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Horizontal directional drilling – a big help for global civil contractors


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Horizontal directional drilling – a big help for global civil contractors

  1. 1. Rightline Infrastructure Page 1 Civil contractors across the world are often given the task of installing private water supplies and drilling boreholes. Both these tasks involve underground pipework for delivering water from its source to the area where it is intended to be used. However for contractors, it becomes problematic to install an underground pipe because the techniques are not very much advanced in this context. To substitute this scarcity of advanced methods civil contractors Sydney are using an approach called horizontal directional drilling also known as HDD. The emergence of this approach has actually opened the gates of opportunities for civil contractors Sydney. With this technology, they can sort out a number of tasks for domestic as well as commercial clients. With it, they can get into the drilling for additional utility installations for sewer, water and power to gas and telecommunications. With this method, it has become possible to install these utilities, almost at any place without disturbing or bothering the landscape. With it, the cost of installation has dropped very drastically. Horizontal directional drilling is a trenchless method of installing pipes, cables, etc. underground on the pre- determined route. For this act, civil contractors Sydney use highly advanced and specialized drilling equipments. This drilling method gives contractors a number of ways to install pipes and cables where, the old fashioned cut method is no more effective. This method becomes handy in those areas where contractors don’t access the permission of cutting and Horizontal Directional Drilling – A Big Help for Global Civil Contractors
  2. 2. Rightline Infrastructure Page 2 digging. Because it is more practical and economical method of digging, it is more in use and thus it is quickly replacing the traditional method of digging. It is highly in use in urban areas where concrete jungle has occupied all the land and there is no scope of digging or excavating. Using traditional excavation system means wastage of money, precious time and more importantly mental satisfaction. Trenchless digging helps in saving environment on a huge basis and also makes sure that the public is least disturbed by any project. These were some very common advantages of horizontal directional drilling. However, few other very notable advantages are mentioned below.  In terms of technical advantages, the civil contractors Sydney can install pipelines and cable in a straight line or in a curve, depending upon the requirement  The working area is confined to the points of entry and exit. This causes lesser disruption and aiding  There is no sort of disruption caused to civic amenities or natural resources like roads, flyovers, rivers, bridges, underpass, etc.  The traffic faces no sort of disturbance and no existing landscape is altered in the digging process  Pipes of all ranges, i.e. short, medium and long can be installed through this method and not pits are required for the process  The machine used for the process works from the ground level and there is no need of any excavation  The process is much quicker than the traditional method and takes almost half the time of the previously used methods  Because, it is quicker, the overall cost of installation drops below at a surprising level  The process stays unaffected by the obstacles existing on the ground  The biggest and the most notable advantage is that installation can be done in ground where conditions may change very drastically Source: Global-Civil-Contractors/9640633/