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Social Media for Not-For-Profit Industry

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  • Working Perth Now Facebook & Twitter since September 2011.
  • Perth Now leads direct competitors in WA: % of audience interacting with Perth Now Facebook content v The West & WA Today.
  • SM is an ecosystem – As an organizational tool, use the whole org works at it together – sales, marketing, legal, the board.Social Media can actually help you save money! Use to collaborate internally, use it to keep your supporters up to day, use it to attract new followers.
  • 94% of people trust information about brands from so called ''earned media“ -online recommendations and word of mouth, up 18% since 2007SM is an ecosystem – As an organizational tool, use the whole org works at it together – sales, marketing, legal, the board.
  • The real power of social media comes from the effective use of SM to encouraging your audience to evangelize your brand, mission.
  • Social Media””sales funnel”:Converse via Social Media to create brand awareness with the aim to recruit/raise participation & raise funds.
  • Social Media for Not-For-Profit industry.
  • Managing your SM presence is like being a host of a party – important to guide the conversation, not control it!
  • Tell your organization's story:Think like a journalist; Entertain and inform your audience with relevant content, and the best way to give your message power is by telling a genuine story. Use Social Media to tell your fans and followers about your recent campaign to raise awareness, or how your organization delivered in a real world example.
  • Be positiveSocial Media is a powerful tool to foster long term relationships with your supporters. Use social media by thanking supporters, highlighting specific donors, and showing the impact made possible by supporters. People are receptive to emotional positivity. Bombarding people with statistics can be futile.Tip: Leaverage off your email database to link to your Social Media pages for any positive news stories to thank supporters.
  • Map donations to impactShare a video or graphic of your projects at work.
  • Become a content curator Every nonprofit has an opportunity to become an authority on a particular subject. Determine a topic related to your organization and deliver the most relevant and timely content to your supporters. The RSPCA updates supporters on animal rights laws, and news worthy stories of abuse or rescue. Tip: Tip: Set up Google alerts, make it part of your daily routine to visit a set of blogs, news websites where you know relevant industry news, content will exist for you to use.
  • Thank, answer, comment – repeat “If you are just trying to push your message out, you are missing half the value of social media,” the CEO of Save The Children, Carolyn Miles, eloquently explains the reactive power of social media. Many of your supporters have found your organization on social media with an intent to interact – answer their questions, join the comment conversation, and thank them whenever possible.
  • Facebook: (1.1 million WA users)
  • Facebook ads
  • BuildFacebook apps: Apps can be used to increase donations, encourage users to volunteer
  • “You will not administer a promotion through Facebook, except through an application on the Facebook Platform. Administration includes operation of any element of the promotion, such as collecting entries, conducting a drawing,judging entries, or notifying winners.”
  • Twitter: Use #Pertheverytime you tweetContact influencers like @tweetperth & tweet @perthnow for a RTCreate Lists: Think Like a PR ProIdentify Perth influencersAsk me for a list
  • LinkedInOrganize your company if you have yet to.Use Linkedin to posts status updates on news and events.Use LinkedIn to create event page for your major activities.Pinterest and InstagramPicture networks are a great way to promote your activiites and engage with a growing audience.Post photos of your events, staff and behind the scenes activity.Google +Hyprid of Facebook and Twitter, worth using if you have time on top of Facebook, Twitter.
  • Campaign Management Social Media Training and Development Strategy Development Social Media Advertising Social Media Community Management
  • Perth nowpres

    1. 1. Why Invest in Social Media?
    2. 2. 3.1 million Social Media accounts in Western Australia. Estimate according to Social Media News Australia from seven largest networks.
    3. 3. Social Media Strategy for Not-For-Profits
    4. 4. Social Media Tips for Not-For-Profit orgs.
    5. 5. Choose your social network
    6. 6. Competition rules: