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While working closely with ALIVE Magazine's Marketing Manager/Digital Strategist, I was able to assist in the case study for ALIVE's VIP Blogger Getaway.

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Stlfw case study may 7_full_version

  1. 1. Case Study: VIP Blogger Getaway
  2. 2. In March, 2013, 20 bloggers made their way toSpring Saint Louis Fashion Week from all overthe metro area, as well as Boston and New YorkCity.Presented by ALIVE Magazine and HeartlandUnderdog, a VIP Blogger Getaway took the groupthrough a series of all inclusive events. This betaprogram was geared toward promoting theexpansion of Saint Louis Fashion Week,encouraging growth in the fashion and fashionblogging community in St. Louis and generating highquality exposure for brands through user generatedcontent. It paved the way for a bigger and bettergroup collaboration to take place in October, 2013.The Mission.
  3. 3. Beginning with a glass of wine at the airport, bloggers received VIPtreatment throughout the weekend. Over 40 gifts, all inclusive lodgingand several meals were provided.BELLESTYLE TRUNK SHOWAppetizers, drinks, shopping.BLUE BIRD THE BOUTIQUE X CLR-MNSTR BLOGGER PARTYAppetizers, drinks, shopping.BONFYRE BRUNCHBrunch, mimosas, coffee.LUNCH IN THE LINDBERGH ROOM AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUELunch, wine, shopping.HAZEL2BLUE HAPPY HOUR @ ROBUST WINE BARDrinks, appetizers.CANOPI.ME DINNER @ ROBUST WINE BARDinner, Drinks.GLOW: GO LOCAL BY SAINT LOUIS FASHION WEEKDrinks, gift bags, front row fashion.GLOW: GO LOCAL AFTER PARTYDrinks, dancing.THE EXQUISITE CORPSE TRUNK SHOW AT ZIEZOProject Runway Alum Michael Drummond, Drinks, Lunch.The Schedule.
  4. 4. 2032912158,1106,973,20091242,00038,430,00045,403,200BloggersBrandsEventsBlog PostsUnique VisitorsBlog ImpressionsSocial Media PostsSocial Media SubscribersSocial MediaTotal ImpressionsThe Impact.
  5. 5. Economy of StyleJoy and CakeStyle Every DayHeartland UnderdogLearn to Rock ItThe Daily WildFox & GypsyA Little Slice of PyeMintJulep8The Kelsey Wolfe BlogGarnets and SapphiresOh, Julia AnnThe Right Shoes BlogThe Style TabLiving After MidnitePsyche SouthwellKate AllenRachael PowellLindsay PattanCarol Lynn BillsRachael BrandtD. Friederich and E. LovaldiJillian PyeHolly Scoggins KernKelsey WolfeLorena AlonsoJulia ChristensenTracy DavisKatherine TabinowskiJackie GiardinaThe bloggers.
  6. 6. London TimesMonster EnergyHyatt Regency St. LouisChase Park PlazaPooch PizazzDomestic VixenBellestyleSaks 5th AvenueCLR-MNSTRBlue Bird the BoutiqueBest TransportationBonfyreCanopiThe CheshireLuichinyHazel2BlueRobust Wine BarMobili-TeesPeroniAlex & Co. Bath and HomeBlissomaCopiousCargo CosmeticsThe Sponsors.
  7. 7. #STLFW Blog Posts Louis Fashion Week - uds-search-results Louis Fashion Week - uds-search-results Louis Fashion Week Louis Fashion Week
  8. 8. Economy of Style ( Psyche is a social science teacher and educator with ambivalent feelings aboutunfashionable qualities of the academic profession to which she belongs. In 2007,she created Economy of Style, hoping to stimulate discussions about budgets andeconomics of making desires fit within budgets.Psyche is originally from Basseterre, St. Kitts, but currently resides in St. Louis.
  9. 9. Joy and Cake ( Kate, a clothing and accessories junkie, loves nothing more than perusing herfavorite websites/boutiques to find her latest obsession at the best price (or at leastwith free shipping!). Being creative in every capacity means shes never bored, butstyle is her true passion. is a unique collection of fabulous findsand everything Kate loves most!By day, Kate is a pharmaceutical sales rep, a freelance graphic designer and astylist. Whether its selling to doctors, creating new and innovative packaging orworking on photo shoots, she relishes the variety that her passions provide.
  10. 10. Style Every Day ( Rachael loves scouring discount racks and thrift stores for great looks that won’tbreak the bank. She still holds true to the belief that clothes can transform the wayyou look and allow you to try on a new persona, even if it’s just for the day. StyleEvery Day was born in Rachael’s college years as she looked for a way to let out herinner budget-conscious fashionista. Since then, Style Every Day has evolved tobecome a go-to source for women looking for inspiration, tips and advice on how tolook great for less.
  11. 11. Heartland Underdog ( Lindsay is a twenty-something digital strategy and events professional in the fashionindustry.
  12. 12. Learn to Rock it ( Carol Lynn Lynn Bills is a twenty-something fashion blogger in St. Louis.
  13. 13. The Daily Wild ( Rachael is a twenty-something musician, songwriter, almost-vegan and loverof all things vintage. She loves thrift stores, kitchen dance parties, oldrecords, and good company. Reflecting her belief that people shouldn’t bepigeonholed just one thing, Rachel’s blog covers all of her loves in life!
  14. 14. Fox and Gypsy ( Danica Friederich and Emily and Emily, two twenty-somethings in the heart of America, give us a glimpseof fashion, photography, style and adventure through their eyes in Fox and Gypsy.
  15. 15. A Little Slice of Pye ( Jillian is a dedicated wife, mother, and Christian. A Little Slice of Pye is simple adocumentation of the things that she learning, creating and living. She hopes eachlittle piece can encourage, inspire or at least put a smile on your face.
  16. 16. MintJulep87 ( Holly Scoggins is a mid-western, fashion-obsessed, champagne-swilling, little lady. Followalong as she stumbles through music festivals, travel excessively, and fly by the seatof her pants. She keeps you updated on the latest trends, St. Louis happenings,local music… Pretty much a conglomerate of what is happening in her little world ofirresponsibility, fun and spontaneity
  17. 17. The Kelsey Wolfe Blog ( Kelsey is a 21-year-old college student with a passion for writing, fashion and thelittle things in life.
  18. 18. Garnets and Sapphires ( Lorena has always had a passion for fashion. She getsher inspiration from fashion magazines, observing street style, studying trends, anddoing a lot of research via social media. Published in both English and Spanish,Garnets & Sapphires is a fashion blog that focuses on current trends seen in highstyle publications, but assembled in an affordable manner.Lorena was born and raised in Aguascalientes, Mexico until she was 24. She hasworked for Chanel and Neiman Marcus, and currently lives in St. Louis.
  19. 19. Oh, Julia Ann ( Julia is a feature writer for a local weekly paper. Shegraduated from Saint Louis University with a B.A. in Communication-Journalism anda certificate in Creative and Professional Writing. While in school, she was thefashion editor of the student newspaper and worked on campus media-relatedthings. She is a sucker for rhyming and alliterations.
  20. 20. The Right Shoes ( Tracy was born and raised in Reno, NV. Last fall, shemade the move to NYC, just in time for Hurricane Sandy. She loves being outside,and shopping of course. She credits her stylish grandmother for the obsession withfashion. Though she had to blogs prior to The Right Shoes Blog, she created thisone to share her passion and adventures.
  21. 21. The Style Tab ( Katherine, or K. Tab for short, is a twenty-somethingFashion Merchandising grad from University of Delaware, and a currentmerchandiser for Chloe + Isabel. Style Tab is her personal style blog, where hermission is to keep tabs on all things fun, stylish and affordable. She is obsesses withfashion and shopping, but still loves the thrill of a great deal!
  22. 22. Living After Midnight ( Jackie is truly a life/style blogger, writing about her life and her style. Her creativejuice flows best in the wee hours of the morning, hence the name Living AfterMidnight. Jackie currently lives in NYC and is really good with numbers.
  23. 23. Bonfyre ( at DEMO in October 2012, Bonfyre is a free mobile app available oniPhone and Android that answers the question: how can I share better with thepeople that matter? Whether it’s a family vacation, night out with friends or a birthday,Bonfyre helps you plan, capture and share those experiences with the people thatmake them memorable.
  24. 24. Bonfyre in the Blogs Media
  25. 25. Canopi ( is an online community of bloggers and readers across a variety of interestsand categories. With the belief that people have the power to change how thingshave previously been done, the Canopi team provides bloggers an environmentwhere both readers and bloggers have a change to tell their own stories throughtheir writing.
  26. 26. Canopi in the Blogs Media
  27. 27. The Cheshire ( St. Louis tradition began in the 1920s as a modest hamburger joint. Today theCheshire Inn embodies the charm and authenticity of a traditional British inn with allthe modern conveniences; eighteenth century antiques and historical fixtures livealongside flat-screen TVs and granite bathrooms.
  28. 28. The Cheshire in the Blogs Media
  29. 29. Luichiny (Bronx/Diba) ( Luichiny brand was purchased by Demand Shoes, LLC, a privately heldcompany based in St. Louis, Missouri, in December of 2005. Shortly thereafterLuichiny began their worldwide sales effort leading to the brand being showcased inboutiques around the world. A regular participant in industry trade shows, throughoutthe world, Luichiny draws large crowds of the top retail buyers to view and purchaseits trendsetting, eye-catching designs. As one of the planet’s hottest shoe brandsLuichiny has become a fixture on red carpets, on the pages of elite fashionmagazines and in the world’s top footwear and fashion blogs.
  30. 30. Luichiny (Bronx/Diba) in the Blogs Media
  31. 31. Hazel2Blue ( was born out of a desire to be passionate about more in life than a 9 to 5career. The online boutique is slightly edgy, with a splash of vintage, sprinkled witha lot of class. Current brands include Tulle, Lucca Couture, Willow &Clay, Nation, Amour Vert, Sanctuary, DL 1961 Denim, Sold Design Lab, and Threads4 Thought basics, to name a few.
  32. 32. Hazel2Blue in the Blogs
  33. 33. Robust Wine Bar ( Wine Bar is an award-winning St. Louis wine bar in historic Old WebsterGroves focusing on small plates and expert wine pairing with our unique RobustFactor wine tasting system.
  34. 34. Robust Wine Bar in the Blogs Media
  35. 35. Mobili-Tees ( LLC is comprised of a band of brothers...two bonded by blood...the otherby friendship. All originating from St. Louis, their love of their hometown was thespark that ignited this brand. Combine that hometown spirit with some innatewittiness, charm, humility, and ability for creating topical t-shirts...and Mobili-TeesLLC was born.
  36. 36. Mobili-Tees in the Blogs Media
  37. 37. Peroni ( is a brewing company founded in Lombardia, Italy in 1846. It is now based inRome and owned by SABMillter. The pale lager is best known for its premium beer,Nastro Azzurro, which is thirteenth best-selling beer in the UK.
  38. 38. Peroni in the Blogs Media
  39. 39. Alex & Co. ( & Co. is a line of delightfully fresh, natural, vegan skin loving products designedmindfully and purposely to give your skin the natural wholesome goodness itdeserves. Shaw and her two daughters, Alex and Court, hand make all of theproducts in their home.
  40. 40. Alex & Co. in the Blogs Media
  41. 41. Blissoma ( is the elegant marriage of herbal form and function, created by theexplorative mind of a scientific artist. When right brain meets left the result isbotanical innovations that really work. Blissoma is a result of nearly a decade of mylifes work exploring the healing and enhancing possibilities of plants.
  42. 42. Blissoma in the Blogs Media
  43. 43. Copious (, a socially based marketplace, helps you discover items in a way like neverbefore through buying and selling with real people instead of strangers.
  44. 44. Copious in the Blogs Media
  45. 45. CARGO Cosmetics ( 1996, CARGO founder Hana Zalzal set out to create a professional color cosmeticline that top makeup artists would covet, yet would be easy enough for all women toenjoy. Working with some of the most talented makeup artists in the business,CARGO launched a multitude of award-winning products, never-before-seenpackaging, and groundbreaking formulas. It wasnt long before CARGO became theone to watch and garnered recognition from around the globe as the most creativeand innovative brand on the beauty scene today.
  46. 46. CARGO Cosmetics in the Blogs Media
  47. 47. London Times ( Times has been producing women’s dresses for over 6 years and can befound across the country in major department stores as well as local boutiques.Producing 60 styles per season, if you’re looking for a dress to take you from yourdesk to dinner or a dress for your friend’s wedding… then look no further thanLondon Times.
  48. 48. London Times in the Blogs Media
  49. 49. Chase Park Plaza ( Chase Park Plaza hotel is a vibrant legend accommodating guests in grandstyle in the heart of St. Louis. This stately landmark is home to a celebrated history.In addition to premier amenities, the hotel offers you a premier location surroundedby the very best the city has to offer, including the Central West end around thecorner and Forest Park across the street.
  50. 50. Chase Park Plaza in the Blogs Media
  51. 51. Pooch Pizazz ( Pizazz began with a key fob purchased at a craft fair, which was turned intothe collection’s first dog collar. From $2 collar scrunches to $26 tutus, Pooch Pizazzoffers a wide variety of items for man’s best friend.
  52. 52. Pooch Pizazz Mentions Media
  53. 53. Domestic Vixen ( Vixen is a jewelry/accessories seller and lifestyle brand, specializing inwomens accessories that cater to the vixen in us all. Some specialty items are madewith sustainable fabrics and notions.
  54. 54. Domestic Vixen in the Blogs Media
  55. 55. BelleStyle ( combines fashion, style, news, music, culture, inspiration, and design. Theblog offers free designs for its readers, as well as inspirational quotes, thoughts ofthe day, videos, and tips on how to live life to the fullest each day.
  56. 56. BelleStyle in the Blogs Media
  57. 57. Saks Fifth Avenue ( Fifth Avenue today is renowned for its superlative selling services andmerchandise offerings. The best of European and American designers for men andwomen are sold throughout its 43 stores servicing customers in 22 states.
  58. 58. Saks Fifth Avenue in the Blogs Media
  59. 59. CLR-MNSTR ( is a boutique and art space style and art are combined with anexplosion of color, trends and inspiration from the East & West coast intermingledwith the best of the Midwest.
  60. 60. CLR-MNSTR in the Blogs Media
  61. 61. Blue Bird Boutique ( in 2004, Bluebird Boutique carries vintage jewelry and contemporarywomen’s brands, such as Citizens of Humanity, Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent,Elizabeth & James, Hanky Panky and Saint Grace.
  62. 62. Blue Bird Boutique in the Blogs Media
  63. 63. Best Transportation ( Transportation offers chauffeured services with premium sedans, classic cars,limousines, vans, mini coaches and limo party buses. BEST also operates a seconddivision called GO Best Express which serves as the official shuttle company forLambert-St. Louis International Airport.
  64. 64. Best Transpiration in the Blogs Media
  65. 65. For information on the Fall 2013 Saint Louis fashionLindsay Pattan | Marketing Manager & Digital Strategist, ALIVE | 314.620.0023