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  1. 1. TechProspexWhen it comes to targeting, the more With TechProspex, weyou know about your prospects and their were able to identifytechnology, the better. and reach specific CRM users quicklyWe all know that high-consideration technology purchases at and easily, a verymedium and large enterprises involve multiple stakeholders.However, all too often, marketers and/or sales associate a important targetdisproportionate amount of influence to one or two particular audience for ourinfluencers; for example, the CIO or line of business (LOB) programs. Our campaignprofessional. results wereThe reality is that no one influencer has more than 30% of the excellent due to thetotal power through the purchase process1. You must ensurethat you are allocating your marketing programs added targeting andproportionally across all of the appropriate influencers and data quality.that you don’t get fixated on simply engaging one or twoinfluencers, thinking that they control all of the necessary - Sal LoSauropower. So, the next time you are deciding whom to target, G3 Communicationsremember the 30% rule — it will serve you well.However, it is not simply having the correct contacts - theirtechnology environment is key. In the highly competitive worldof technology marketing and sales, the ability to targetprospects based on customers’ installed technologyenvironment can give you a distinctive edge. The challengeoften is obtaining the data and ensuring its accuracy.1- Forrester Tech Marketing Navigator
  2. 2. With more than 1,700 selectable technologies, across 85 categories, mapped to themillions of companies and contacts in the NetProspex database, you can build highlytargeted list that identify your best targets with unprecedented precision.A history of technology install data. First: call centers Then: data modeling Now: big dataHistorically, this data was aggregated by large call centers with hundreds of callers that surveyedcompanies began to obtain their installed technology information. As that methodologybecame cost prohibitive, many companies build modeled data that attempted to predict thetechnologies a company uses based on other “like companies.”With this modeled data meeting resistance from the marketplace due to questionable accuracyand the call center model a dying breed, marketers have been seeking an alternative source thatprovides accurate and complete data on installed technology to enable advanced targeting fortheir programs.TechProspex employs today’s sophisticated big data technology to curate and mapcompanies and the various technologies they use from hundreds of millions of publisheddocuments. Phone surveys are completed to statistically validate accuracy of these mappings,the outcome of which results in 90% plus accuracy.Once obtained, facts gleaned from this data are married with verified contact information from theNetProspex database, allowing for advanced filtering by specific technologies and otherfirmographic information. The result is a highly targeted list of specific verified contacts atcompanies that are ripe for your technology. 888-826-4877 | | page 02
  3. 3. Untargeted programs increase costs by as much as 3.6 timesthe cost of targeted programs.-Relevancy Group, Realizing the Value of Email Marketing 2010With thousands of selectable technologies, across nearly 100 categories, mapped to the mil-lions of companies and contacts in the NetProspex database, you can build highly targetedlists that identify your best targets with unprecedented precision.And, if you have custom needs, NetProspex offers custom solutions including:»» Timely technology updates, changes and triggers»» Targeting of technology down to model»» Identification of outliers, early adopters, emerging technologies and new releases»» Curation of technology information not currently in our data set»» List of companies using specific technology without contact information Using TechProspexMarketers know that proper targeting can increase marketing results 25% or more and helpto reduce program costs, thus increasing ROI. In fact, studies show that untargeted programsincrease costs by as much as 3.6 times the cost of targeted programs1.TechProspex data allows marketers to leverage data for programs focused on:»» Complementary technology. Build a list of buyers at companies that employ technology that your company plugs into»» Competitive technology. Identify the buyers you need to displace your competition»» Upgrade readiness. Identify buyers at companies with outdated technology in need of an upgrade»» Micro-targeting. Query by multiple technologies to identify the exact technology environment»» Category marketing. Query by similar technology categories to identify willingness to adopt a like technology, such as cloud-based solutions.TechProspex also includes additional selectors, such as industry,company size, title, geographic locations, and more to allow you torefine your list to your specific needs.1Relevancy Group, “Realizing the Value of Email Marketing” 2010) 888-826-4877 | | page 03
  4. 4. Quality is King When you purchase lists fromOur highest priority is keeping the information clean and NetProspex, you own the data.up-to-date for clients. NetProspex contacts are regularly Records include: Al quam erat vo lutpat.validated for accuracy and deliverability using our proprietaryverification methodology, called CleneStepTM. »» Full nameData algorithms screen: »» Job title »» Company name»» Incomplete records »» Generic emails »» Email address Helvetica Neue Light 18pt over 22 pt»» Duplicates»» Personal emails (i.e. info@ or sales@) »» Invalid postal addresses »» Phone number Eget fringilla urna. at nulla at elit hen drerit elemen tum. (gmail, yahoo) »» Invalid phone formats »» Mailing eget posuere dui. Ali Aliquam address Praesent eget fri ngilla urna. Aliquam »» Potential spam traps »» Company website quam eleifend urna mattis nuncCleneStep then leverages three-dimensional eleifend eget posuere dui. Aliquam verification with: »» Social media profiles erat interdum tempus. Aliquam »» Revenue urna mattis nunc in terdum tem we it »» volutpat. Headcount Live Phone Verification pusm erat available at the number Verifies that the contact »» Accuracy score Fusce vel massa metus, Uitae provided We make over one million calls each month. »» Installed neque. Lorem ipsum venenatis technology Helvetica Neue Light 11pt over 20pt. I venenatis neque. Lorem dolor sit amet, consectetur Email Verification ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin varius adipiscing elit. ullamcorper est the email addressconsequat tortor eucomplies Ensures vel viverra. Proin is deliverable, and leo biben- with CAN-SPAM regulations. Proin varius ullamcorper. dum posuere. Sed tortor felis, tincidunt id pellentesque ac, Test vel viverra. Proin ctis itwe posuere vel nibh. Etiam ipsum tortor, elementum et cursus nec, SocialVerifyTM neque. Lorem ium dolor sit elementum vulputate metus. Nuncaffiliation withpellentesque eu. Confirms current company ipsumagna, social profiles amet, consectetur adipiscin NetProspex is the smarter B2B data psum dolor sit amet, consect partner, helping lead generation Tommodo quis, facilisis vitae sem. Donec vulputate fermentum professionals increase revenue posuere. Integer hendrerit, ipsum in aliquam adipiscing, diam impact through database odio tincidunt justo, eu placerat purus ante at nisl. In ornare management. Thousands of B2B magna a elit porta pulvinar vulputate arcu ultricies. s vulputateLearn More organizations rely on NetProspex to ultrices lacus, vel rhoncus risus pharetra nec. Sed molestie acquire targeted prospects forNow, you elit porta pulvinar vulputate arcu ultricies. s vulputate magna a have access to the most comprehensive, accurate marketing campaigns and salesinstalled lacus, vel rhoncus risus pharetra nec. Sed molestie ultrices technology data available! Contact NetProspex toinquire about our technology coverage and obtain counts for pipeline. The company’s free Data tempus luctus. Suspendisse hendrerit purus id nisl mollis vitaespecific technologies or categories you are interested in target- HealthScan offers database accuracying. Our friendly venenatis. In quam arcu, laoreet interdum co- placerat magna and knowledgeable data specialists are happy and relevance insights whileto help! 888-826-4877 or libero mauris, menim magna, quis accumsan metus. Vestibulum CleneProspex ensures valid contact egestas eget interdum et, aliquet ultricies velit. information. 888-826-4877 | | | 888-826-4877 | | page 04 page 01