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Ethnicity representations


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Ethnicity representations

  1. 1.  What is ethnicity?The fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or culturaltradition. What is a dominant group?A group that has more population than the subordinate group.. What is a subordinate group?Belonging to a lower or inferior class rank. What is hegemony?The socially accepted and agreed beliefs of those in the ruling class.
  2. 2.  Can you think of any? What are the stereotypes of the following images?
  3. 3.  A homosexual, Anglo- Asian man.
  4. 4.  A smart Indian who moved to America and Is slightly nerdy, due to the sweater vest.
  5. 5.  An Indian doctor, a typical stereotype.
  6. 6.  Sophisticated, high class citizens of old England.
  7. 7. SkinsThe clip of Skins I have chosen involves a Muslimfather accepting that his son is friends withMaxxie, who is gay.
  8. 8.  It is typical for people who are a part of the Muslim culture to be against homosexuality, therefore in this clip it is expected that the Muslim family would not take well to the fact that Maxxie is gay. Chris who is a white character in the clip appears and he uses language which is typical for a white teenager, using bad language.Clip showing this stereotype
  9. 9.  You have 10 minutes to write a couple of paragraphs explaining your opinion. Remember to use evidence from the clip and if you can evidence from:  Mise en scene  Sound  Editing  Camerawork
  10. 10.  Who would you expect the dominant group to be as this is a British TV drama?We would expect the British characters to be the dominant group. Is this the case for this clip?No, the majority of the characters are the actual subordinate. Who is the dominant group in this clip? How do you know?The dominant group in this clip is Indians. We can see this as the majority of thecharacters are Indian. Who is the subordinate group in this clip? How do you know?The subordinate group is English. We know this as only a few of the characters areEnglish.
  11. 11. In the UK, where this TV drama is made white British people tend to be the dominant group in society. I do not think this is the case for this clip as the white British person is feeling apprehensive of displaying his true self to the Muslim families due to the fear of being rejected. This means that in this clip the white British male (Maxxie) is part of the subordinate character group and the Muslim family is the dominant group as they have the power in this clip.
  12. 12.  Do you think hegemony is challenged in this clip? Are the dominant beliefs challenged?Yes as the Hegemony is challenged in this clip regarding ethnicity as it challenges what a Muslim person would think about homosexuality.
  13. 13. MisfitsThe clip from Misfits I have chosen is where oneof the probation workers tries to talk to thecharacters about the community service theyare doing.
  14. 14.  Each of the characters are represented in completely different ways. Three different ethnicities are shown in the extract;  Black British, white British, Irish and mixed race. Curtis, who plays the black British male character follows the typical stereotype.  The Irish character, Nathan, follows a typical Irish stereotype as he has charm and is quite humorous.  The white character is gobby and aggressive in the extract.  The mixed race character is glamorous and feminine in the extract.Clip showing stereotypes
  15. 15.  Go through each of the ethnicities represented and answer whether the representation reinforces or challenges the ethnic stereotype.
  16. 16.  Which ethnicity is dominant/subordinate in this extract? Are any of them? How does the social worker fit?
  17. 17.  Who would you expect the dominant group to be as this is a British TV drama? Is this the case for this clip? Who is the dominant group in this clip? How do you know? Who is the subordinate group in this clip? How do you know?
  18. 18. People of other ethnicities are not represented in with mostperiod dramas. This is due to the country having mostly a whitepopulation and having full control due to racial prejudice.Therefore being of an African, Indian etc. descendent are notimportant to illustrating such points of the show as they are notrepresented.Caucasian people are represented as having power inperiod/costume dramas as the cast is made up of white actors.This is also seen due to the main character’s positions, such asMr Selfridge who wears fine suits and shows that he is in clearpower of his establishment. Therefore the overall representationof white people are they have control of society.
  19. 19. Choose two more clips from TV dramas (You can use theones in my YouTube playlist) and answer the followingquestions. Does the TV drama reinforce or challenge ethnic stereotypes? Decide who are the dominant and subordinate ethnic groups in the drama. Is hegemony challenged?Make sure that you use evidence from mise enscene, camerawork, editing and sound to support yourpoints.
  20. 20. It reinforces the ethnic stereotype of immigrantsbeing illegal.The dominant groups are the staff with Englishaccents, apart from the barman. The subordinateethnic groups are everyone who hides from theimmigration service.Hegemony is not challenged as the dominantgroup are physically deporting those of thesubordinate group, maintaining their power overthem.
  21. 21.  It goes against the stereotype that Muslims are completely against homosexuals. The dominant group seems to be Muslims as there are more of those characters. The subordinate is the English character. Hegemony is challenged as the belief of the dominant group is that homosexuality is wrong, however the character seems to go against this view.