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La Jolla Agent Listing Presentation

La Jolla Agent listing presentation synopsis.

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La Jolla Agent Listing Presentation

  1. 1. 1ProFund Real EstateListing Presentation
  2. 2. 2Contents. Index. p1. Cover. p2. Contents. p3. Welcome. p4. Ryan & Tracie. p5. Client. p6. Mission Statement. p7. Client Goals. p8. Fair Market Value. p9. Sales Determinants. p10. Demand Generation. p11. Marketing Plan. p12. Best-Fit Technology. p13. Listing Calendar. p14. Escrow CalendarProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’Appendices. aA. Promotional Material. aB. Online & Social Media. aC. Direct Marketing. aD. Home Consultation. aE. Staging Tips. aF. Staging ReportSOLD
  3. 3. 3Welcome.Dear Prospective Client,Thank you for the potential opportunity to represent you in thesale of your home. Your home is unique; both as a place that youhave built many memories in and as a significant portfolio asset. Weare respectful of your home and mindful of our responsibility tomaximize it’s value in a timeframe that fits objectively within yourbigger picture goals.We pride ourselves on our expertise, accessibility, availability,responsiveness, timeliness and above all our professionalism. Ourgoal is to to provide you with a full-service experience that meetsyour needs and far exceeds your expectations.We are absolutely committed to achieving these endeavorsin an exemplary manner. Luxury is your asset, excellence is our forteand achievement is our passion. We look forward to exceedingyour expectations.Sincerely yours,Ryan & TracieRyan P. Mathys, Owner, ProFund Real Estate, Inc.Tracie K. Kersten, Owner, ProFund Real Estate, Inc.ProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  4. 4. 4Ryan & Tracie are a power real estate team that understand the current luxury coastal market and look globally atthe investment process. They are brokers who will give you valuable advice and provide the best information possible to help you make themost informed and realistic decision for you and your family.Ryan Mathys and Tracie Kersten founded ProFund Financial & Real Estate, Inc. in 2004 as a new kind of independent luxury real estatebrokerage. With more than 25 years of real estate and financial experience, Ryan and Tracie bring a unique, current and relevant approachto San Diego property buyers, sellers and investors.Ryan and Tracie remain current by watching bond markets, interest rates, changes in real estate law and inventory projections. They studylender programs, government activity and market behavior. ProFund Real Estate understands that a complete picture is critical to operatingeffectively. With knowledge comes opportunity and solutions.At ProFund Real Estate, Ryan and Tracie have chosen to utilize technology to maximize their client solutions. Embracing technologicalsolutions enables Ryan and Tracie to focus their energy on servicing their clients needs and developing lasting relationships. Their uniquemarketing techniques target tens of thousands using specialized software to search and present opportunities quickly.Ryan and Tracie work with clients who appreciate valued advice and understand the importance of tax implications, income growth, andsolid portfolio financial planning. ProFund Real Estate clients demand exceptional Realtors who are available, systematic, thorough andwho provide honest and realistic feedback.Ryan grew up in Salt Lake City, moved to San Diego in 1998 and never left. Tracie is a rare individual; a San Diego native. They are bothactive and love living the San Diego lifestyle. They have each run more than 15 marathons and half marathons and spend their days nowrunning after their two little girls, Simone (3 years) and Quinn (3 months).Ryan P. Mathys: M.B.A., Westminster College, Salt Lake City, UTTracie K. Kersten: B.A. Asian Studies, San Diego State University, San Diego, CAProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  5. 5. 5| Prospective Client|ProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  6. 6. 6Mission Statement.We wish for the sale of your home to proceed seamlessly, without issue, where everyone is aware andinformed of the current status and your desired outcome is achieved to your absolute satisfaction.We are aware that to achieve these goals we will be required to commit considerable resources and tocarefully navigate many external influences. The exceeding of expectation will be a result of maximizingyour homes value which will in turn enhance our reputation.We will utilize our considerable expertise to evaluate how best to achieve these goals and execute ourproven methodology to provide you with a professional service that remains acutely cognizant of yourneeds, concerns and desires.. Accurate Pricing. Portfolio Goals. Professional Broker. Demand Strategy. Marketing Proficiency. Solution Orientated. Maximum Price. Minimum Time. Smooth ProcessProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  7. 7. Goals.GoalsOptions1. Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  8. 8. 8. Current San Diego Market Report: Value.. Competitive Market Analysis| Available upon request |‘I keep six honest serving-men(They taught me all I knew);Their names are What and Why and WhenAnd How and Where and Who.’Rudyard KiplingProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  9. 9. 9SalesDeterminants.Price .Economic Trends .Market Dynamics .Fair Market ValueLocation .Geographic Position .Local Amenities .Comparable SalesHome .Staging .Warranties .InspectionsTerms .Showing .Expenses .Contract Timing & FlexibilityAgent .Knowledge .Experience .Ability & Skill setProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  10. 10. 10Demand.All real estate brokers have accessibility to the following resources togenerate demand for your home:.SANDICOR: San Diego County’s Multiple Listing Service.REBA Caravan: Real Estate Broker’s Association caravan.Marketing: Websites, videos, brochures, direct mail, advertisementsAt ProFund Real Estate we separate ourselves from the norm in the followingcritical areas of differentiation:.Technology: A dominant internet marketing share, presence and exposure.Buyer Database: Extensive and qualified pre-existing buyer database.Strategic Planning: Big picture vision, small picture attention to detailProFund Real Estate are able to continue to lead the San Diego real estatemarketplace through our commitment to our core principles of:.Communication.Consultation.CompetencyProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  11. 11. 11Marketing Plan.Pre-Marketing๏ Professional photography๏ Property video๏ Property brochure๏ Customized websiteInternet Marketing๏ Syndicate websites๏ Affiliate websites๏ Directory websites๏ Exclusive arrangementsMedia Marketing๏ Print impressions๏ Social media๏ Professional networks๏ Professional affiliationsDirect Marketing๏ Target mailing๏ Geographic mailing๏ Personalized mailing๏ Email campaignsTarget Marketing๏ Buyer database๏ Best fit technology๏ Agent caravan๏ Open HouseYour home’s distinctive narrative will be creatively capturedand distinctively presented in all of it’s exquisite splendor.Elegant promotional materials will be showcased and aunique web presence produced.Please see Appendix A for examples (include link)Several exclusive agency relationships exist;,,, and creating acomprehensive mobile, social and digital solution.Please see Appendix B for a comprehensive list.Prominent print and social media outlets will also beutilized to present a consistent, comprehensive andlimitless representation of your home’s attributes to local,national and international audiences.Please see Appendix C for a comprehensive list.These hyper-focused solutions are designed and reservedfor the warmest of prospects strategically selected foreither their qualified buyer status or connectivity capabilitiesto this essential community.Please see Appendix D for examples.ProFund’s conviction towards cutting-edge leadgeneration technology has produced a comprehensivebuyer best-fit database. What does this mean? Mostlikely we already have the perfect buyer for your home.Please continue through this presentation to see a Best-Fit example.ProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  12. 12. 12Best-Fit Technology.ProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  13. 13. 13Pre-Listing ProcessClient Package1. Competitive market analysis2. Tax records3. Listing agreementListing ProcessPre-Marketing4. Client consultation5. Sign listing agreement6. Schedule video and photography7. Complete seller disclosures8. Home measurements9. Home consultation10. Capture video and photography11. Verify listing price12. Submit home to multiple listing service13. Copy key and secure house on lockbox14. Install signage and flyer box15. Schedule termite inspection16. Schedule home inspection (where necessary)17. Confirm pre-marketing strategyMarketing18. Confirm REBA caravan19. Email broker feature sheet20. Publish custom website21. Upload digital presence22. ‘Just listed’ neighborhood canvas23. Distribute flyers to local community24. Active buyer database e-blast25. Daily best-fit analysis26. Deposit home information book27. Schedule open housePost-Marketing28. Review agent feedback29. Accept and review offers30. Research buyer with agent31. Liaise with buyers lender32. Verify funds33. Counter-offer (where necessary)34. Negotiate terms35. Assist with financing solutions36. Liaise with agents as necessary37. Provide weekly client updatesListing CalendarProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  14. 14. 14Pre-Escrow Process1. Order title2. Order zone report3. Order appraisal4. Order escrowEscrow Process5. Ensure signatures6. Forward escrow documents7. Update MLS to ‘pending’8. Forward documents to transaction coordinator9. Verify reports and disclosures10. Verify earnest money deposits11. Verify home utilities12. Schedule buyers inspection13. Follow up with buyers lender14. Follow up on buyer reports and disclosures15. Request for repairs16. Review escrow and title report17. Notice to perform (where necessary)18. Remove contingencies19. Prepare closing process20. Finalize closing documents21. Follow up on funding22. Final walk through23. Advise on utilities24. Review finances and closing statement25. Close of escrowPost-Escrow Process26. Contract follow (where necessary)27. Close of escrow congratulations28. Update MLS to ‘sold’29. Forward closing documents CD30. Deliver gift basket31. Celebration dinnerEscrow CalendarSOLDProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  15. 15. 15Appendix APromotional Material• Photographs• Video• Website
  16. 16. 16Online&SocialMediaPresence. Appendix B:Your home will feature on, but not be limited to, the following websites:• Zillow• Yahoo Real Estate• Aol Real Estate• Trulia• HGTV Front Door• Open House• Home Finder• Hot Pads• Realty Trac• CLR Search• Vast• Homes• Land Watch• Property Shark• Home Winks• Real Estate Central• Relocation• Home Tour Connect• Ocean Homes USA• House Hunt• Buyer Home Site• Freedom Soft• Learn More Now• Liquidus• Gooplex• Comcast• Homes by Lender• Quantum Digital• Property Pursuit• Condo Compare• Tour Factory• Home 2 Me• Vertical Brands• Harmon Homes• Core Logic• Realty Store• eLookyloo• Real Estate MarketplaceProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  17. 17. 17Direct MarketingvFlyerJust ListedAppendix CProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  18. 18. 18Why did you purchase particular home?What will you miss most about your home?What will you remember the most?Which room is your favorite? Why?What features do you like the most?What are your homes quirks?What momentous events have occurred during your timehere?What is your fondest memory that took place in your home?Why is this such a great place to live?How would you describe the personality of your home?Home ConsultationPlease share your cherished memories about your home so that we can transcend that vision to all buyers.Appendix DProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  19. 19. 19Staging TipsThe age old expression ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ certainlyapplies when it comes to attracting buyers to a for-sale home.Here are six tips for savvy home sellers:1. Focus on curb appeal: The outside of your house can be the source of a very good firstimpression. Keep the grass well-watered and mowed. Have your trees trimmed. Cut back overgrowth.Plant flowers. Store unused items. After dark, turn on your front porch and exterior lighting.2. De-Clutter: Allow potential buyers to see your home. Remove unused furniture, streamline closets,reduce to one item per surface and absolve yourself of any items you don’t need or use. Store items inyour garage or preferably off-site.3. Aromatize: Place open boxes of baking soda in smell-prone areas to eliminate bad smells.Shampoo carpets, dry-clean drapes, empty trash, bathe pets and freshen litter box’s regularly. Homelyfragrances like the smell of baked cookies or fresh baked bread are welcoming and encouraged.4. Make necessary repairs: Buyers expect everything in their new home to operate safely andproperly. Minor maintenance repairs should be taken care of prior to listing your home. These repairsmay seem small but left undone they can lead buyers to seriously question your home.5. Accessorize: Make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible. Illustrate your home’sentertainment factor and provide as much welcoming warmth as possible. Utilize your home’s assets;light a fire, set the dining room table, highlight viewing areas with a wine accompaniment.6. De-personalize: Review your home with a critical eye. What messages does your home emit?Neutralize extremes. Promote personality. Think welcoming and inviting. Would you want to purchasethis home? You must be able to answer this question with a re-sounding Yes.Appendix EProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  20. 20. 20Staging Report:RoomClientCommentsProFundRecommendationsCurbAppealGarden/Yard/Deck/EmblementsHouseExteriorHouseInteriorEntrance/MovingPassagesLivingAreasKitchenMasterBedroomBedroomsMasterBathroomBathroomsFloors/Windows/Spaces/PresentationAppendix FProFund Real Estate, Inc. | | ‘Your Coastal Luxury Specialists’
  21. 21. ProFund Real Estate, Inc.7777 Fay Avenue, Suite G4La Jolla, CA 92037T (858) 405-4004 F (619)