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Ryan Thomas - Professional Resume


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Ryan Thomas - Professional Resume

  1. 1. (Page 1 of 2 - Resume for Ryan Thomas) Ryan Thomas Instructor, Content Developer, Trainer Plano, TX 75074 - (469) 247-5133 CAREER SUMMARY Creative instructor, content developer and trainer with 15 years of leadership experience in educational and corporate settings both abroad and locally. In addition to superior customer service, organizational and administrative skills, key abilities include: •Developing content and curriculum using sound instructional design •Training others to excel in their careers and duties •Communicating complex information simply, in writing and verbally •Identifying clients’ needs and resolving weaknesses in client service •Presenting information to individuals and diverse groups WORK EXPERIENCE MANAGER, TRAINER, CSR Domino's - Plano, TX - January 2014 to November 2015 •Trained newly hired employees in procedures, protocols and best practices •Increased sales by 10% through superior customer service on the phone and in person •Resolved customer complaints and responded to customer feedback maximizing customer retention rates •Met or exceeded ideal labor goals, cost goals and inventory stocks •Opened and closed the store; counted and deposited till money INSTRUCTOR, CURRICULUM DEVELOPER, INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER Plano Independent School District - Plano, TX - August 2004 to December 2013 •Designed and developed curricular materials: researched and prepared original lesson content, projects, rubrics and assessments (formative and summative) for the Science and ESL departments •Customized instructional design for a diverse population of students with different native languages, differing socio-economic backgrounds and varied cognitive and learning abilities •Recorded, collated and interpreted raw demographic and testing data to track progress, assign targeted tutorials, improve my instructional efficacy and assess students’ academic progress •Facilitated targeted content mastery and classroom management in student-centered classrooms in accordance with state-mandated learning standards •Collaborated closely with co-teachers, parents, support staff, counselors and administration to monitor and maximize student progress by sharing relevant data and observations •Served on the LPAC committee for 8 years to ensure compliance with federal regulations concerning English Language Learners •Completed over 300 hours of professional development to remain abreast of and implement newly researched and data-supported instructional methodologies and learning modalities •Trusted with sensitive, private information, kept meticulous records and maintained confidentiality •Received “Exceeded Expectations” on Professional Development and Appraisal System over 90% of the time in all categories, including: Professional Relationships; Professional Conduct; Professional Communication; Evaluation and Feedback of Student Progress; Management of Strategies, Time and Materials; Compliance with Procedures and Policies
  2. 2. (Page 2 of 2 - Resume for Ryan Thomas) MANAGER, TRAINER, CURRICULUM DEVELOPER, INSTRUCTOR NCB English Language Institute - Osaka, JAPAN - April 1999 to May 2003 •Managed 10-15 instructors at the institute site in Kobe, Japan •Led key initiatives that increased client acquisition and membership renewals by 15% •Liaised between foreign instructors and Japanese upper-management •Initiated and completed curriculum and content creation; implemented company-wide on the national level •Coordinated, designed and performed new teacher orientations, training, and annual teacher assessments •Increased new customer acquisition by redesigning conducting sales-driven model lessons to prospective adult clients •Facilitated English proficiency lessons and proficiency assessments to college students and adult corporate executive second-language learners •Administered official TOEFL examinations to students applying to US universities EDUCATION Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology Texas A&M - College Station, TX Graduated with magna cum laude honors GPA of 3.78, 4.0 in major SKILLS •Instructional design, content development, curriculum development, training, management, creative problem solving, public speaking, project development, cross-cultural communication, collaboration, proofreading and editing, e-learning, adult education, child education, assessment creation, employee evaluation, research, second language acquisition theory, customer service, written and verbal communication •Microsoft Office, audio and visual editing software, data tracking software, POS systems CERTIFICATIONS TEA- Texas Educator Certificates (2) •English as a Second Language •Science Expire in 2022 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION World Traveler, Lived Abroad, Artist, Poet, Audio and Music Producer, Volunteer, Gardener