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Med Spa Marketing Portal - 2023 Internet Marketing Plan For Med Spas

  1. What We’ll Cover • Set Goals for 2023 - how many leads it will take to hit your target • The 3 fundamentals of marketing success • How to optimize your website for conversion in 2023 & beyond • The BIG picture of all the online marketing channels you should be tapping into to MAXIMIZE your lead flow online • The latest trends that you need to focus on in 2023 • Develop a custom action plan based on where you are now
  2. Need Your Attention Please... • Please turn off cell phones • Close Facebook / Instagram • If you're a Med Spa business owner and you're serious about getting better results in 2023 the next 60-90 minutes will change your life
  3. If You Stay Until The End…
  4. Who Am I & Why Should You Listen To Me? • Have Worked in Digital Marketing since 2007 • Have had the opportunity to talk and work with Aesthetic Practices across the US • Self proclaimed Biohacker with interest in wellness. I love marketing and I practice wellness.
  5. Med Spa and Aesthetic Practice owners just like you…
  6. Question What’s the hardest part about marketing your Aesthetic Practice Online?
  7. Did you download the Workbook?
  8. WHY?
  13. FAIL • If you don’t have a clear plan you can overspend or worse underspend & under perform.
  16. Generate Enough Leads To Hit Your Target
  18. SUCCESS • Maximize your lead flow & hit your sales goals for 2023
  20. Success Is Goals. All Else Is Commentary. - Brian Tracy What are your Goals for 2023?
  22. Harvard Study • 1979 Interview of grads • 84% no specific goals • 13% had goals but not written down • 3% had clear, written goals & plans to accomplish them • Results • The 13% of the class who had goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84 percent who had no goals at all. • Even more staggering – the 3% who had clear, written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97 percent put together.
  23. Goal Setting Framework • You need to have written goals & plans • You need to set at a minimum • 1 Year Goal • Quarterly Goals • Monthly Goals
  24. What are your Goals for 2023? • What is your revenue target? • How much is that monthly? • How many clients will that require? • What is your average transaction value?
  25. What are your Goals for 2023? • What is your revenue target? $1.5M • How much is that monthly? $125,000 • What is your average transaction value? $250 • How many clients will that require? 500 clients per month (Divide Monthly Target by Average Transaction Value) Example
  26. How Many Leads will you need? • What is your average conversion rate from caller to client? 65% • How many leads do you need to land 500 Clients? • Multiply your Call Target by your conversion rate - 769 Calls * .65 = 500 Clients
  28. Goals So what is your goal for 2023? & How many leads will you need monthly to get there?
  29. The Fundamentals
  31. Who is your ideal Customer?
  32. Who is your ideal Customer Avatar?
  33. If you can see Britta Jones through Britta Jones’ Eyes then you can sell what Britta Jones Buys
  34. Craft Your Message
  35. What is your message? Why should someone choose to do business with you vs. the competition? What benefits do you offer that your target customer avatar will resonate with? 1. _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________________________ 1. _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________________________
  36. Messaging That Works 1. Flexible hours that fit your clients schedule 2. Straightforward Pricing / Upfront Pricing / Satisfaction Guaranteed 3. Trustworthy Staff or Experienced Injectors
  37. You can make the case for 1. Safe, effective, and personalized services 2. High quality medical spa services 3. Visible lasting results 4. Flexible scheduling with and exclusive experience 5. Comforting and relaxing environment
  38. What’s Your Message?
  39. Now we can look at Media
  41. Your website is the HUB
  42. Is your website setup to CONVERT visitors to callers?
  43. Is your website set up for conversion? • Does it speak to your target avatar? Does it address their fears and frustrations & speak to why they should choose you? • Does it have authentic images of your team to the home page & throughout the website • Does it include video elements to your website o Website welcome video o Videos for each of your services o Video explaining why someone should contact you vs. the competition • Does it showcase your online reviews more prominently on the home page? • Does it make it easy for them to take action and get in contact with your business? • Get the basics in order o Phone number in to right hand corner o Ensure that there is a web form that customers can fill out o Add credibility or Authority Symbols o Are there Calls to Action on each page to speak to your customer Avatar & tell them exactly what to do next • Are you giving them the opportunity to engage via Chat? • Are you leveraging marketing automation & SMS to maximize your lead conversion rates
  44. YOUR WEBSITE Pull up you website right now…is it built to convert? What do you need to tweak?
  45. The Biggest Marketing Issue Facing Med Spas Unconverted Leads
  46. Here is the problem • 50-60% of inbound traffic leave unconverted • 90% of webforms fail to convert
  47. Here is why • Leads that are not followed up within 15 minutes go cold • The average customer must be followed up with 5-7 times before booking • Today’s consumer prefers to interact via text message vs. phone call or email
  48. Here is the solution • Leverage marketing automation to follow up with webforms within the first 2 minutes of submission via Phone, Email & Text Message. • Automate the follow up so that every prospect is touched 5+ times and able to engage via 2-way text messaging.
  49. It’s Simple Math… # of Leads - 100 Conversion Rate - 30% No Follow Up Appt Booked - 30 100 Leads X 30% = 30 Booked Jobs Average Ticket - $250 30 clients X $250 = $7,500 # of Leads - 100 Conversion Rate - 70% Automated Follow Up Appts Booked - 70 100 Leads X 70% = 70 Booked Jobs Average Ticket - $250 70 clients X $250 = $17,500
  50. Let’s Implement This In Your Business
  51. Action Items… What 3 conversion elements will you implement on your website? 1. _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________________________
  52. Take Aways What did you learn? What did you notice? What would you like to share?
  54. So Let’s Review… 1. Clear goas & targets for 2023 2. Clarity around Market, Message & Media 3. We’ve made sure our website is optimized for conversion 4. We’ve set up a simple KPI tracking dashboard
  55. KEY TRENDS 2023
  56. Key Trends for 2023 • Shift from “Phone” Conversion to “Message” Conversion • Must have an all-in perspective (SEO, PPC, & Social) • Website Live Chat
  57. 4. BUILD YOUR 2023 PLAN
  58. Your Plan for 2023?
  59. Build your custom plan!
  60. Build your custom plan!
  61. Action Items… What are your top 3 internet marketing initiatives that you need to implement to hit your 2023 goal? 1. _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________________________
  62. Take Aways What did you learn? What did you notice? What would you like to share?
  63. We've covered: • Set Goals for 2023 - How many leads to hit your target • The 3 fundamentals of marketing success • How to optimize your website for conversion in 2023 • The latest trends that you must be aware of in 2023 • Gave you the tools to develop a custom action plan based on where you are
  65. Let’s Talk P: 312-654-4611

Editor's Notes

  1. (Set The Frame) – Alright guys here is what I want you to do… Please put down your phones, close your other tabs and if you’re serious about making 2023 your best year ever let’s give this our undivided attention. I really think this can go one of two ways. The old way is I click through 1000 slides, you try to pay attention but you zone out, end up bored and don’t get anything out of it. Or the new way is I share information, I give you some work to do and we engage and make this a 2 way conversation and in doing so you remain engaged and you get the benefit you want Can we all agree we like version 2 better. If you agree please put a Y in the chat….Ok so take a moment to reset, take breath, maybe get a little movement in, like a few quick twists . Alright look at the screen and tell me “oh crap I didn’t realize this was going to be interactive”
  2. Free marketing checklist / Buyer Persona / Avatar cheat sheet
  3. This is what we do / we work with med spas to help them become the go to resource in their area.
  4. I mentioned interaction so here is the first question for you…(unmute or comment in chat)
  5. Ok so let me quickly speak to Why we need to talk about your 2023 internet marketing plan
  6. There are many different channels and ways to market
  7. I find that most med spas make a major investment in marketing, they pay for SEO, they pay for Ads they pay a lot of money for the newest website or tool and…
  8. So here is the opportunity we want to solve for….
  9. We want to make sure you have clear targets and goals with your KPIs. So you can say “ok” here is where we are headed for the year, here are the goals and know what you need to do to make sure you achieve those goals
  10. Once you know your goals you need to generate enough leads to hit your targets and maintain a full book of scheduled appointment
  11. You can then have a great return on your investment knowing you can spend a dollar and get five dollars in return. Isn’t that what we all want with our marketing?
  12. In my mind success is really maximizing your lead flow to hit your sales targets for 2023 /// Does that sound good? Are you on board with me, if so give me a 1 in the comments if you’re with me.
  13. What’s going to move you forward is getting clear on what you want to accomplish. And once you put clarity around that you can focus on the things that will really move your forward.
  14. Without goals you’ll just drift in the current and wish and hope growth happens… but you’re going to end up wherever the current takes you and probably at a very slow pace.
  15. Now the opposite of that is if you have clear goals, I’ve found it gives you the ability to create our own wind and create massive momentum in the direction you want to head. So it’s really important that you spend some time to get clear on where you want to go. And that’s where I want to kick off today’s session.
  16. Great study by Harvard about goals (go over numbers) and this is what we want to tap into.
  17. I want to talk about 1 year goals , quarter goals, etc.
  18. So I want you to understand what your targets are… What’s your revenue target? and more importantly how may leads, or calls would that require?
  19. So how many leads to you need to achieve that number? (Go through slide)
  20. Now to make life even easier for you…I created a worksheet and this is an excel based document that we’re gong to work on right now to really get you laser focused on this. I’ll put the link in the chat right now so grab that now. {Go to the sheet and quickly change the numbers to show them how it works} I’m going to give you guys a minute to go through this sheet and start plugging some numbers in so you can get an idea of where your goals are as each business is different. (Next go to the sheet and work through the tabs to show them how this works while they are working on it.)
  21. I’d love to hear from you at this point, how many leads do you need to generate on a month over month basis to make your revenue target. (get some feedback)
  22. Awesome, ok now let’s talk about the fundamentals that we need to understand to really ratchet up our results for 2023. And I really think we need to go back to the basics like Market, message and media. We need to be clear on who our customer is so we can craft a message that speaks directly to that person, From there our message will resonate much better and gain the trust of your potential client.
  23. Let’s spend a little time on your marketing message.
  24. The idea is any type of marketing we do, we want to ensure our website, our social posts, our videos, everything we do can then be written to resonate with our ideal customer. In your workbook we show you how to break down your ideal customer. Now, I realize which most of you have a good idea of whom your ideal customer is but we want to drill down deeper. We want to better understand what are their pains, frustrations, fears and dreams so we can then talk to those through our messaging. (Pause for a min and let them work on this and bring up the workbook and show them what we are finding and show the buyer persona)
  25. Here is the reality (read the quote) When the potential client reads any of messaging to think “hey, they are speaking to me…they get me” And they also will think you have the solution to their problems because you understand them. Once that happens you’ll see a big spike in leads and calls from any ads or posts you run.
  26. So we’re clear on our customer and customer demographics, now let’s craft our messaging.
  27. Why should someone choose to do business with you vs the competition? What are 2 or 3 reasons people choose you and what are the benefits your buyer persona will resonate with. You don’t just want the typical, look younger, feel better, were licensed. But instead really think about what their problems are and match that to their goals and aspirations. Think about that for a few seconds and then I’ll give you a few examples
  28. (Read slides and explain why this resonates with a client)
  29. So what’s your message? In 2023, it will be much easier to market your services if you know exactly who your customers are and what message you want to send them. Once you know this, you can find the best way to share your message. Alright Let’s see a Y in the chat if you agree?
  30. So now let’s take a look at media and think about where our customers go when they need our services.
  31. Here’s what I believe, no matter what marketing you do, we need to make sure your “hub” converts.
  32. Your website, is where everyone lands, regardless if they saw an ad, hear about you from a friend or just were walking by Your potential clients will go to your website to get sense of who you are, what you’re about and if they want to do business with you.
  33. So we want to make sure your website is built to convert (Go through each little section and why)
  34. I’d love to pull up someone’s website and take a quick look at it live, right now. Will anyone offer their website for us to look at?
  35. (Pivot to) – L Ok we talked about your websites, we talked about marketing messaging. However, I really think the biggest challenge most med spas face isn’t that they aren’t getting enough leads… It’s not converting the leads they have and here is why I believe that is the case.
  36. (Read the problem)
  37. (Read the why)
  38. Going into 2023 we really need to. (read)
  39. (Talk about converting at 30% vs 70% and how much of a difference that is.)
  40. This is a bit hard to see but this is an example of a funnel utilizing automation that takes a lead from inquire, and follows up with text messaging, voice mail drops, emails and then nurtures them down the funnel to great increase the chance of them converting. There are many systems out there that can do this. We us one in particular called “High Level” but it doesn’t matter what system you use you just want to make sure you have some type of automation setup to convert and nurture any leads that come in.
  41. What are the key conversion elements you can implement now on your website to maximize your conversion rate? Live Chat Lead automation (SMS follow up) - Clear CTA on the home page hero image
  42. (read slide) Anyone have any ?’s at this point?
  43. The next thing we want to do is know our numbers. We have a website that’s built to convert and speaks directly to our customer and we have a process in place to maximize our lead flow. The next thing to do before we start adding all of our paid marketing like SEO, PPC, FB/IG ads is we need to know our numbers.
  44. Here is an example dashboard that lets us know how much we spent and how many leads are coming in and from what channel. (review it quickly) This can be done with Google analytics and it doesn’t have to be fancy but you need to be tracking something!
  45. (Read the slide to review)
  46. Let’s pivot now slightly to discuss a few key trend in 2023
  47. (Talk a few minutes about this)
  48. (Share the link and open it up and go over it) Ideally you've picked out some things that clearly need some work If not I've let you down but I’d imagine you’re pretty clear now on some key areas you need to address. I’ve included the link to the work book again here which we can quickly take a look at (give link in chat and review the work book) you can get with our team and work on this or if you’re interested let’s chat and talk about it more.
  49. I also encourage you (SHARE THE LINK AND OPEN IT AND GO THROUGH IT)
  50. (read slide)
  51. (Put links in chat) (Quickly open those up and show)