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Outdoor Adventure Poster Spring 2011


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Published in: Sports, Education
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Outdoor Adventure Poster Spring 2011

  1. 1. Cabrini Recreation Presents Outdoor Adventure Ski Trip (with SEaL) Blue Mtn. Outdoor Saturday, January 22nd Indoor Rock Adventure -Deadline: Jan. 21st COSTS Climbing Hiking Weekend Cabrini Students $15 Class V Rafting & Via Ferrata Every Wednesday 6:45PM Appalachian Trail: Sunfish *Students only, Others permitted if space day before Western PA/West Virginia Show up day of, or stop at Dixon Pond/Delaware Water Gap Friday-Sunday, April 15th-17th Skiing Center front desk to reserve a spot COSTS Sunday, March 27th -Deadline: Mar. 25th -Deadline: Mar. 16th Blue Mtn. COSTS Cabrini Students FREE COSTS Saturday, January 15th Cabrini Students $125 Faculty & Staff $15 Cabrini Students FREE -Deadline: Jan. 14th Faculty & Staff $175 Alumni $20 Faculty, Staff & Alumni $5 Sunday, February 6th Alumni $200 Community $25 Community $10 -Deadline: Feb. 4th Community $225 Saturday, February 19th -Deadline: Feb. 18th Hiking & Paintball Canopy Tour Sunday, March 13th Snowshoeing Sunday, April 3rd PocoLoco Paintball Spring Mountain -Deadline: Mar. 11th Ricketts Glen State Park Saturday, April 30th COSTS -Deadline: Mar. 16th Sunday, February 20th COSTS -Deadline: Apr. 15th Cabrini Students $25 -Deadline: Feb. 11th COSTS Faculty & Staff $40 Cabrini Students $30 COSTS Faculty & Staff $50 Cabrini Students $30 Alumni $45 Cabrini Students FREE Faculty & Staff $50 Community $55 Alumni $60 *Costs include transportation and lift ticket Faculty, Staff, Alumni $10 Community $70 Alumni $60 *Tubing costs available at Dixon Center front desk Community $15 *Includes clothing, marker, & 500 balls Community $75 The world is your playground -Spring 2011