Senior Project Speech


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Senior Project Speech

  1. 1. Senior Project Speech “If you fail, try, try again.” This quote comically outlines my entire senior project. Duringall the steps of my senior project, whether it be planning, fundraising, organizing, or the actualevent, many things did not go my way. However, through the help of my mentor and my ownself perseverance, I managed to make my way through the jungle that was putting on a benefitcar show. In the early phases of my senior project, I believed everything was a breeze. The planningof the car show was easy in and of itself. My first task of planning was securing a sight for thecar show. When talking to my project facilitator about location, I first brought up the idea ofhaving it based out of Riverstone. However, after much debate decided that it was a bad idea dueto the amount of traffic and the liability issue of having non-car show cars drive by. After theidea of Riverstone passed by, I suggested Creekview’s parking lot. When I brought it up, myproject facilitator seemed to like the idea. In a couple weeks I had had Dr. Eddy’s approval of meusing the parking lot to house my car show. In my mental checklist, that was one trifle out of theway. Next came attaining a map of the parking lot so I could visualize where I wanted to placeeverything. I sat down with my project facilitator and started drawing sectors on the map; whereI wanted to place the cars, the registration table, the spectator cars, and the food vendors. Also, Ineed to make a route for the entering cars and the exiting cars so they wouldnt be in direct trafficwith each other. Once I was satisfied with the design of the map, I started to make an outline ofeverything that I needed so that I could make the car show go off without any hiccups. After theinitial planning was done, I needed to gather sponsors so I could raise premature money for mycar show and cover the expenses for things such as trophies and porta-johns.
  2. 2. When I tried to get sponsors, it was much more grueling task then I had originallythought to be. Although many places “pledged” that they would give money donations or raffleitems, a few backed out at the last second. When I visited some sponsors, they wanted a receiptfor their donation. I thought that this would be no problem. However, after consulting with myfacilitator, I could not write a tax-deductible receipt because I did not have a 501-3C. That permitgrants me the title of having a charitable organization. Therefore, when I got to sponsors whodemanded a receipt, I had to make clear to them that this was not something that can write off ontheir taxes. Although this discouraged many potential sponsors, many still decided to donate.Places such as AutoZone donated raffle items for the car show instead of a monetary donation.These raffle items included things such as: free oil changes, wax kits, interior cleaners, gift cardsand even soaps. Obtaining the sponsors involved many connections and I even employed thehelp of my mother to assist me in gaining sponsors. Statistics show that people are moresusceptible to listen and help a cause if a lady is soliciting. So with the help of my mother, Imanaged to get 24 sponsors. With all the sponsors solidified, I could move on to making myflyer. My flyer was a task which I underestimated the difficulty in making. Through heavyguidance with my facilitator, I eventually managed to make my flyer. In the beginning, I neededan outline of what I wanted to flyer to look like. After searching the web for car show flyerdesigns, I finally settled on one that I wanted to model mine after. Once I found my outline, Iwas on a hunt for a proper background. After scrounging around on google images, I had foundthe perfect picture. And this is where the trouble began. When I first started making my flyer, Iwas using Google Documents. This program, and I later found out, lacked the tools I need tosufficiently make my flyer. In a little panic, I contacted my friend T.J. I emailed him my flyer
  3. 3. and he tried his best to help me get it in the right format; to no avail. The next day I contacted myproject facilitator. He requested that I head over to his house after school. When I arrived, thehard work began. I had to start completely from scratch since Google Documents did not want tocooperate. I utilized photoshop and typed up all my sponsors in a separate document. Somesponsors wanted to have their logo on the flyer. Therefore, I scanned in their images and insertedthem into my page. I divided the page into three sections; The information, the flyer, and theregistration. Once I had all my information on the flyer, I was ready to print it. However, the nextday, a sponsor called me and pulled out so I had to remove them from the flyer. I had to redo theentire sponsors’ section. After I fixed that, I figured what else could go wrong. I got another callthe following day that a sponsor was not happy with their placement on the sponsors’ list. With aforced smile on my face, I changed the last bit on the flyer. Without another phone call, I wasready to print. I took the flyer over to office max and printed 800 flyers. That day I distributedthe flyer to all my sponsors. That was just one way that I advertised. Advertising was another important part of my car show. Without people knowingwhat/when it was, there would be no attendance! Therefore, through the flyers and manywebsites I began to get people’s attention. I managed to create an event page on Facebookadvertising the event. It received a positive response. Also, I put my event date and details out onmany car show websites and spread the word out through many car clubs as well as my sponsors.When I had all the advertising done, I felt like I had positive feedback about the attendance tomy car show. Through Facebook too, I had many people to volunteer for my car show. I wasoverjoyed because I could not run the entire event by myself. On the day of the show, I told all my volunteers to show up at 8:30. I decided to get thereat 8:00 so I could visualise the event in my head. When I had a confident feel about how
  4. 4. everything was going to go, 8:30 rolled around and the volunteers started showing. When I hadeveryone there, I started to set up the registration table. However, I figured that it was placed toofar away for people’s convenience. Therefore, I relocated the registration table. After that, I hadsome volunteers direct some show cars into the designated spots while others handledregistration and the music. Around 11:00, about 30 cars had showed up. People started to gethungry and I luckily had BBQ that was being freshly cooked on an open grill along with snowcones and a bake sale. However, the music and the snow cones were being run off of generators.The gas in the generator that was powering the music and the PA system had run out around12:00. Up until then, I had been making constant announcements and raffling off items. Peoplebegan to get restless as the day drew on and even once we had more gas, it still wouldnt start.After tinkering with the spark plugs and the ignition switch, we eventually had it working yetagain, unfortunately it was around 1:30. I still had to judge the cars and the bass contest alongwith raffling off more items. I started to mass rafflings, raffling off 4 things at a time. Althoughthis seemed a tad rushed, I did manage to raffle off all the items that were left. Then I movedonto the bass contest. I secured a decibel meter to measure the loudness of the subwoofersystems that 22 of the cars had. After sitting in all the cars and measuring all of the basses todetermine which was the loudest, the winner had a decibel reading of 135.3. The decibel ratingfor an airplane taking off is 130. He sure deserved that trophy. After the bass contest, I and a fewof my friends judged the cars in 3 categories, Exterior, interior and engine bay. Once we decidedthe winners, I had another volunteer count the money. When all of the money had been tallied, itwas time to announce the winners. I announced over the PA system that the car show wascoming to an end and it was time to award the trophies. Once everyone had gathered around, Igave the respective winners their trophies. Then, I started to talk about Mrs. Sandy and her
  5. 5. struggles and why I chose her to benefit. After I finished my speech, I awarded her with all themoney that I had raised, it totaled to be near 1,800$. After some well deserved sentimentalmoments, the deconstruction began. Tearing down everything was a lot easier than setting up andit was done in a timely fashion. From my car show, I experienced the falls and hardships of putting on a benefit event.However, through it, I learned valuable skills to help me deal with things as they would happenin a business like setting. Also, the most valuable thing learned is that no matter how manyhardships I face, the satisfaction at the end will always outweigh it.