can never be an odd number
  3. 3. Counterexample : - an example that shows a general statement to be false. - it only takes one counterexample to prove a conjecture false
  4. 4. Conjecture: Every rectangle is a square. Counterexample:
  5. 5. Conjecture: If a>b and b=5, then a ≥ 6 Counterexample:
  6. 6. Students with low grade-point averages in high school are invariably failures in life.
  7. 7. Exercise 48 Omit question 9