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prom. . . ?9...{.YryT ..1.?.?.7......... ro 04 JULY 1997
NAME oF puprl: ...By4ll I]EUIIT.... .......
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  1. 1. ARMY LOOK AT LIFE COURSE prom. . . ?9...{.YryT ..1.?.?.7......... ro 04 JULY 1997 NAME oF puprl: ...By4ll I]EUIIT.... ......... sCHooL: NAME oF suPERVrsoR: .!/9P1 Y.?11 -c-q!TII Hr-!!-q 181 AYT COURSE: The aim was to teach individual skills and the ability to workwithin a team. The course was completed in a disciplined Army environment. Participants were organised into team groups and received briefings and familiarisation training in a variety of military skills from:- Command tasks / Leadership skills / Physical training / Drill / Communications / Fieldcraft/ Navigation / Driving/ Vehicle repair / Field exercises / Living in the field / Shelter construction / Self sufficiency. Outdoor Pursuits:- TEAM COMMANDER'S COMMENTS: personality: Ryan is a quietly confident young man who showed much inltiative Performance: Potential: Good week overall and gave 1OO% in every task given. I bel-ieve the Army. that Well Ryan could do well lf he were to join done I xARMY PERSONAL OUALITIES VERYGOOD GOOD ACCEPTABLE P'OOR COND{JCT X iINI,.TIATIVE x ENTI.IUSIASM x PHYSICAL FITNESS X SELF COI{.FIDENCE x UNDERSTANDING INSTRUCTIONS X RELA-TIONSH IP WITH S?AF F X PEER GROUP RETATIONSHIPS X COMPREHENSION X STANDARD ENTRY PASS MARK ARMY PHYSICAL ENTRANCE TEST BOYS GIRLS ACHIEVED RUN I.5 MILES I I mins 30 secs 14 mins 15 secs 11.05 ABDOMINAT CURLS I MINUTE I MINUTE 39 HEAVES TO BEAM 2 2 (Modified) 12 SIGNED: ...... DATE 04 July 1997